Monday, August 1, 2011

Beyoncé: "I had to take a year off to not jeopardize my sanity"

Swept the charts, she shook her hips to exhaustion did get hits like Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) all over the world, starred intense promotions, tours and some of the most watched music videos on YouTube, made textile entrepreneurs launched their own perfumes ... and had to stop. Beyoncé turned to Spain came a time when he did not know what day it was or what town was Beyonce, one of the great divas of R & B today, has revealed to The Sun why her new album will separate more three years of their previous studio album.

"There came a time when he did not know what day it was or what town it was," said before admitting that he had a sabbatical at the risk of losing "mental health". "I sat on clothes and gave me an award and I only thought at that time was my next performance." It was his mother who warned him that he must take care, rest from the frenetic activity that was endangering your nerves and your sanity.

And she finally gave in: "I started going to museums, ballet, traveled to China to see the Great Wall and many other places where it had been, but had not had time to see." Even went as a spectator to the concerts of her husband, Jay-Z, something that scheduling problems had never been able to do.

This break in his career has now returned to the artist's response scenarios and re-energized. The reward was not long in coming: the disc 4 has been positioned at number 1 on numerous charts on both sides of the Atlantic and has been praised even by the specialized media so far fumed any music that smacked "commercial".

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