Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Noel considers marriage cute and romantic but "unreal"

Argentine singer-songwriter Noel Schajris, former member of the group Sin Bandera, admitted today in an interview with Efe does not believe in conventional marriage and to pledge eternal love, which you think "cute" and "romantic" but "unrealistic." The singer, who is promoting his latest album "Greatest Hits", which revisits issues of Juan Luis Guerra, Ricky Martin, Ricardo Montaner, Franco De Vita and Eric Clapton, denied intending to marry the Panamanian model Gwendolyn Stevenson.

"It's not true, it was a rumor that emerged do not know why," said Schajris, who after overcoming a divorce to happen again ruled by the altar. Schajris compared his current situation with the character played by George Clooney in the film "Up in the Air," which spent almost more time on a plane on the ground due to a tight travel schedule of work that complicates their relationship with their loved ones.

"It is very difficult, but thank God my life is not as extreme as in the film. If I have a family that loves me and I love, I have a love in my life that I love with all my heart and thank God she has a passion and I understand and enjoy quality time over quantity, "he said. The singer described as "madness" its schedule for the coming months, with a tour that will take you "everywhere" in Latin America and possibly in  U.S.

The artist said he was working on songs on the "reality of what is love in a universe where the only constant is change". "One can only live day by day and promise that every day you choose this person who is not romantic but much more real than 'I will love you forever', it's nice to hear it, "he argued.

At 37, the artist said that guides their decisions so that tells the heart, a way of doing that carried out in June, "Greatest Hits" as the second solo album instead of presenting their own songs. "Many thought more natural it was to follow with another unreleased album (after "One is not one", 2010), but the life he wanted to do this project, "said Schajris, surprised at the good reception given the job.

"'Greatest Hits' is starting and doing quite well, with a Gold Record in Mexico very quickly. That forces you to something nice that is to rethink your life, but thanks to the success, "explained the singer has been forced to postpone until 2012 the release of his next solo LP."

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