Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lady Gaga is transformed into a man, 'You and I'

Or blond hair or blue, or dressed in Mickey Mouse ... Now the artist has left all his fans could not blink and everything to do with their new single You and I, and as expected it was she herself who has shown through his Twitter. Arguably, it is crazy, but talking about Lady Gaga, nothing surprises anymore.

We're used to seeing her with extravagant costumes ranging from counterfeiting to various cartoon characters like forgetting several items at home. She has published the image across Twitter's difficult to recognize because Gaga has become a disheveled man with a very sharp ears, matted hair and a pin-style rocker, and a defiant look that blends with your cigarette smoked outfit image and masculine white shirt and black blazer.

The image, which has been published by her through Twitter, is the cover of their new single You and I and as she has tweeting "You never find what you're in love, if you do not love yourself ". She must want much, just look at the follies committed by each day, but not only has his pride, but its thousands of fans already have shown in these last hours to do the do they will be there to flatter their movements even if they are male.

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