Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Green Day to release a song dedicated to Amy Winehouse at a show surprise: guys, are you kidding on?

Green Day appeared in a surprise concert at the Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa (California), to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, a repertoire based on new topics, fifteen, among whom was found, 'Amy', dedicated to Amy Winehouse, they did in the encores. If this had happened a few years ago would have been a simple comment on some magazine, but now, of course, there was someone who immortalized the moment and took the trouble to turn up the audio on YouTube of this acoustic song.

Do not think that Amy is a great song on the contrary, what seems at first glance, well, after listening to a lot of times, is that Green Day were the joke. This foray into land of vocal groups such letter so aged and childish, but mainstream: the chorus that repeats this "Will you be my friend?" And gems like "Amy do not go, so we can sing beautiful queen Dirty discs another time, You left at 27 without a trace ", but not placed in a position of rarity.

Green Day have posted the lyrics to this song on your website are working on a new studio album, and this was an opportunity to test the new songs live.

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