Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Former Miss Universe Amelia Vega releases first album "Freshwater" and announces tour

The month of August came with good news for former Miss Universe Amelia Vega with the release of their debut album "Sweet Water" and the beginning of a Latin American tour with his famous Uncle Juan Luis Guerra. Vega does not hide his happiness when he talks about his musical project, which will reach the public on 30 August after a two-year process, with different musical genres and even a duet with Johnny Ventura Merengue icon in the "Touch my drum".

"I'm very grateful to me is an honor that he has agreed to record with me, "said the ex-Queen of beauty and Dominican entrepreneurs interview with Efe."Freshwater", which itself Vega produced with the Venezuelan Archie Peña , who has worked with the likes of Madonna, Shakira, Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin, among others, includes three issues of his own, out of ten the Dominican wrote for the album "For You", "Inside you" and "Second Chance".

It also includes three ballads, including one "Surprise", the Peruvian singer Gianmarco. "For You" is a theme dedicated to his uncle Mario Polanco, whose death two years ago led to the recording studio. "He played guitar and taught me to sing as a child. When he died I said, 'I will make the record, I'll do for you,' "he recalled." I always wanted to make music but I entertained in other things I liked.

That episode, which was not very nice, was the birth of my record, "said Vega, who in 2002 became the first and so far only Dominican to win the Miss Universe title. Efe also said that the first single from the album "Spend a jiffy," which has Colombian Dominican rhythms but he has met through her boyfriend, was his "card" while preparing the album.

The issue led to several scenarios in Latin America and to be the opener for Chayanne and Marc Anthony in his native Dominican Republic. The former Miss Universe said the variety of genres on your hard answer is growing up in a family of musicians, including a grandmother who played piano and accordion, a grandfather who sang opera as a cousin or uncle lover of jazz.

"I wanted to combine all those generations of music tastes with mine. It took me a long time to create the musical identity and to make consistent and although they are different, can have a marriage, have a sound that unites them, "he said. Vega, who noted that before being a beauty queen acted in musicals in the country, said that experimenting with various genres, including bachata, "was a wonderful challenge." "Freshwater," recorded in the Dominican Republic and Miami and that goes to market under their own label Supernova, has four of the musicians in the band 4.40 by Juan Luis Guerra, songwriter who participated in the instrumentation of the album, and Johnny Ventura.

The ex-Queen of beauty told Efe that although he had already recorded "Touch the drum" to hear the popular chorus of the song reminded Ventura, so he communicated with the famous singer to ask him to listen. "He said he had no to listen, record that he accepted me. I traveled to the Dominican Republic and returned to make the subject "to be" Spanglish, "he said." It was an honor to share with him, listen to stories of someone so talented, his beginnings, how we struggle to be someone in the music, the discipline to get where he is, "said the businesswoman also, waiting excitedly for the album's release.

Vega will pack up in late August to start a tour with Juan Luis Guerra, who will be the opening act for Latin America. "I opened for him, we are choosing the countries to which we go," he said, adding that counts with the help of employees of two clothing stores in Miami and the Internet to meet their commitments to corporate as the music keeps you away from that city, where he also established.

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