Thursday, June 30, 2011

Suede replace Amy Winehouse at the BBK Live

I have a lot of time saying that this year will be the BBK Live fun for all that have taken place and now I have no doubt after confirmation that managers will replace Amy Winehouse Suede. Adrenaline rush. After eight years apart, Brett Anderson, Mat Osman, Simon Gilbert Richard Oakes and Neil Codling (their current) returned last year with a Best Of and the reissue of their five studio albums with lots of extras and unreleased material.

Dream Theater sound again like old times with the first single from A Dramatic Turn of Events

Just as I have been skeptical of everything related to Dream Theater's new album over the past months, now I have to admit my mistake and recognize that the kings of progressive metal still have much to say in this new stage without Mike Portnoy. In fact, I find extremely ironic that you had to leave one of its pillars to return to sound like years ago that did not.

New Yorkers have presented 'On The Backs Of Angels', the subject will open in A Dramatic Turn of Events, as the first single from the album. With it, the quintet has shown that it is able to survive the march of the battery that served as one of its great creative weights, and also recover the essence purely progressive, without having to lose, had weakened to load metal heads his later works.

Kelly Rowland: "Here I Am" album July 26, 2011

After several effects of ads, but repeatedly delayed, Kelly Rowland finally revealed the tracklisting of his album "Here I Am" and the cover of this album. Announced several months ago, "Here I Am" the new album from the former member of Destiny's Child shows the tip of his nose and should leave July 26, 2011 in a version with "only" 10 songs and a version " deluxe "with four additional tracks.

Elisa Tovati: "We need to"...

The attractive Elisa Tovati successful return of music and the launch of his new album 2011. After an artistic interlude, Elisa Tovati managed to make their way in the rankings among the international hits of the moment with a nice French song, "We need," she sings beautifully with Tom Dice. Launched in May this year, the duo of Elisa Tovati and Tom Dice on the title "We need" the duo promises to be this summer! "We need 'is taken from the third album of Tovati Elisa," The Peter Pan syndrome.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ricky Martin announced concerts in Caracas, Maracaibo and Valencia

Puerto Rican singer will bring his show more to Venezuela in October. With a message in his account on the Twitter social network, he announced that Martin will be in Caracas on October 1.

Coldplay: the video of "Tear Drop Evevy Is A Waterfall"

The long awaited EP from Coldplay "Evevy Tear Drop Is A Waterfall" is finally available for download. In addition to the song that bears the name of the EP, the band Chris Martin has two more new songs and more intimate. To celebrate the release of this EP, before the arrival in late 2011 of their new album, Coldplay has just lifted the veil on the colorful video clip of "Every Tear Drop Is A Waterfall" After revealing the first single "Every Tear Drop Is A Waterfall" at the beginning of June and two other songs on the band's official website, "Major Minus" and "Moving To Mars", the band Chris Martin, Coldplay, unveiled the video for "Every Tear Drop Is A Waterfall "shot in England with enough magical effects.

Adele: a meeting with Jay-Z

This is a meeting that does not go unnoticed. The star of hip-hop, Jay-Z, met the singer of the worldwide hit "Rolling In The Deep", Adele, at a luncheon in London. The two artists met to discuss a possible collaboration. This is the English newspaper "The Sun" reporting the information and describes the appointment as "very productive".

What intrigued more than one fan! Indeed, while accompanying Beyoncé at Glastonbury Festival, Jay-Z used his trip to meet the English now surpassing all sales records at this time, the mysterious Adele. Adele and her album "21", are ubiquitous throughout the world for months and attract all the desires, including that of Jay-Z.

Bruno Mars: "Marry You" APRS "The Lazy Song"

After the hits "Just The Way You Are," "Granada" and "The Lazy Song," Bruno Mars presents "Marry You" from his fourth album "Doo-Wops & Hooligans", listening on the radio. "Marry You" began his career this week on American airwaves, and once again, this song proves that the new album in March Bruno brings beautiful musical gems.

Probably essential for a holiday on the beach this summer 2011. Bruno in March a huge success with his album, called "Doo-Wops & Hooligans." After three extracts, Bruno Mars continues with a new song "Marry You". Song of Bruno in March was written by the production team The Smeezingtons.

Ricky Martin claims his pride in Madrid with an overview of his career

Coinciding with Gay Pride Day maybe not in a casual, Enrique Martín Morales, "freer" than ever, claimed on Tuesday night at her concert in Madrid who is on today's musical alter ego, the artist Ricky Martin, with an overview of his career. Like his last album, the name of this tour is Music + Alma + Sex (MAS), which he described as his favorite and most complete of his career.

After his native Puerto Rico, USA, Canada, Mexico, Portugal, Malaga and Murcia, visited at the Palacio de los Deportes, which was attended by 15,000 people. The show, under the artistic supervision of Dago González, who worked for Madonna, has become an allegory of the artist's life from early childhood through public confession of his homosexuality and claim their identity.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Peter Murphy - Ninth: This guy is a real crack

Go Away White (Bauhaus Music, 2008) was a shock to those who followed the careers of Bauhaus and Peter Murphy in particular. But the Ninth was a surprise really, really nice and unexpected. Those who believed that the British singer was finished throwing stones seven years from 2004, which released his latest solo album, Unshattered, to 2011 in which he has released its ninth studio effort, had little faith in him.

Creamfields 2011 Special: techno for everyone

Last week we began the series of specials dedicated to the excellent edition of Creamfields organization that has prepared us for this year of your event in Spain. Many and varied are the artists who stroll their music festival scenarios Andalusian mail, so the easiest way to make clear what you can expect is separated by styles, that ye may know in advance whether you shall be satisfied based on your personal preferences.

Alicia Keys: "Songs in A Minor - The 10th Anniversary" has arrived!

10 years ago, our ears delighted to discover a sensual voice, strong. A formidable artistic charisma. Alicia Keys performed a stunning breakthrough in the international music scene. After the deluge of successful albums and generating rave reviews, Sony Music and Alicia Keys celebrates the publication of his first album.

The reissue of her debut album "Songs in A Minor - The 10th Anniversary" is available. Published in 2001, the debut album of Alicia Keys' Songs In A Minor, "announced the beginning of an outstanding career for multi-talented artist. To celebrate this tenth anniversary, Alicia Keys In its 2011 version of his album "Songs in A Minor" a few surprises and a new song, "Typewriter".

Dan Mathews - Do it all: too much good feeling to be true?

Apparently, nothing is more summery those bright and shining sunsets on the beach to stay in and cuddle up to the kiosk to ask for another beer while waving a timid breeze makes your hair smelling of salt and mounted a circle around a acoustic guitar, and in the midst of this happiness, singing songs that immediately buenrrollistas up the palms of those funny guiris to that when night falls, try to take the garden.

Lady Gaga: supper of fraud bracelets Japan

Along with this good news for all fans of the superstar Lady Gaga (Note: Lady Gaga in "Taratata"), it is nevertheless splashed in recent days by a nasty rumor. Lady Gaga is accused of embezzling some of the funds raised by the sale of bracelets that assist victims of Japan. Lady Gaga was the cause of a charity in which it proposed the white and red bracelets inscribed the message "We pray for Japan." Sold $ 5, she was committed to donate all revenue from the sale.

Essaidi Sofia: "I want it all" and a new album 2011

The former queen of Egypt in the musical "Cleopatra", Sofia Essaidi, returns to solo this fall with a new album. After his first solo album "My Cabaret," which dates from 2005, and its various artistic pursuits in film and television, the singer announces the arrival of new projects with a first single called "I Want Everything." "All I Want," the new song Essaidi Sofia, was composed by Jena Lee.

CatPeople - Love Battle: switch from third to rediscover all its virtues

Catpeople have removed the curtains, opened the windows, and have painted the walls of their rehearsal. The black has been replaced by green, blue and other colors "live" you can think of. No trace of the dark, sober face and mourning the past. No sign of night and solemnly gave off its previous qu issues.

Fortunately, it has also been the ghost of the obvious comparisons with Anglo-Saxon groups. Well, at least we can stop comparing Interpol. With Editors, one could say they keep hitting the steering wheel parallel to the third album, and beyond the new ways and the results achieved, we can say that it is a success the new address, because it was necessary not to repeated and that the courage of the change has been made with all the consequences, parking above and enter a new stage.

Cuban singer Pablo Milanes confirmed U.S. tour and a historic presentation in Miami

The Cuban singer Pablo Milanes confirmed a U.S. tour in August and September, including Los Angeles, Boston and a historic presentation in Miami, the heart of Cuban exiles who oppose the artists and partnerships with the Government of the island. "After ten years of absence, I would love to share emotions and feelings with all the Latin American audience with which I am sure share unforgettable moments.

Artists participating in the Latin Alternative Music Conference in NY

The Mexican singer Ely Guerra and Jarabe de Palo groups in Spain and Colombia are ChocQuibTown some of the artists participating in the Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC), from 6 to 19 July in New York. "It's not just rock, we also celebrate the hip-hop and electronic music," he told Efe the founder of the Conference, Tomas Cookman, of Puerto Rican origin.

In addition to Mexico, Spain and Colombia, are represented in this twelfth edition of musicians from Peru, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Dominican Republic and Uruguay. Cookman said that this conference has been an important arena where groups were announced today and artists who enjoy international fame as Calle 13, Café Tacuba, Manu Chao, La Ley and Los Fabulosos Cadillac).

Monday, June 27, 2011

Bet Awards 2011: Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Chris Brown at the top

Like every year since 2001, the network of "Black Entertainment Television" celebrates the African American artists and other minorities in all artistic fields. This year's ceremony was held Sunday in Los Angeles before an audience of stars. All American music celebrities were present for the ceremony of the 2011 Bet Awards.

The evening honors actors, singers and artists African Americans in the entertainment field. Among the artists, Chris Brown, the winner this year 2011, crowned by the public's choice. Chris Brown approaches the "hall of fame" by winning more new awards including the coveted Best Male Artist.

Devin Townsend Project - Ghost: Have you taken a tripod Devin?

Ghost is the fourth album of a tetralogy that Devin Townsend wrote about his personal history. Appeared on the market while Deconstruction, this work is the most unusual album of his career and it seems to have gone back to doing what gave him the win. And also the riskiest, hard to defend to its fans, the cover does not mislead: it is a work of chill out, or rather, new age, as the cover suggests that refers to moments of relaxation mind.

Cee Lo Green abandons the "Loud Tour" by Rihanna

No more between Rihanna and Cee-Lo Green. It just suddenly stop its participation as part of the first concerts of the singer Rihanna, "Loud Tour 2011". Gnarls Barkley singer has just been officially justified in the press as the Sparks Fly between Cee-Lo Green and Rihanna on Twitter. Cee-Lo Green has to justify his desire to stop its participation in the tour of Rihanna in the "New York Times." The singer returns to first on a busy schedule and explains very naturally he prefers to stop the first parts of the "Loud Tour" because of its participation in the TV show hook "The Voice", for which He is totally committed.

Beyonce: "4" new album 2011

Quickly announced for summer 2011, we finally unveiled the successor to the entire album "I am ... Sasha Fierce. " With "4", his 2011 album, Beyonce regia new global presence in the world pop and r'n'b. After the explosive first single "Run The World (Girls)" and "Best Thing I Never Had" one of the many ballads on the album "4".

With titles like "1 +1", the favorite song of Beyoncé, or "Schoolin'life" who had made appearances on the net R & B superstar has a gallery of interesting tracks, but backgrounds mixed. A mark of his separation from his father and business manager, Mathew Knowles? "4" reminds a structure quite similar to his previous album, "I am ...

Confirmed: Rex Brown officially leaves Down. Pat Bruders (Crowbar) has taken his place

Rex Brown has confirmed in an interview with 8countnews. com is no longer officially Down bassist. The news had spread like wildfire for several days but the confirmation of bearish speculations and not fit. Although the cause of abandonment had been excused for a few days ago she was diagnosed with pancreatitis in 2009, and told us the drummer Jimmy Bower, it has been argued others as "lost the passion" or "had other problems to solve ".

Madonna: his biography in comics for "Female Force"

Week starts strong for fans of Madonna. According to the website of the magazine "NME," the queen of pop will soon lend his face to a cartoon which it will be the heroine. After the many books about the singer, Madonna is soon noticed a foray among the characters of "Female Force". "Female Force" is a book of 32 pages highlighting, in new designs, famous women in the amazing journey and whose influence is important.

Michael Jackson: 1.8 million for "Thriller" jacket

For the second anniversary of the disappearance of Michael Jackson, it was held in Los Angeles, a large charity event at which the famous red jacket Michael Jackson in the video for "Thriller" was sold at auction. The red and black jacket Michael Jackson... everyone dreamed of having in the 80's, just it found a buyer for $ 1.8 million dollar.

Wilco and 'I Might': self-released single of the tremendous Jeff Tweedy and company

Wilco are back. Have begun selling their new single, 'I Might', in Solid Sound Fest festival. It is unexpected, something that could not foresee at this stage of the game: to bring forth out their song Wilco Wilco brighter since the days of Summerteeth. The structure is curious: the first can take back, but then turns out to be irresistible.

That seems fair organ, such ultrasaturados riff repeated over and over again and that they are joining new guitar lines. 'I Might' is a hoot that almost makes it look like the Flaming Lips Wilco: Wilco - I Might by ListenBeforeYouBuy Are you with me? Supposedly until July 18 did not edit the song officially.

Beyoncé's return: the maturity of a Diva

Return diva R & B. Or at least, the party has been able get better in the last decade to a genre capable of moving crowds, especially in the U.S., and whose clichés dominate and exploit as anyone knows. Namely: sensuality pouring, entertainment and rompepistas singles. Beyoncé is back with an album, 4, marked by the events that have dominated his life during the past year, which chose to move away from the spotlight to focus on his family life with her husband, rapper Jay Z, with which forms one of the most powerful couples the American music industry.

Rosana says good morning to the world

Good morning world is the title to take the sixth studio album Rosana, due out in November and will go for a sound "closer to rock to pop, with lyrics full of emotion, feeling and social reality. " As reported this week the seal of the artist, this is the album where the singer canary was allowed the freedom to experiment more freely, both in lyrics and in the musical.

He adds that he chose the title for his hope that "the world daydream." Rosana has sold over 8 million copies of his album, to highlight its successful debut in 1996, Broken Moon, which included songs like The Talisman, A low heat and if you're not here. His last work was A good and bad (2009).

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Amaia Montero recorded his second solo album

Amaia Montero has started recording their new album in Los Angeles (USA), second in solo singer-songwriter Gipuzkoa, which is scheduled for next November. As reported this week promoting the new album was recorded, mixed and mastered in studios Eastwest Los Angeles. The album will be produced by Amaia Montero and co-produced by Sebastian Kyers, producer and mixer U.S.

resident who has won four Grammy Awards and eight Latin Grammys, and Paco Salazar, also a producer, arranger and guitarist who has worked with Nena, Luz Casal, Antonio Carmona or John, among others. With his first solo album, the excantante La Oreja de Van Gogh was number one on the bestseller list in Spain with three platinum and gold status in Argentina and Venezuela, as well as being nominated for Latin Grammy in the category of Best female pop vocal album.

DCode Festival 2011: perfect sound

The DCode Festival is the new appointment of music in Madrid and had to try it. Just next door, very central and comfortable, with a number of people accepted to be the first day of the event and a sign with no clear premise. Does DCode is a festival of Rock, Pop, Folk ...? The only thing is clear is the confusion of seeing My Chemical Romance headlining followed by Sum 41.

After that we read Band of Horses, Eels and Lori Meyers on the poster on the web. Curious. The horror of 16:30 pm in June in Madrid must live it to know well the feeling hellish. As if the oven was not with them, Toundra got out, went very well based on guitars and a powerful instrumental sound proposal.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

25-06-2009: Michael Jackson Tribute

June 25, a date on the echo scathing for all Michael Jackson fans across the globe. 2 years after the tragic death of the King of Pop, his presence is always felt as much.

If Michael Jackson is no longer with us, it's still music, timeless, interpretation, majestic, who survive thanks to the hearts of billions of fans. Michael Jackson has managed to become, throughout his successful career, the creator of universal music. No doubt, a beautiful representation of globalization in what she could bring the finest in the latter part of the 20th century.

Alicia Keys will record a duet with Adele, and how we are not going to love?

Alicia Keys is little point taking out the reissue of Songs In A Minor, whose release date is set for next June 28. However, its projection in recent months has nothing to deal with that Adele had, author of one of the best albums so far this year has cornered much has stepped charts for weeks and weeks.

A few years ago and met in a timely collaboration in the KCA Black Ball charity event in 2008, an event hosted by Alicia Keys and in which he played the piano while the British played two tracks from their first album, 'Hometown Glory 'and' Make You Feel My Love ', but only merely an accompaniment.

The festival DCode treads the grass and enjoy

The first day of DCode, this musical event which seeks to return to the map festivalero Madrid, met last night to 11,000 people, a figure lower than the capacity (25,000) Sports Complex Complutense Cantarranas of where it was celebrated. The site is one of the great strengths of the festival is a rugby pitch and a grass football are very comfortable to sit back, savor the favorite ballads, and even take a nap when the cartel or low decibel interest.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Publish a deluxe edition U2 Achtung Baby: was it necessary?

In the absence of a new U2 album, postponed indefinitely because of the beating that the band is getting into the last stage of his mammoth 360 Tour, good will already begin to announce that there will be a deluxe edition of Achtung Baby (Island, 1991), certainly one of my favorite albums of the quartet.

Not only that, alongside the reissue Zooropa (Island, 1993), the disk that the Irish were in the middle of the Zoo TV tour. Were not disclosed details about the content of this lavish box set but it seems as Rolling Stone has told Paul McGuinness, in addition to the two disks together will be video material on that tour.

Activists against tax evasion

A militant group against tax evasion on Friday plans to disrupt the performance of the band U2 at the famous Glastonbury music festival in the English county of Somerset, with an act of censorship of the group's leader, Bono. Outraged by the decision of the Irish group to move its tax residence to the Netherlands in 2006 with the apparent end of tax savings, the group Art Uncut, protesting against tax evasion by the artists, will release a balloon with the words: "Bono, pay what you need.

Super Heavy: first album in September 2011

After the resounding announcement of creation of the group Super Heavy, or when a group of friends consisting of Mick Jagger, Dave Stewart, Damian Merley, singer Joss Stone and composer Allah Rakha Rahman decided to join forces to create a new group Music, here comes soon get the first album of new project from Mick Jagger.

Billed as the end of the Rolling Stones, the news had caused a stir with the announcement by Mick Jagger of the creation of the group Super Heavy. The birth of Super Heavy is not a coincidence, but has its roots in previous collaborations with artists Mick Jagger. Mick Jagger had already collaborated with Dave Stewart and Joss Stone on the film "Alfie" by Charles Shyer, in 2004.

Dandruff summer in the XXI century

The summers would not be the same without the heat, nobody doubts it. Like they would not be the same without the pool, beach, mountains, mosquitoes, jellyfish, terraces, and of course, without the song of the summer! It is clear that at least in Spain, where we can make a myth of "jarl, puedorrr no" or "why do not you shut up," the song of the summer is something inherent in the summer season, and we could not view or live in the same way without it.

Solidays 2011: let's go for a weekend of concerts!

The 13th annual event starts today Solidays. Over 200 artists will fight against AIDS with a total of 80 concerts from Friday, June 24 to Sunday 26 June. In addition to all his concerts, will be of Solidays its lights and turn into giant disco at dusk. The largest mirror ball in the world will be set up with an impressive wingspan of 8 meters in diameter.

For the part of the festival association and solidarity, remember that AIDS Solidarity Forum, a place for exchanges, meetings and debates around the fight against discrimination will be established. The Solidarity Village will host its next one hundred associations in France and around the world and as luck year profits will be donated to the festival benefit research against the disease of AIDS.

All set for Glastonbury, the festival of festivals

On Wednesday opened the Glastonbury Festival (UK), the event considered by many as the most important musical event of the year. More than 150,000 fans ignored the threat of rain and mud to hear U2 and Beyonce starting this Friday, the day they begin the proceedings. Five days of music where the most basic entry costs 195 pounds (about 219 euros) in its fifth decade, the event has grown from a modest festival attended by 1,500 people in Michael Eavis's farm in 1970 to be the king festivals, and not only in Europe.

Giovanni Allevi Tour

Again the "Alien World Tour 2011"  by Giovanni Allevi. After the success in the major Italian theaters in the spring, the composer, pianist and conductor from Marche, this summer in the most charming places of historic and prestigious' Italy, starting from the Castle of Manipur in Syracuse.

The artist will be playing live for piano solo in which to perform, in addition to its more hits, the songs of "Alien", the latest album of unreleased solo piano came out last September 28 and already a gold record .

Diosa Canales launches an album: "I will not compete with Beyonce '

Who likes Diosa Canales? For fans of the voluptuous model we have good news... soon she will bring a disk. In statements given to OK! Venezuela, Canales says he wants to be seen as a complete artist and that is to compete with Beyonce. The controversial Venezuelan model has everything almost ready to release his first album. The album is a fusion of merengue and reggaeton, "is a very danceable beat," Canales said.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

DJ Shadow - I Gotta Rokk: do not look for the artist you dazzled

A favorite artists are given a thousand chances hoping that this time will be good. Drawing on what they've done before does not count if a post and go get something from the previous level, the good, we like, come on. This is my second time with DJ Shadow and learn. After the horrific The Outsider (2006, A & M), an album that it could have been thrown into the sea without Joshua Paul Davis, the Californian behind DJ Shadow, could dive to save, go back under the EP format with I Gotta Rokk (2011, Island Records), a title that portends the outcome but still, if you end up giving fans another chance to your beloved artist, that you will disappoint.

Beyoncé version 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and shit: quiet, you're not alone

Beyonce is a beast live. Regardless of how expendable they are being their latest works, hear it in concert is great, huge thanks to that voice you have. And riding about fifteen shows, which also affects. Lately, however, has had the odd little problem. In his recent concert in Nice, a little warm with a view to their performance at Glastonbury, decided to make a version of an untouchable, 'Bohemian Rhapsody'.

Maroon 5, Christina Aguilera: "Move Like Jagger" cost!

Announced mid-week, here is the duet between Christina Aguilera and Maroon 5 appeared in Europe soon after conquered America. The song titled "Move Like Jagger" is doing a hit across the Atlantic, and from its commercial release, the title of the jurors of the program "The Voice" is already number one on digital platforms.

In two days, the duo and Maroon 5 Christina Aguilera, and their song "Move Like Jagger," is number one in sales in the United States. Proud of this success, the record company Polydor just sent the song to the media rushed to surf the buzz that is being born. The song of Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera was recorded a few weeks ago.

Tiromancino and Fabri Fibra

New collaboration between Federico Zampaglione and Fabri Fibra. The leader of the rapper of Senigallia Tiromancino and unite their voices in "The Concern Of Existence", the third single from "The Essential", the latest album by the band from Rome last October. Subjected to an enveloping remix produced by DJ Nais, the piece will be available on radio and online from Friday 24 June.

The piece, high-impact and full of valuable insights and melodic instrumental, is the second collaboration between fiber and Zampaglione after "Misunderstandings" (2009). The song is supported by a video that marks the return of the singer as a director Roman Empire, after the worldwide success of his film "Shadow", who has consecrated among the most acclaimed young directors Italians abroad.

Britney Spears: The video for "I Want to Go" is here!

Currently touring on the "Femme Fatale Tour" Britney offers us the video for "I Want to Go." This is the third excerpt from his new album "Femme Fatale". The video for "I Want to Go" has been created by Chris Marrs Piliero, author, especially the clip of Justin Bieber, "Baby" or a "Blow" Ke $ ha. The video takes place in Los Angeles.

The video begins with a press conference where reporters ask questions unnecessary to Britney. Exasperated, she insulted and left the room. Britney is back on the street, signs an autograph for a fan on his album "femme fatale" before pinch her buttocks. Side look, Britney Spears did a little dedication to his early career on the Disney Channel with his t-shirt representing a death's head with the ears of Mickey Mouse.

David Guetta: "Little Bad Girl" before the album "Nothing But The Beat"

The musical news this week is accelerating David Guetta. French DJ who handled the first part of the Black Eyed Peas at the Stade De France, finally revealed some information about his new album expected this summer. While the French DJ has released its compilation summer here, first of all, the title of the album will be "Nothing But The Beat." This new album is expected for August 29, 2011.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Britney breaks out in her new video, tells reporters that "jo ..." and attacks the paparazzi

Today Britney Spears released the video for her song "I Want to Go", and as we review yesterday, shows again the pop girl battling the paparazzi. It is noteworthy that in the opening sequence you see Britney in a press conference with several reporters. "Is it true that banned junk food, smiles, sunshine, candy and laughter of your Tour Femme Fatale?" , asks one of the journalists in a clear reference to the demands of the singer for new tour-zero alcohol and drugs.

Ne Yo wants to duet with Beyonce

Ne Yo announces new album for September 2011 will be called "Love And Passion." The titles "Lonely Again," "I'm In Love" and "Not Strong Enough," which are already very successful on the Internet, appear to be part of his new album. Ne Yo but does not stop there and wants a duet with the beautiful and talented Beyonce.

Beyoncé is currently on top of current music, is very busy with his career. Indeed, the tour starts in France these days and his new album, "4", released June 24 Currently working on writing songs for Mary J. Blige, Justin Bieber, Willow Smith and Cheryl Cole, Ne Yo would like this time, whether he is surrounded for his new project.

Nirvana: Nevermind commemorative edition for 20 years ... And it seems like yesterday!

As time goes on. It seems like yesterday when I walked in the courtyard of the school, concerned only that class was the next thing I was going to jump, and the walkman  listening to Soundgarden Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Alice In Chains ...

Those were the days of grunge, and of course, there was a real king until they came with Nevermind Nirvana. If I must admit I am a full-fledged viejuno because, believe it, but 20 years ago that 1991, when Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl released their legendary second album, Nevermind, produced by Butch Vig.

Cars 2: many stars for the soundtrack!

The composer Michael Giacchino, the alternative rock band Weezer, Brad Paisley and Robbie Williams, the French singer Bénabar and Japanese girl group Perfume participate to the new adventure of the animated film "Cars 2". The new film "Cars 2," which causes beyond the USA, combining racing, an international espionage and a moving story of friendship, Lightning McQueen and his friend Martin.

Simple Plan: "Get Your Heart On"

The rock group Simple Plan is back. Ready to heat the tune guitars and amps, Simple Plan released their fourth album "Get Your Heart On," June 21 Day of music. This new album "Get Your Heart On," follows the eponymous album "Simple Plan", published in 2008 and whose hits "Welcome To My Life" and "When I'm Gone" had gone around the earth .

Since then, the Montreal group has worked hard to provide a quality album to his many admirers in Quebec and Europe. The leader of the group said at the launch of the disc: "It took a long time to do, we wrote many songs. I believe in against the disc will be amazing. " In this new album, Simple Plan has returned to his musical sources.

Belle & Sebastian EP with remixes edit and give a boost to its 'Did not See It Coming'

We have been enjoying a few months to Write About Love, the latest album by Belle & Sebastian to date. If only months, but already miss the duo's new songs, which will probably take years to come. This is what has to be a duet featuring productions by success.

Successes like pop gems that are not in sales. So, until we can return to enjoy again the Scottish material, any crumb thrown us welcome. And that next morsel will be a 12''EP format including 3 remixes and 'Blue Eyes Of A Millionaire', a topic that has only been included in some editions of Write About Love.

Yuck, video of 'Shook Down': the naked, much better

With the avalanche of releases that occurs each month within alternative music, one of the disks that were on my to-do list was the debut of Yuck, which suggests ways and were on everyone's lips at the last Spring Club, and laziness that I was causing the label of 'revival' that disappeared were putting up with 'Milkshake', the B-side to accompany the single release as of this 'Shook Down'.

The issue is one of the top disc, a beautiful half-time in demonstrating its ability to grow to be leaving the field to finish in a tangle of heavy guitars, symbolizing the bringing together its most pop (more Teenage Fanclub), and the most American (his other references: Sonic Youth, Yo La I have ,...).

Arctic Monkeys - Suck it and see: Alex Turner no one will cough

The world can be divided into three types of people according to how they are positioned with respect to Arctic Monkeys. The first group consists of the fans who stay with the group's first two albums, with his beardless and amphetamine compositions put them on the map with two albums that exuded power, immediacy and anger, but out of a context youth / teen, it could hardly convince anyone that exceeds thirty.

Jennifer Lopez will star on the Walk of Fame

Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez will star with his name on the Walk of Fame in recognition of his Hollywood career, according to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, the agency responsible for granting the honor. The committee has chosen a fabulous group of stars to add shine and luster to the Walk of Fame is expected that Lopez is one of the artists honored in 2012, while the winners of this distinction have five years to fix the date of the ceremony.

Gianna Nannini Perfect

After the success of "Sometimes" and "I Love So Well," comes "Perfect": This is the third single by Gianna Nanniniestratto from "Me and You" (Sony Music), the album released on January 11 and then stable at the top of the charts. Gianna says the new single: "The chorus was born at the restaurant chatting, I then built on this song, a classic rock in my way.

I consider it a little 'funny: Sometimes - after a lot of visceral charge - a gift to me more times soft ". "Perfect" will be also present in the ladder of the ego and Te Tour 2011 - Europe, starting June 25 with a show special at the Hard Rock Calling Festival in Hyde Park in London scenario and continue with 11 stages that will touch major cities of Germany, Switzerland and Holland.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Britney Spears released a preview video "I Want to Go"

As you tour the U.S. with his tour Tour Femme Fatale in the U.S. pop princess Britney Spears released 30 seconds of what will be his new video, I Want to Go. In these images, Brit is on top of a cab in New York, while photographers are all around. Tired of the paparazzi from getting into your life, the singer takes revenge and begins to attack "microfonazos" to crush you, making the dream of many celebrities.

Radiohead do not rest and publish a new issue that would have been great at The King of Limbs

Instead of starting a concert tour as most groups after releasing an album, Radiohead have chosen to take the weeks after the arrival of The King of Limbs to continue working his music from the comfort of the study. As a result we have first two additional items to celebrate Record Store Day, and after another visit to the program From The Basement to play the entire album.

The issuance of this program will take place on July 1, but to whet your appetite been presented as an advance the interpretation of another new song, 'Staircase'. This is the third appendix comes out to The King of Limbs, and is certainly the one I liked, no doubt these remarkable five more minutes would have been great to give more body to the LP.

Montreux Jazz Festival 2011

In less than a fortnight's most famous music festival of the summer "Montreux Jazz Festival" will open its doors. For the 45th edition of this event to be missed music, offers a selection of music to listen novel with key artists who will be honored during the festival in 2011. "Montreux Jazz Festival" is the festival of jazz music whose reputation continues to assert itself beyond its main theme music.

Chino y Nacho stroll to his "darling" for several U.S. cities

Chino y Nacho is already an unstoppable musical machinery. After causing a sensation in the country and conquer Latin America, the couple responsible for the musical "My darling" will be presented June 23 in Chicago, 24 in Orlando and Atlanta on June 25.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Christina Aguilera: "Move Like Jagger" and a new album in 2011

Christina Aguilera set to make his musical comeback. In an interview on ABC television, the American star said she was currently working on a new album could be released at the end of 2011. Another statement, Christina Aguilera took the show to unveil the song "Move Like Jagger" the new album had been recorded with Adam Levine of Maroon 5.

Christina Aguilera decides to go back to conquer the pop scene in this new decade. The beautiful American singer does not seem to want to stay on the lukewarm reception of his latest studio album entitled "Bionic". Meanwhile, the singer has not been idle. She participated in the musical film "Burlesque" at the side of the singer Cher.

Pitbull: "Planet Pit" new album 2011

The singer's sixth album Pitbull is finally for sale! 5 singles have been released, which already planted the decor and ambience of her new album "Planet Pit." This new album is a bit farther from the musical style of the album "Rebelution". After "Hey Baby" with T-Pain, "Give me everything" with Ne-Yo and Afrojack, "International Love" by Chris Brown, "Pause" and "Rain Over Me" with Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez's husband, Armando Christian Pérez offers to listen to all of its titles.

Leslie: "I Need You More" back with Crush

What a pleasure this week to find the singer Leslie. For over a year, few new traveling on the French singer. Without record company and since its 2010 album, "The Pursuit of Happiness," Leslie was very discreet. Today, the interpreter of the hit "sober" with Amine, comes back and helps launch the title "I Need You More" of the Romanian group Crush & Alexandra.

From listening to the single "I Need You More," we find all the charm of the voice of Leslie. More than a participation of the French singer Leslie is omnipresent on the title of Crush & Alexandra. The song is definitely "up-tempo," a pace that fits perfectly into the musical world of Leslie.

David Bisbal, about to mourn when a love song played at their concert in Murcia

David Bisbal not go through one of his best personal time. A few days ago his law firm sent a press release announcing that the singer Almeria and Elena Tablada, her partner of six years ago and with whom he shares a daughter, had separated from "mutual agreement". For some minutes it seemed that the musician would burst into tears So when the extriunfito was excited to pause at their concert at the Auditorio de Murcia past weekend because his voice choked by singing a love song - Noise-All attendees started clapping hard for their idol did not feel so alone and sorry.

Amy Winehouse cancels her European tour after making a fool at a concert in Belgrade

British pop singer Amy Winehouse, whose promising career has been complicated by drug abuse problems, canceled a European tour on Sunday after Belgrade fans mock their pitiful presentation. Winehouse struggled to sing their songs and balance while his band continued to play fearlessly.

At other times, Winehouse lectured his bandmates while nervously clutching his arms. In addition, the letters seemed to be reading a teleprompter. The singer was the main figure of a Serbian festival, which included grilled techno singer Moby. One representative said that the upcoming festival dates in Istanbul on Monday and in Athens on Wednesday will be canceled.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Death of Clarence Clemons, saxophonist of the 'E Street Band "Bruce Springsteen

The American saxophonist Clarence Clemons, a member of Springsteen's E Street Band deBruce, died Saturday in Florida at age 69 from complications of a stroke suffered a week ago. Clemons died at a hospital in Palm Beach with his fifth wife, Victoria, and other members of his family. His last public appearance was in the contest "American Idol" with Lady GagaConocido as The Big Man ('The Big Man') for its size, Clemons added four decades defining the sound of the most emblematic songs of the E Street Band, as Thunder Road, Badlands, Born to Run Jungleland or (in fact, appears with his 'boss' in the album of the same name, 1975).

Crystal Antlers: more energy and rawness in Two Way Mirror

Of all the Crystal that have emerged in recent times, one is more than that of either Crystal Stilts, Crystal Antlers but who now are back. Their second album is coming soon and 'Two Way Mirror', which is also the title of his new album is the song they have chosen to start moving around the world. Crystal Antlers surprised all with an EP in 2008 and a debut album, Tentacles, in 2009.

Clarence Clemons is dead: the E Street Band is orphane

Last week we learned the sad news that Clarence Clemons had suffered a stroke and, although there seemed to be favorable evolution of the two brain operations that had been practiced, today we have dawned with a strong knot in the heart to learn that there has been and who has died. We are going to The Big Man 69 years, large in size and huge with his saxophone.

He participated in 18 discs of the Boss, 6 solo and a lot of collaborations, most recently in Born This Way Lady Gaga, "The Edge Of Glory" had been hospitalized in numerous occasions over the last decade by knee problems, or vertebrae caused by its heavy weight, but no one could imagine that we would leave so soon.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

M83 will release new album this fall in collaboration with Beck and Zola Jesus: return to the epic double album

M83 is back this fall. The band's sixth album promises to bring back to the band in recent years. The most epic also perhaps why they have opening for The Killers or Depeche Mode tour. In interviews to international media, Anthony Gonzalez, has been revealing details of his new work.

Facing the new album, and doubling the number of songs, Anthony Gonzalez has scrounged up a good list of contributors, as Zola Jesus, Justin Meldal-Johnsen (bass player for Nine Inch Nails) or Beck himself. The album, still untitled, will be released in October.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Chris Brown: "Next To You" in video with Justin Bieber

The clip awaited by many fans of the singers Chris Brown and Justin Bieber have finally met. The video for the song "Next To You" has just arrived online. A large reinforcement of special effects, the clip of the duo Chris Brown and Justin Bieber shows the renown of the two artists by the cost of such a video.

Available since March 21, "FAM E 'the new album from Chris Brown marks the return of the rapper who, two years after the album" Graffiti ", and some problems with Rihanna, wants to regain its audience. After three excerpts released before the release of his album, Chris Brown therefore has the video clip of the song everyone was waiting, "Next To You" with the participation of Justin Bieber.

U2, Bon Jovi and Elton John: the world's richest musicians

Oblivious to the crisis label, a group of artists continue to make millions in boxes. At least, that appears from a list that Forbes has drawn up and revealing who they are currently the world's richest musicians and the number of zeros that make their fortunes. In it, the rising star Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber (the latter, ranked 13) rub shoulders with long-standing bands like U2 or Bon Jovi.

Lou Reed and Metallica team up on a new album

The heavy metal band Metallica will deviate several degrees of his musical career with his new album, just recorded in collaboration with Lou Reed, have revealed the group in a statement on its official website, but not forward the date publication status or title.

Britney Spears: the video for "I Want to Go" is coming!

Britney Spears has just started his "Femme Fatale" tour, the marathon stage which will lead to Europe this fall. Parallel to his world tour, the singer has announced that its new video clip for the song "I Want to Go", will arrive Wednesday, June 22 on the web. The announcement of the release of the new clip of Britney Spears "I Want to Go" is therefore confirmed.

The superstar will unveil its new video hits Wednesday, June 22, 2011 on MTV. The spread was somewhat advanced for the selection of clips for the ceremony of the famous MTV Video Music Award will close on June 24 evening.

Lady Gaga's video for 'The Edge Of Glory'

Few things about Lady Gaga can agree and strangers as the videos. Whether you like or deeply detest her image, it is undeniable that there is work behind, development and ideas. Suffice it to a few examples: 'Judas', 'Alejandro', 'Bad Romance', 'Paparazzi' or even 'Born This Way' is an impressive display of media.

For 'The Edge Of Glory', however, Lady Gaga planned to launch video clip. As you know, at first it was one of the promotional singles that should have made us shorter - and not the other way - waiting for the release of their second album. But the response from fans was much better than expected, and Germanotta decided at the last minute to prepare a video that we reward the loyalty of his followers.

Anna Calvi Vetusta Morla or star in the great celebration of Day of Music in Madrid

Jack Lang, the French Socialist Party, issued during his time as minister of culture Gallic two measures which is remembered today: the first, called the 1981 Lang Law, which established a fixed price for the books, the second the same year, proposed on 21 June to celebrate the Festival of Music, coinciding with the arrival of summer.

Lang's idea was soon permeate and to internationalize, and today is a must for all music lovers worldwide. In Spain, where he held for six years, under the name makes Day of Music. In Madrid, as in previous years, the organization returns to bet on his two main distinguishing features: first-class artists, with special attention to the national product, and an affordable price.

Rihanna: Ambassador of Tourism in Barbados

As she began the series of concerts of her "Loud Tour," and at the height of his career, Rihanna gets a title like no other. Often called for his albums and musical performances, this time it's to represent his native island of Barbados. This small island, unknown to many people, yet offer the scenery.

Rihanna, born there, keeping a certain attachment that can be found, for example musically in the song "Man Down." To discover these lands and heavenly to stir the curiosity of future tourists, the Tourist Board has chosen a representative brand. Rihanna will be the new Ambassador of Tourism for Barbados.

Minute Easy: Tips and tutorials in high-tech video

If you follow a regular 100% Mag M6, you may already know the minute easy 100% Mag. This section offers info. practice, a chronicle video to find out some tips for daily life and in many areas. Now to allow everyone to find useful information from its 100% Mag and many programs, M6 has recently launched a new video portal called "Easy Minute." A site that will answer your questions and your curiosity about many of the everyday.

Brunori Sas stores

From today, Friday 17 June, in shops "Brunori Sas - Vol 2: Poor Christs". In exactly two years by award-winning Vol 1 (Ciampi Award 2009 as best debut Targa Tenco 2010 as best newcomer), Dario Brunori public this new work, which brings together the themes of poetic brunoriana: attention to small gestures, religion Catholic evocative realism, the popular national dealt with affection and compassion, the emotional insecurity of the new generation.

Apple raises the hard end up with the surge in mobile recording concerts

The appearance of this patent is a few days ago, but the thing is so worth banter back. That's because Apple is a company with many strengths, but with minds especially when applied to devise ways of limiting for their teams. Only just in case. His latest idea would block the camera of their mobile devices during concerts, thereby preventing the recording of protected content on YouTube and then he ends up similar portals.

Hypersonic Top: Extreme fabulous material

The Hypersonic Top regains Spanish flavor by Extremoduro, getting put his 'Tango suicide' at the top of the list and debunk some Arctic Monkeys and seemed on a roll. The British down to the second position, sharing the podium with the team of Trent Reznor and Karen O. Fairly moderate the host's new single from Coldplay, a band that tends to arouse passions among readers of this blog, but that 'Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall' seems to have generated more critical acclaim.

Workers' strike prevented Teresa Carreño Jorge Celedon concert

Due to a strike by workers in the Teatro Teresa Careno, was suspended for the concert of Colombian Jorge Celedon vallenatero that was scheduled for Thursday night. Globovisión reported a statement from the same theater directive states that the demonstrators took the room Rivers Queen, and the concert scheduled for tonight will be unsuccessful.

However, organizers of the concert performance guarantee of this coming at eight at night.

The Smiths - The Queen is Dead: 25 Years of the masterpiece of mancunianos

It seems incredible but a quarter of a century, just today marks the anniversary, we separated the publication of the mancunianos masterpiece, The Queen is Dead. 25 years is a long time and if at the time and received compliments from critics and audiences, something very difficult to achieve, we now consider as the top composer of The Smiths.

Here we arrived by New Media, the label founded by Mario Pacheco us to Spain brought the first New Order. It was a vinyl folder open in a beautiful green color photo on the cover of an inert Alain Delon in the film L'Insoumis. Curiously, there is a German edition with 12 "of the same color as the cover highly sought after by collectors.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Strokes do not want to let your creative moment: make a "Angles 2"?

I think sometimes we are too impatient and we got carried away by any news, important, or not, simply because we like this or that artist and we look forward to give us more material. Even when you just do it. I admit, I am one of them. In its day I was going through shelves of record stores, always looking for a new single with new material on side B and that kind of extra material.

Since I know I'm not the only one who behaves or has behaved so sure many give you joy at this news. Not made or three months we are enjoying (some more than others) Angles, the latest from The Strokes and we're talking about a potential next job. But this time we are not fans, they themselves they do spread the rumor, since recently, in an interview with Rolling Stone, Albert Hammond Jr.

Morrissey unveils three new songs while looking for a label to publish your album

Morrissey, former leader of The Smiths celebrated and revered solo singer, has unveiled what they sound like three new songs containing their next album. The artist took advantage of a program on BBC Radio 2 to present the issues are the Same People everywhere, The kid's a looker and Action is my middle name, three samples of their harmonious pop and poignant.

It's been a month Morrissey announced that, despite the fact that his album was finished, had not been released for lack of record company. However, his schedule of performances and has several dates: July next act in Austria (day 21), Poland (22 and 24) and Ireland (20 and 30). Holland visit in August (August 5) and possibly Belgium.

The Disciples (The Planets + Antonio Arias), honoring Morente La Noche en Blanco de Córdoba, "Too pal body '

The Disciples have been lurking in the shadows, preparing a tribute to the maestro Enrique Morente, and will finally make his debut this Saturday June 18 in the fourth edition of La Noche en Blanco de Córdoba on a stage located in the Plaza of the slide of the Andalusian capital. Are not a cult nor a secret society Who are the Disciples? For there are J, Erik and Florent of Planets and Antonio Arias of Lizard Nick, two bands that the singer of Albaicín generated much stronger ties than those of his friendship.

The harsh criticism of the world Julieta Venegas "macho"

Mexican singer Julieta Venegas, who won five Latin Grammys, she combines her mother's brand new facet of her artistic career in a "universally paternalistic" in which women still struggle to "change the roles." "The world is sexist" and even "a long way in Latin America women have the place they deserve," he said in an interview with Efe in Paris the author of songs like "Andar Conmigo", "Slow" and "Me voy" .

The Sonar festival opens its doors to the rhythm of 'chillwave'

The Sonar Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art, has raised the curtain in Barcelona on Thursday and Friday will in A Coruña-second location of this quote, with a first day free of names known to the lay public, but undeniable quality as shown by Toro i Moi. Behind this name hides Chazwick Bundick, chillwave current representative and has been one of the first to jump on stage at the Village a CCCB Barcelona Sónar for three days will provide a stylistic tour the five continents, cliche, but this time is real.

2pac: revelations of the death of rapper

A few months before the release of a film on the life of rapper Tupac Shakur, the website AllHipHop has just published a stunning scoop for many admirers of the creator of the hit "California Love". Chroniclers of the site, specializing in the world of rap music, met in prison a Dexter Isaac as saying cause of the incidents that led to the death of 2Pac in 1996.

Victoires de la Musique: DMISSION Thierry Chassagne

While next week's Fete de la Musique will be celebrated in its thirtieth edition, is another musical institution which is about her. The Committee of the Victoires de la Musique has accepted the resignation of its president Thierry Chassagne. This is an Agence France Presse that the news is announced.

One who had promised to bring new life to the ceremony victories music eventually left the committee Victory music after only one year at the helm. The task was ambitious for the professional music, which had proposed to the 2011 edition, a new idea for organizing the ceremony. The year 2011 should be a year of change and renewal for the ceremony Victoires de la Musique.

David Bisbal reappear today in the concert 'Lorca are all', for which tickets are sold out

The gala Lorca solidarity we all hang up on Wednesday lineup of No tickets, thanks to the solidarity of society with the people Murcia Lorca and the excitement generated by such artists as David Bisbal, Estopa, or Rosana. Precisely this is the first public appearance Bisbal Almeria after disclose various media on Wednesday that the singer had separated from her partner of several years, Elena Tablada.

Madonna back in the studio next month to claim what was always his

So is the atmosphere warm with Lady Gaga, did not you would think that Madonna, the queen of pop, was going to stay very still, watching the Germanotta is dedicated to the game of thrones trying to regain his title, no? The blonde with gold, as before, the usual, not new, has decided it is time to regain lost time trying to put in a distributor W.

E, a film that has occurred on the English royal house (another one) and that has given more than a disappointment. Released as of this charge, is ready to re-enter the studio to begin work on which will be the subjects of their next album. And though she has not said anything, we know for a fact, because yesterday was Guy Oseary, the manager, who was shipped via Twitter about it.

Charice Pempengco: lactrice Glee presents "Louder"

Already well known for his participation in the series "Glee," Charmaine Clarice Pempengco Relucio, better known by the name Charice, has a second single from her new album to come. After a first single, written by Bruno in March, entitled "Before It Explodes," Charice is back with a second single, "Louder." A promising song, we hope to see happen in France, and is already feeling the U.S.

The disc has reached its first week, the eighth spot on the Billboard 200 album chart, making, at the same time, the first of Charice Asian artist to enter the Top 10. Singer and actress of Filipino origin who gained notoriety through YouTube, Charice has already had a stunning musical experience.

Metallica, Lou Reed announced a surprising partnership

It seems that this week it's going to unexpected collaborations, as if last night talked about the possible tandem between Gorillaz and Paul McCartney, today we announce a partnership that could be even more glorious. Metallica, Lou Reed, myths of metal and rock, respectively, are preparing an album together that comes from and the list of most anticipated releases.

The album, recorded in a quick segment on the study of Metallica in San Franscisco, will feature ten songs written by Lou Reed and accompanied by Californian thrash quartet arrangements. At this point the skeptics will think that can only come here a pastiche, but you will find that the formula works, and well also in this directory is marked for a couple of years: If the album in question is in this line it is clear that fall mainly on the side of Reed, but it is also logical.

Extreme and Paul Alborán hamper the British invasion in the record charts

The entry in the list of expected sales and Depeche Mode albums Arctic Monkeys has failed to remove from the top three places to Extremoduro, Alboran and Vetusta Paul Morley, who recover strength this week against the new arrivals. For the third consecutive week, Extreme and Material defectuosose keep on top of the list, followed by Paul Alborán and its self-titled debut album, amounting to second place from fifth last week occupied.

Cars 2: Robbie Williams, Weezer and The Benabar for music

On 27 July, after the movie "Cars" comes to cinema. The second story of Lightning McQueen, Martin and his friends looks more exciting than the first. With races around the world and a new adventure as a secret agent, "Cars 2" will be the movie sensation of this summer 2011. To illustrate the movie "Cars 2", the soundtrack is once again for quality and for this second episode of many pop stars have been called.

Little Shop of Horrors

Unmissable event with Little Shop of Horrors on 8 July in Turin. The band led by Pierpaolo Capovilla was performing at the Turin Traffic Festival, in what will be the only group live in 2011. Will show a very significant because full training will play all the songs on the album: "Empire of Darkness" (2007).

The group will do with the original lineup that recorded the album. The 2011 edition of the Torino Traffic Festival will be held July 5 to 10 - totally free - at Piazza San Carlo. For info: www. trafficfestival. com

Martin Solveig: "Hello" remix by downloading Billboard

The new album from Martin Solveig "Smash" is available for a week now. Alongside the presentation of his new album, the French DJ offers its fans a previously unreleased remix for download of the song "Hello", published a few weeks ago in the U.S. In Europe, the single "Hello" has emerged since several months, as the greatest success to date Martin Solveig.

The song "Hello" quickly won the highest places of the rankings in Europe and worldwide. Clambering even in the top 40 in the U.S., its sales are currently around 2 million. To reward her fans for their unwavering support, Martin Solveig has decided to offer them a free unreleased remix, signed by one of the hottest pop producers of the moment: Billboard.

Brent Hinds Presents - West End Motel and Fiend Without A Face: typecast is losers

If you say that Brent Hinds, who provides guitar and vocals on Mastodon, is preparing to release an album which collects his solo projects, it is logical to expect some metal coming years practicing in this respected training. Nothing could be further from reality, doing little or nothing about the sound of this band can be found at West End Motel or Fiend Without A Face.

Brent Hinds Presents serves as an excuse to get into the same package two passengers divertimentos bearded American musician, and that otherwise would have had relatively little commercial outlet. With them goes to show how little it takes itself seriously (which can be seen with a simple search on Google Images), and musical open-mindedness that is despite his role in a band as important today metal scene.

SANLUIS presents his first album

The brothers James and Luigi Castillo launched the album that marks his debut as a duo. Under the direction of Venezuelan Pablo Croce, also premiered the video for promotional single "Where were you." A released only days to have great success with his first single "Where were you", the new SANLUIS duo formed by brothers James and Luigi Castillo, launches its highly anticipated first album.

The former members of Voz Veis, now converted into SANLUIS, dress melancholy and romance to present their self-titled album, which is found in all record stores in the country since Thursday 16 June. SANLUIS comes ready to play the emotional fiber of the audience with songs and "Where were you" serves as an introduction to its first production.

A little love AASHTO will be part of the new telenovela of Venevision

The Venezuelan trio continues to talk about it beyond its most recent promotional single is already among the 10 biggest hits in our country, was selected by senior executives of Venevision to be one of the most important songs in the main themes of "Natalia the Sea." The telenovela is led by Manuel "Coco" and Sabrina Sosa Salvador, which will be released in the coming days.

According to the press release, AASHTO is conducting an extensive promotional tour throughout the country. Frank and Santofimio, Yhonny Atella and Jose Miguel Mendez visited: Maracay, Valencia, Barquisimeto, Punto Fijo, Cabimas, Maracaibo, Puerto Ordaz, Puerto La Cruz and Caracas, note that this tour has given excellent results for "A Little Love "and is one of the most requested song by listeners Venezuelans.

Julie Taymor attended the premiere of "Spider-Man" and was greeted with cheers from the audience

- Julie Taymor was welcomed on Tuesday in the musical which was fired three months ago, received an ovation from the audience and kisses cast members also embraces Bono and The Edge of U2 to drop the curtain at the premiere of " Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. " "I want to thank everyone, especially the cast and production members, musicians and the creative team I worked for a long time," said director Tony won the stage from him.

Pual McCartney, Gorillaz Together? Will we see a virtual Beatle?

Come up with a rumor. Made in UK today, with Sir Paul McCartney, the eminent former Beatle ... I guess you know it, and with Damon Albarn, or whatever it is, today Gorillaz, Blur and the soap opera if Blur does not end clarified. These are the protagonists. The story is about a couple of colleagues who get together one day and say, 'why do not we collaborate? "And on that walk.

The truth is that nothing is certain or true, at least it is known, but some media have reported the possibility of working together. Apparently, McCartney declared admirer of what they do Gorillaz and statements in an interview with The Quietus has said that have arisen to work together in a couple of times, but has yet emerged nothing serious.

Jesse Hughes is life beyond the Eagles of Death Metal, but not as fun

If you are known in the world of music, mainly for a project with Josh Homme, is normal you have to fetch other entertainment with which to fill your time, as the hyperactive leader of Queens of the Stone Age is characterized by going from flower flower. As can spend a long time to revive touch Eagles of Death Metal, it is logical that the other half of this training, Jesse Hughes, has also decided to mount something on their own.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Producers of reality "La Academia" Venezuelan scouting

.- Can you sing? Do you like the show? because this is your chance because producers recognized program "The Academy" in Mexico are in our country to recruit (through casting) to the greatest number of people who possess these skills and have the desire to succeed in the world music. Magda Rodriguez, producer of this program, noted that in Venezuela want to find talented people "basically what we hope is that all the people who sing, whether beginner or professional, is presented to casting.

Spanish musician Javier Limon is awarded by the UN

Spanish musician Javier Limon is awarded by the United Nations musician, composer and music producer Javier Limón will be awarded in New York on June 30 during the celebration of the Seventh Annual Awards Gala Women Together, the UN General Assembly together. The organization has decided to give this award to the Spanish musician "for the invaluable work of dissemination of flamenco that developed years ago, through his contribution, genius and creativity to strengthen the presence and recognition of this kind in many countries," according to communication cabinet.

'Music for Chameleons' debate on the need for artistic decentralization

The company celebrates CAMON Thursday, June 16, from 17:00 am in Madrid, the second day of Music for Chameleons cycle, an initiative that brings together creators and organizers who seek to discover the keys that will shape the future of cultural development in all areas. The event, free, try to discover the keys that will shape the future of creation in this second meeting, entitled Peripheral as centers, will discuss the need to ensure the creation and dissemination of cultural centers and networks regardless of geographic location in which these are, and avoid central tendency.

Lady Gaga: The video for "The Edge Of Glory" arrives!

After the thunderous launch of his album "Born This Way" and the presentation of two official singles, in recent months, "Born This Way" and "Judas", Lady Gaga launch this Thursday, June 16, the clip of the third single official "The Edge of Glory." The first release of the video clip of Lady Gaga "The Edge of Glory" will take place exclusively on the American channel Fox at 20 noon, U.S.

east coast, in the TV show "America's So You Think You Can Dance." Information disclosed by the pop superstar on Twitter, as usual. To make this new video, Lady Gaga again collaborate with director Joseph Kahn. Launch the career of Lady Gaga, with the album "The Fame", Joseph Kahn directed the videos for the songs "LoveGame" and "Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)" in 2009.

Gym Class Heroes: "Stereo Hearts" with Adam Levine of Maroon 5

The group Gym Class Heroes announced his comeback in 2011 with a brand new album "The Papercut Chronicles II". After experiencing success in 2007 with the hit "Cupid's Chokehold" on the sample from Supertramp Gym Class Heroes returns, as a prelude to their album with a new song called "Stereo Hearts", with the participation of Adam Levine, leader of Maroon 5.

With this new song that gradually invaded all the media, "Stereo Hearts Gym Class Heroes announces the very first listening, musical color of their upcoming album" The Papercut Chronicles II ". The fifth album from the band Travis Mccoy is announced for this fall and will be the logical continuation of their debut album, released in 2005, "The Papercut Chronicles." "The Papercut Chronicles II" will contain the new song "Stereo Hearts" with Adam Levine.

Nothings Cloud - Cloud Nothings (2011): The same thing I tell you one thing I tell the other

I've been months trying to decide how to address critical Nothings Cloud self-titled album, the second of his career. Months also trying to understand why if I like it so much if I get it a bit, a little time to listen, can not stand it if I put it over. Many days thinking that this song is bad or that which bores me and then put the disc just there in that court, and realize that not, nor is that some songs are much worse than others.

Boy and Girl - The Young Researcher: Now I go and helmet

Boys and girls can afford to throw seven years without a new album out not only increases the feeling of the cult band who have become his followers and all we are even more attentive to each new movement of the Odd Couple Bilbao. At least we are releasing a new song from time to time. In 2007 he was the EP Bomba Latina and now have just released a new single The young researcher in addition to digital formats, and can be achieved in physical CD Charade, another legendary shop in Bilbao and closely linked to the duo has been responsible for editing coincided with its reopening, and the Austro-Hungarian web who remain faithful.

Madonna will reinvent itself with a new album

Los Angeles, June 15 (dpa) - Despite recently gave more than talking on their fitness centers openings, Madonna still desire to make music and will reinvent itself with a new album, as announced today the "Billboard" in its online edition. "Madonna goes to the studio to work on a new album," said his manager, Guy Oseary.

Apart from that the pop diva is pretty clear on what producers would like to work, Oseary not reveal details. "Hard Candy", 2008, is so far the latest album from Madonna, who also is also news because his film "WE "will finally arrive in theaters this autumn (northern hemisphere), according to" Rolling Stone ".

Depeche Mode - Remixes 2: 81-11: less personal remixes of Depeche Mode

It's been awhile since he first announced the launch of the Depeche Mode Remixes 2, a continuation of that Remixes: 81-04 gave so much satisfaction that many in his day, and now used to do a retrospective update the path of Martin Gore and company, in the view of many of the most important personalities of today's electronics, in one of the lowest moments of training.

The expectation was more than justified because it is who it is. We're talking about one of the most important and influential bands of recent decades, and certainly the most important in regards to electronics, so no one can say Remixes 2: 81-11 does not deserve to give you your deserved review .

Madonna: her new album in 2011-2012 prparation

In our previous columns about the singer Madonna, we announced that the pop superstar would take the path of the studios to record a new album this year 2011. In late 2010, Madonna had already announced his wish to return to producing new hits. Interposed by social networks, Madonna had also put in search of new suppliers for a future album.

This week, Guy Oseary, Madonna's manager, announces the start of celebrations for many fans! It was on his Twitter account that the owner of Maverick Records label has released short statement that Madonna's fans were waiting. Madonna returned to the studio next month to begin recording his new album.

Facebook debuts in the video of the song 'Behind the Mask' by Michael Jackson

A video for the song Behind the Mask, made by fans of Michael Jackson from 103 countries around the world and directed by Dennis Liu has been released on the Facebook network. The initiative, created by Sony Music and the family of Jackson, urged fans of the legendary singer to record themselves playing the theme and send the material to be included in the final video.

The video shows more than a thousand contributions from fans of Michael's been the most fun and exciting project in which I have been involved, "said Liu. "It's been a privilege and it was incredibly exciting to see so many people, from all over the world, unite their voices, dances and talent by the spirit of Michael" he added.

LMFAO "Champaign Showers" succde the hit "Party Rock Anthem"

The Californian group LMFAO unveils the second single from their upcoming album "Sorry For Party Rocking". After the global success of "Party Rock Anthem", which remains at the top of the rankings in the world, here is a totally new title dedicated to the champagne showers. Perfectly calibrated to the "pool parties" of Ibiza's most extravagant and spirit electro.

which is the unbridled success of LMFAO, this new single features the exceptional participation of Natalia Kills. Protected by Akon, this young English, still little known in France, was still observed with the single "Mirrors" which placed third in the U.S. charts in the category Dance.

'Lay It On Me', another track from the new album by Kelly Rowland ever more like the work of El Escorial

Kelly Rowland has had no luck in his solo career. Since Destiny's Child disbanded, has been almost completely overshadowed by the third and most successful, the incombustible Beyoncé. However, critics have appreciated his efforts on his two solo albums more lukewarm at first, but with their second album somehow managed to distance himself from the label of high school and get a more lively acclamation.

Summer festival of Vascon

Adele: A funky remix of "Set Fire To The Rain" by Plastic Plates

Adele truste always top the world rankings with his album "21" since the beginning of the year. Each week, Adele confirms his talent, now recognized beyond pop music. To demonstrate the impressive number of remixes of songs from Adele who swarm over the Internet. Of all these versions is that of a Plastic Plates, which has appropriated the song "Set Fire To The Rain", which is therefore a buzz on the web.

People are the same everywhere ... and songs from Morrissey "all disks?

Begin to unravel the mysteries of the tenth solo album by Morrissey. If a month ago and it has completely finished, but has yet to find stamp with which to launch, now Mozz has performed at Maida Vale BBC Sessions for the program of Radio 2 to perform three songs that will be included in it. Expect a creative improvement in the continuation of Years of Refusal, which was greeted with (too) congratulations on the international criticism and that label as discrete Hypersonic (as a qualifier softer) and we give it a 4.

The Rapture will remain near the record of 70 with 'How Deep Is Your Love', first look at In The Grace of Your Love

DFA White Out Sessions - How Deep Is Your Love? by The Rapture from DFA Records on Vimeo. Seven minutes of dance floor. This is 'How Deep Is Your Love' by The Rapture, the first song that newcomers to let us listen to DFA Records In The Grace of Your Love. By name, a listener with memory might think that New Yorkers have taken to make a version of the Bee Gees.

No, but almost, that between the constant piano song and lashes that occasionally will go to Luke Jenner, the seventies are not going that far. Something long and too many ways, except when the sax Gabriel Andruzzi threatens to run wild, 'How Deep Is Your Love "could have been trimmed to make it function better, but not The Rapture seem willing to be contained in a single format.

Fainal, creator of the hit "Give me a kiss" comes to our country (+ video)

Caracas, June 14, 2011 - Has five months playing on the radios of our country and has reached 3 times the number 1 of the 100 most important songs of the Record Report on the theme "Give me a kiss" a duet with Chino y Nacho . Colombia is the Fainal, sets a new urban romantic music. His name is Santiago Carvajal Valencia, born on November 12, 1987 in Medellin.

From the age of 17 has been immersed in the music, plays piano, has on several occasions as a producer and shared the stage with artists like Daddy Yankee, Wisin & Yandel, Hector "El Father", Tito "El Bambino" Jowel and Randy, among others. He is currently refining the details of the launch in Venezuela from their new album "Super Fainal" which includes the production of prominent Puerto Rican Tainy on two issues and the collaboration of Toby Love, David Angel and Chino Nacho.

Hypersonic Bizarra: 'Welcome To The Jungle' by 2Cellos, "the new Apocalyptica?

Nothing else hear the first notes of this theme played by Stjepan Hauser and Luka Sulica, 2Cellos, I came to a head Apocalyptica, filandés quartet formed by four cellists who in 1996 published Plays Metallica By Four Cellos. Croatian musicians play only two cellos but have entered the fray with an impressive media campaign forged on YouTube.

His video for 'Welcome To The Jungle' we include in this minisección of Hypersonic Hypersonic Bizarra and we call that late in afternoon we return to open to show you amazing news videos or international music scene. This issue is one of those included in their debut album, Sony Music began yesterday in the market.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jorge Celedon and Jimmy Zambrano submitted to the Venezuelan her song "What you need"

Jorge Celedon and Jimmy Zambrano came to Venezuela to celebrate his 10 year career with the Tour, "What you need." The ringing vallenateros bring their accordions in Caracas on 16 and 17 June in the room Ríos Reyna del Teatro Teresa Carreño. Celedon and Zambrano will also be presented in Valencia, Barquisimeto, Maturin, Puerto La Cruz, Maracaibo, Margarita and San Cristobal.

"Today I come with my hands full of sincerity, full of truths, because the noble man when he repents. I love you with the strength that I have and nothing in this world I lose you, but I will not leave everything for nothing, "sang Celedon and Zambrano to join the press conference at the Hotel Gran Meliá Caracas, where he expressed his gratitude to the Venezuelan people for their support during these 10 year career.

Members of Mastodon, The Mars Volta, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Jane's Addiction formed the supergroup the year

Brent Hinds seems that this year has given him a burst of productivity-style musical Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, as well as two parallel projects leading up and Mastodon's new album which is on the way, the guitarist has announced the start up a supergroup that can give us many joys. The training has not confirmed the official name (Hinds suggested Giraffe Tongue, but gives me far kidding me), but no more than take a look at the companions elected to tremble with pleasure: a battery the unstoppable Thomas Pridgen, until Not long ago machacabombos The Mars Volta, in the bassist Eric Avery, Jane's Addiction in the big time, and taking the other guitar in the band Ben Weinman of The Dillinger Escape Plan.

Timberlake smokes marijuana to "turn off" your brain and stop thinking

The musician and actor Justin Timberlake who smokes marijuana to disconnect from reality and stop thinking about his surroundings. During an interview with the magazine and in which he was asked about if used marijuana, the artist replied: "Absolutely, as shown in excerpts that advances the local press today." All he does is for me marijuana getting you to stop thinking.

Sometimes my brain needs to unwind. Some people are better if the smoke, "he added. Timberlake, 30, explains that he is in a very relaxed life and who wants to settle down. "I feel like I'm getting to a point in my life when I look around and realize that There is much to enjoy if I can sit down, stop a moment and take my time to it, "he said.

Katy Perry video for 'Last Friday Night (TGIF)': ay dad, I have liao parda ...

Katy Perry took the best album of his career with Teenage Dream. Qualitatively speaking, does not hold water everywhere, but the truth is that it has managed to take advantage of what has and has not disappeared almost any time of the musical front, either through simple, well thanks to live performances with which has been keeping the attention of the public business.

Their fifth single, 'Last Friday Night (TGIF)', not go into the annals of history and probably end up being forgotten like so many other singles who are not late enough packing to be remembered. However, there is something that differentiates it from other competitors, and that at least, Katy Perry has been able to laugh at itself and make the cocoon as a few in the video that accompanies the subject.

Amy Winehouse back on stage ... finally sober and apparently in good shape

The latest information on the health of Amy Winehouse were not promising. The artist, who is expected this year among many other summer festivals in the Bilbao BBK, had recently entered a rehabilitation clinic and recording their new album was postponed once again. To make matters worse, the few who had tried to provide direct in recent years had resulted in more pain than glory, and even some cancellations.

Howitzer live in Oviedo (Tribeca Room, 10.06.2011): what a disappointment!

Thirty years for a band is not something to be ignored. The veteran is a degree but there are times when one would prefer to throw the foot down and let the pavilion is as high as possible. All this is prelude to account howitzer and its latest reincarnation, after Juan Luis Serrano, Uncle Luis, and Fernando Sánchez leave the ship, first the bass a year after the release of Seconds Out (Rimer Rock, 2003) and then the battery a little over two years.

Michael Jackson: 2.0 clip from "Behind The Mask" has arrived!

In March 2011, Sony Music launched a large participatory movement on the Internet to achieve innovative video on the song "Behind The Mask" with Michael Jackson fans worldwide. After numerous extracts, the video has finally been unveiled. Michael Jackson and inaugurates a new era for the music video.

Much "Thriller" was sensational, as "Behind The Mask" is further proof of the attraction still arouses the King of Pop with this clip that could be called "2.0". Broadcast worldwide on the official Facebook Page of Michael Jackson's music video "Behind The Mask" is composed of more than 1600 videos of fans who have been selected.

Mamma mia! Green Day American Idiot and the movies come from the hand of Tom Hanks

Movies based on books, movies based on video games, games based on movies, games based on books, musicals based on movies, even movies based on games (meaning "Battleship ")... We've seen almost everything. Almost everything in a continuous fashion show and ideas that are somewhat cyclical and that we are mired in a deep crisis of wit where it seems that everything is invented.

But now comes Playtone, Tom Hanks's production company and decided to loop the loop. A new twist on the crossover of ideas and artistic disciplines. All have heard, even in passing, that American Idiot, the album's 2004 Green Day was a rock opera. His musical inspiration were different and the Who, though his title was intended to critique American Idol, you know, the American OT and focusing on the character of Jesus Of Suburbia is also gave an overview of the "undervalued" administration of George Bush Jr.

Britney Spears: Detail of the show "Femme Fatale Tour

It was in a week that the new musical by Britney Spears, "Femme Fatale Tour" will begin. Since the announcement of this new international tour, a lot of speculation but circulated late last week the veil was lifted on the course of the concert that we can discover has this fall in Europe. By last weekend, few have been entitled to attend the premiere of "Femme Fatale Tour." Witnesses of this event are all delighted emerged this evening.

Serrat, honorary doctorate, calls for ordinary people to wake up and reclaim its future

Serrat, honorary doctorate, calls for ordinary people to wake up and reclaim its future The Catalan singer Joan Manuel Serrat, inaugurated on Tuesday an honorary doctorate from the University Pompeu Fabra (UPF), has advocated an assertive speech that is the "ordinary people" to return to retrieve the "democratic and moral values" in a moment of "crisis model of life." We are in a life crisis model rather than a financial crisis Asserting that the time is "model of life crisis," rather than "financial crisis", he lamented the "great loss of moral values in society today, with the "shameful corruption", he said, that since the government "seeps society" and has called a "wake up a sleepy company." "You must recover the democratic and moral values, and what must we, the ordinary people.

Sophie Ellis Bextor: "Make A Scene 'new dance album 2011

The new album by Sophie Ellis Bextor, "Make A Scene" has arrived! Now available for download, the album by Sophie Ellis Bextor was out there over a month, Russia and the success was the appointment as "Make A Scene" reached the top 10 sales in that country. Although singles had already been presented as "Heartbreak" with the Freemasons or "Bittersweet", Sophie Ellis Bextor chose the title "Starlight" as the spearhead of his new album 2011.

El Gran Wyoming, Xoel Gurruchaga Lopez and pay homage to John Lennon for a good cause

The Caracol de Madrid hosts this Tuesday, June 14, a benefit concert in tribute to John Lennon which involved, among others, Javier Gurruchaga, Gran Wyoming or Xoel Lopez (exDeluxe), and whose benefits will be given to Doctors Without Borders as reported by the NGO itself. Thus, a total of fifteen artists pay tribute to The Beatles excomponente in an event organized by chord for Peace, during which will be given to Doctors Without Borders in a check for 14,400 euros, which will be allocated to treatment AIDS in Zimbabwe.