Sunday, August 7, 2011

Julio Iglesias is booed during her concert in Madrid

According to review the website, TVyNotas, the acclaimed Spanish singer is not even a shadow of what it was before, because during his recent presentation in Madrid fans expressed their displeasure by booing the artist during the concert. According to the publication, and Iglesias is not the same, because after being away for the last ten years in Madrid, he returned with a presentation that apparently disappointed his fans.

The singer, 67 years old, appeared at the Casino Aranjuez, Madrid, and apparently only played whispered topics, which causes discomfort in the audience who expressed their displeasure by booing the singer of "I forgot to live." The concert ticket was valued at 423 euros, a price that many All in "too expensive".

It was also learned that the locals not only lamented the quality of the voice of Spanish, but also noted emaciated and exhausted.

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