Friday, August 26, 2011

David Guetta ensures that there is a marketing strategy

David Guetta, DJ probably the most media on the planet and one of the leading makers of dance music that currently governs all charts, ensures that there is a marketing strategy. "Mine is more of an artistic strategy," he adds. "Marketing is important, but the music comes later, when I finished the record," he said in Madrid in the mass launch of his new album, "Nothing But The Beat," which features collaborations with international stars.

Guetta is indeed famous, among other things, have pooled their dance music with great singers, most often from urban and gospel music, a formula with its previous album, "One Love", was able to place more than 3.5 copies worldwide. "In choosing the artists, I choose people I love.

I have fans who inspired, but I'm also a fan and is a gift to work with those people who inspires me, people who take my music to another level, "defends the French, who points out that" it is not surrounded by famous people, but of talent. " He knows that in Spain these names from urban music do not look as much as in the U.S.

or the rest of Europe. "It's funny that here will tell me that the famous" she says. And he argues that, while these other places allow those singers bring their style "house" to a wider audience in Spain, "one of the most party-goers the world," is backwards. It is famous among international deejays to engage bridges between musical styles and countries, including Europe and that "house" of the U.S.

who drank in his early career, learned in the gay clubs of the late 80's. "I like bringing people together. What I love about the night is just for a moment whether you're poor, straight, white ... Mine is a message of love, "he says." Nothing But The Beat "is a double album by the double dimension of his music The American and other urban or more electronics.

"I did not forget my roots and could now build on this success to show my other side," he says. It is an alien hand, in his words, it defines the second CD as an "alien album," why jokingly says he would like to live in another poke legendary Ibiza nightclub, Space. Until then, keep-ten years-session "Fuck Me I'm Famous" at the Pacha nightclub, something that says enjoy above all things because, as he admits, "is probably the world's where less money I make.

" Within the chaotic lifestyle, this session also gives you fixed the opportunity to enjoy two days a week from his wife and their two young children who spend the summer in Ibiza and Formentera Island. "Music is my life," argues a happy and eventful Guetta, which is able to pass two countries a day.

"There is no difference between my personal and professional life. People sing a song to your children before bed, I do a session with my son three years before bedtime, "he jokes. This successful producer, author, among other things megahits "I gotta feeling" of the Black Eyed Peas, the most downloaded song in history, finally said that I wanted to work with Michael Jackson and dreams, he says, not sell million records, but to devote himself to music all his life and continue to learn from it.

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