Monday, August 29, 2011

The MTV Video Music Awards 2011: Yes, Justin Bieber won

The show of the MTV Video Music Awards 2011 has not stood by the correctness of its two big winners, and this is one of the most lackluster years in the honors of late. Although like most of these events, the figurines are the least and is much more interesting to see live performances, with those obscenely ostentatious displays, but without these galas are neither similar.

There was a time for everything from male alter ego Lady Gaga monologist complex bound to honor the former Amy Winehouse, but as you will see, he was quite restrained for what should have been. How could it be otherwise, Lady Gaga appeared became their male version, Jo Calderone, and climbed onto the stage while smoking like a chimney spoke about his breakup with himself.

David Guetta: "Nothing But The Beat" album 2011

The new album by David Guetta 2011 "Nothing But The Beat" has arrived! This Monday, August 29 is the electronic music event of the season arriving in stores. French DJ reveals his album so after we had announced a few titles, tunes and collaborations. As often in the productions of David Guetta, we could expect to securities fairly minimalist but effective.

A rule that "Nothing But The Beat" is no exception. "Nothing But The Beat" is the fifth album of DJ and producer David Guetta. This new disc is impressive with a total of 23 songs spread over 2 CDs. Before the release of her new album "Nothing But The Beat", David Guetta had four singles that propelled announced, unsurprisingly, the musical color of "Nothing But The Beat." The songs "Where Them Girls at" with Nicki Minaj & Flo Rida "Little Bad Girl" with Taio Cruz & Ludacris, "Titanium" with singer Sia and the instrumental "Lunar" with the ubiquitous Afrojack.

Beyoncé announced that she is pregnant

U.S. singer Beyonce Knowles said Sunday on the red carpet prior to the Video Music Awards, the MTV, who is pregnant, local media reported. The news came when the artist was being photographed just before entering the Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles (California), where we celebrate the 28th edition of these awards.

He pointed to his belly and said he had a surprise in that moment, Beyoncé, 29, looked at the cameras, pointed to his belly and said he had a surprise. The representative of the artist pregnancy confirmed moments later to justjared specialized portal. com. This is the first child for the singer and her husband, rapper Jay-Z.

Katy Perry, MTV's big winner

U.S. singer Katy Perry, with three awards, including best video of the year, made good predictions and became the big winner of the 28th edition of the Video Music Awards, MTV awards dedicated to the best music videos the year. Perry, who started as a favorite with nine nominations, also took the statuette for best special effects and better collaboration, both for "ET" with Kanye West.

The British Adele shone also with three awards in the categories of Best Editing, Best Art Direction and Best Cinematography for the video of his famous song, "Rolling in the Deep." These three awards were announced before the start of the televised gala, which dragged on for two hours at the Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles (California).

Britney Spears at the MTV award: Lady Gaga, dressed as a man, gave the award

Britney Spears was honored today with the award for best pop video that gives the station MTV, in a ceremony at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. Spears, who turns 30 years in December, received the award for her video "Till the World Ends" and thanked his parents, his children and his producer, but first "God for having blessed." The overwhelming favorite to win this prize was Katy Perry, who may get a "MTV Video Music Awards" in eight categories.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Britney Spears: "Femme Fatale Tour" on DVD and 3D

While the "Femme Fatale turn" in full swing, Britney Spears has announced a surprise to his many fans. The huge 2011 tour of the singer will have his DVD and it will be available in late 2011. Britney Spears string of concerts of his "Femme Fatale Tour" across America. While many fans of the singer ahead in Europe, Britney Spears has confirmed information that circulated for several days.

His show will be aired on TV Epix HD. The American star has released, via his Facebook page, his two concerts in Toronto on August 13 and 14 were the subject of a capture to be released. The Epix HD TV channel said on its side as the shooting of the show Britney Spears was carried in high definition but also in a 3D version.

David Guetta ensures that there is a marketing strategy

David Guetta, DJ probably the most media on the planet and one of the leading makers of dance music that currently governs all charts, ensures that there is a marketing strategy. "Mine is more of an artistic strategy," he adds. "Marketing is important, but the music comes later, when I finished the record," he said in Madrid in the mass launch of his new album, "Nothing But The Beat," which features collaborations with international stars.