Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Will Smith: a new album in 2012

Here is one of the first ads that should feel for this music back in 2011. Hip Hop magazine "XXL", has just completed an interview with the American producer La Mar 'Mars' Edwards. During this interview with the magazine, the music producer has confirmed that it is hard at work with Will Smith on a new musical project.

The latest album by Will Smith "Lost And Found" date of 2005. After six years of absence from the music world and a career fully devoted to film, Will Smith would be busy preparing a new album with the producer of rap music La Mar 'Mars' Edwards. The U.S. music producer is recognized in the rap world for these productions with artists like Chris Brown, Kanye West or Mary J Blige.

La Mar 'Mars' Edwards is also present on the new album from The Game, "The Red Album." In the other information revealed by the interview, La Mar 'Mars' Edwards said that Will Smith had met Snoop Dogg and singer Ashanti. Willow Smith Will also appeared on this album? The famous "Prince Of Bel Air" could still make a thunderous return to the music scene in 2012.

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