Thursday, August 25, 2011

Liam Gallagher withdrew the complaint against his brother Noel

British musician Liam Gallagher has accepted the apology of his brother Noel, as recorded by The Sun has withdrawn the complaint filed against him by declaring that it was an important Oasissuspendió vocalist band concert for suffering a hangover. Liam announced on Friday it had taken legal action to demand an apology after his older brother in a letter sent through his law firm and got no response.

The cancellation of a concert at a big festival due to a hangover, not medical reasons, potential contractual issues involved with the event organizers. This issue was very sorrowful mother of two musicians, it seems, Noel's apology came through a public conversation over the Internet with his followers, he wrote: "It is a fact that was diagnosed laryngitis and I had a doctor's certificate to prove it.

" "If you are offended by my opinions about such things, I apologize, but everything is becoming a bit silly," he added. A source from The Sun, the whole affair was very sorrowful mother of two musicians, and he did pause to Liam. He realized that Noel "was not being vindictive, but simply irrelevant" and that his anger was motivated more by the end of Oasis.

Liam had decided to accept this apology, which adds a missed episode featuring the two brothers since the dissolution of the successful band in 2009, driven by the abandonment of Noel, principal songwriter, shortly before a scheduled concert in Paris.

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