Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Sword video for 'Night City': vs ninja warriors. Galaxy

With 'Night City' Texans close the trilogy of videos which also form "Three Witches" and "Lawless Lands," a collaboration with Artificial Army, three works of art are perhaps the best of that tremendísimo album, which we recommended our partner, Gallego, entitled Warp Riders. For me it is the weakest of the trio but it gives the end of a story, in principle linear, told in three parts.

What is clear is that this space opera psychodélica about death and rebirth captures from the first listen. The production of Matt Bayles (Pearl Jam, Mastodon, Isis) has given The Sword special patina, giving more volume to your tracks and getting her up one spot higher in specialized public consideration.

Arch Enemy reveal the tracklist and give us a theme Legions Khaos

Arch Enemy machinery already in motion and I count the days until the departure of Khaos Legions, their ninth studio album, available via Century Media, May 30 in Europe and June 7 United States. This highly anticipated album comes with the Swedish band's success at the top after the DVD released in 2008 live Tyrants Of The Rising Sun and in 2009 The Root Of All Evil, a re-recording of songs from the stage prior to the vocalist Angela Gossow.

Interview with Igor Paskual "unstable equilibrium is a summary of my life"

Although born in San Sebastian in 1975, a Spaniard to the core. Raised in Oviedo and Gijón neighbor, former leader of Babylon Chat is from 2002 Loquillo guitarist and composer. Just solo debut in unstable equilibrium (Pop Up Music, 2011), a record that has already toured. With Igor Paskual Gijón were talking animatedly in a few days ago about this job and other things, this is what he told us.

Katy Perry: the video for "AND" with Kanye West has arrived!

Announced for several weeks, the new video from Katy Perry is finally available on the Internet. For the song "E. T ', we can already say that Katy Perry has put the dishes in large by offering a very sophisticated video. Like this song in mind "alien", we find Katy Perry with a necklace of beautiful alien.

A style that seems very likely. As expected, rapper Kanye West is also present. Presented by Music-listening on radio for several weeks, a hit from Katy Perry has been produced by Dr. Luke, Max Martin and Ammo. The song "E. T ". is already available for listening on the radio and the successor to "Firework", "Teenage Dream" and "California Gurls," the first three singles from his latest album, released August 27, 2010.

Katy Perry feat. Kanye West video for 'ET': enemy mine

Katy Perry just can not complain about the success of public sales and has had Teenage Dream, his latest album and that was confirmed on One Of The Boys, complicated task that has been exceeded. This work, light but entertaining and unpretentious, has already given four singles that have achieved sufficient importance not to relinquish it at any time.

For me, the only worth of this quartet is just the latest. 'ET' is one of the best songs of the album achieved if one is willing to ignore the letter and is dedicated solely to enjoy the more intense side of Katy Perry, removed at this time of self-help manuals and sugar frivolity. Again, the appearance of Kanye West at the beginning and middle of the song give it a color that is appreciated and helps at times to dodge this dangerous resemblance to 'All The Things She Said' of t.

Cerrone: night "Lost & Beyond" April 9, 2011

The iconic image of Disco, Cerrone, who has sold over 30 million albums during his career posting a new musical performance. On Saturday, April 9, 2011, a great evening at "The Machine From the Moulin Rouge in Paris, from 23 pm the night" Lost & Beyond "offers an exceptional, original and unique, the confluence of the disco and electro-pop.

During the evening event, Cerrone will be accompanied by Elly Jackson, the singer of The Roux. Singer of the group who made the hit "Bulletproof," Elly Jackson is the new sensation and global pop icon. The Roux with the group, she recently won the Grammy for best dance album of the year.

No Age concert in Madrid (Sala Heineken 03/30/2011): One night based distortion

With No Age happens to me if those disk groups do not tell you much if you like live but then things change. A feeling I had through third-party opinions, stories I had read and videos of them on the Web last night's concert at the Heineken was my first time with Americans and change to direct study is radical.

No Age are a duo of Randy Randall on guitar and Dean Allen Spunt on drums and vocals. On stage they are joined for a while the presence of William Kai Stangeland-Menchaca, Silver Daggers group, the styling care synthesizers (at the same tacky) that is opposed to the scruffy fellow, more concerned with giving cane at their instruments than anything else.

Britney Spears album "Femme Fatale" at the top

The album of Britney Spears "Femme Fatale" is available since March 28 and was placed, it is not surprising, in the first places of the world rankings. Fans of the singer have heard the album and a lot of good and bad reviews make their appearances since the release of "Femme Fatale". After the singles "Hold It Against Me" and "Till The World Ends" many buyers seem to appreciate the single "I Want to Go." The song produced as the rest of the album by Dr.

The Delinqüentes: "We are not doing anything wrong or illegal, all just horny"

Are delighted with the AVE. They have come so quickly to Madrid from Jerez de la Frontera to Los Delinqüentes time to have a beer. Acting on Thursday at the Coliseum Theatre artery of the capital. What is going to find someone to attend the concert? We will present our latest album with Tomatito. And sing our own issues.

Tell jokes and improvise a lot. You never know what will happen in a concert of offenders. How is the chemistry with Tomatito on stage? Magnificent. We are compatriots and friends. It is a monster, as a person and musician. It is a real showman. Now you can have a guy burning his hand, you're not going to stop looking at him (laughs).

Anastacia album announced for 2012 with the advancement of "some singles this year

International editorial, March 31 (EFE) .- Anastacia, the blonde from Chicago with black singing voice, has announced through its official Twitter account is preparing a new album for 2012, with the advancement of "some singles that they will this year. Among the few details revealed about this record, the fifth study, the singer of "Left Outside Alone" has been reported that is currently in the studio, working on recording his compositions and also outside and involved in each artistic aspect of the project.

José González with the band The String Theory Göteborg concert in Madrid

Argentine-born Swede José González is a large group of supporters in Spain, where it is usually treated very well by critics and audiences. With a proposal calm, suitable for all audiences thanks to a very quiet sound with her voice and guitar, has managed to be gaining importance worldwide. The next stop will be to take your songs will live in Madrid and Bilbao, on 4 and 5 April at the Teatro Lope de Vega and Antzokia Kafe respectively.

Richie Hawtin, King of minimal techno, will perform June 18 at Sonar Galicia

The Canadian producer and dj Richie Hawtin will perform on June 18, in A Coruña, Galicia in the Sonar Festival, which will be her first festival in Spain, according to the organization in a statement. Hawtin incorporate audio and visual elements as an extension of his speech Hawtin, considered one of the leading researchers of electronic music, will offer a session "in which music, light and video together in an impressive show, the organizers said in a statement.

Spanish tour of Ted Leo And The Pharmacists

Ted Leo And The Pharmacists have started a Spanish tour and we had forgotten recomendárosla. After the self-slap on the wrist, say it is the first time this maverick artist comes to our country with his band for 11 dates. Ted Leo is a peculiar character. With a past hardcore Citizens Arrests and music forged a substrate based on three key names: Billy Bragg, The Jam and The Pogues, over a sediment-rock and punk power-pop, more present in their live, what he can not pass unnoticed.

Findlay Brown revisits the "Promised Land" by Joe Smooth

Sometimes the covers of hits that marked the spirits are characterized by pale imitation or real pleasant surprise. This is exactly the case with the remake of "Promised Land" by Joe Smooth tube, by the English singer Findlay Brown, who has just arrived on the radio. The title "Promised Land" is primarily the cause of dance anthem by Joe Smooth.

Released in 1989, the song is a true classic that has been raising quantities of arms on all the dance world with his message of brotherhood, "bro-there, sis-ters, fighting violence." For this version, Findlay Brown asked her incredible voice on a bed of velvet music. His version of "Promised Land" is a pop ballad eternal able to seduce lovers of the original version as a new generation of listeners.

Happy Mondays live

First arrive in the Happy Mondays gig in Italy. The famous rave band from Manchester led by Shaun Ryder will play Estragon in Bologna on May 13, at the Rocker Festival 2011. The Happy Mondays are one of the basic English of the last thirty years, and the key that was Madchester. Propose the formation of their classic live disografia, from "24 Hour Party People" and "Hallelujah." For the media the Happy Mondays have been trained in the suburbs of bullies, thugs, drug dealers and petty thieves full time, as well as pop stars in his spare time that have ridden an intense musical parable.

Igor Paskual - unstable equilibrium: a good start

Babylon Chat Paskual Igor left in 2002, a year after publishing Dancing with Brando, after the call Loquillo to join as guitarist and composer Loquillo y Los Troglodytes, where it remained until the dissolution of the band in 2007, following a lieutenant Loco's to date. The artist had been working for some time in their own repertoire, a collection of songs that once shaped and tested live finally see the light in this debut album, Balance unstable (Pop Up Music, 2011), two words that define your life and leaving a phrase from his father.

"Disquaire Day" Ftez music April 16, 2011!

If the film has its spring festival, our dear record stores as well deserved as they celebrate their craft. Vibrating in music stores and rediscover our neighborhood! On Saturday, April 16, 2011, and for the first time this year, will be organized as the United States and Britain the "Disquaire Day, the festival of independent stores, a profession that has become rare in many cities.

Once the stores, these shops hidden in your street from the laundromat and the grocery store or bakery and futures, to the delight of snoops and music lovers. To show their skills on 16 April will be the "record store day", an event that has existed since 2007 in the United States and England as the "Record Store Day." Over the years this day has become a major event where all artists are involved in support of independent record stores.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nacho Vegas simplifies his speech with the dirty area

Make concessions, in his words, was one of the main objectives pursued Nacho Vegas during the creation of the dirty, Spaniard's fifth LP after this lucid and deeply religious manifesto called Disaster. Reinvention began cutting ties (not all) with Limbostarr, his record of a lifetime, and that nevertheless still admiring and defending, and forming Marxophone with Fernando Alfaro and Raul Fernandez, who incidentally served yesterday with opening act Refree and its peculiar song sung in Catalan.

Sade release a compilation as it continues its tour

Sade Adu is one of the artists soul / smooth jazz / R & B's most respected recent years. Since making his debut in 1984 with his band with that wonderful 'Your Love Is King' that prompted the top of the charts and successes, his career has enjoyed record, regularity and an attentive and generous by critics and the public.

Currently, Sade is in run-up to the tour that will take over half of Europe and will start on 29 April in Nice, but unfortunately does not include any date in our country. For your fans be comforted, the Nigerian-born singer has decided to launch his second greatest hits compilation entitled The Ultimate Collection.

Estopa: "The public in Venezuela is very hot" (+ photos)

Caracas, March 30 (EFE) .- The Spanish group for the second time Estopa visit the Venezuelan capital, ensuring that, despite his recent visit in November, the public will enjoy his concerts because their actions are always "totally unpredictable." "Sometimes rogue guitar and I lose my pot and I sing the Reed or whatever," he told Efe in an interview with David with a laugh, explaining that in the concerts are planned in Venezuela will offer a repertoire "quite varied" of all their classics.

BB King to open in July, the "powerful" lineup of the San Sebastian Jazz Festival

BB King to open in July, the "powerful" lineup of Festival de Jazz de Donostia The king of the blues, BB King, will open the 46th Festival de Jazz de San Sebastian, in a "very powerful" edition that will have among its stars Chick Corea, Cassandra Wilson, John McLaughlin, Jan Garbarek, Abdullah Ibrahim, Cyndi Lauper, Mavis Staples, and almost nonagenarian Toots Thielemans.

Dave Douglas, Enrico Rava, Avishai Cohen, John Scofield, Charlie Haden and Medeski, Martin and Wood are other names genuinely jazzy poster of the San Sebastian Festival, which in the coming days will unveil its groundbreaking proposals to be presented on Stage Green Beach Zurriola. The 46th edition includes new scenarios in the 46 Heineken San Sebastian Jazz Festival, to be held from 21 to 25 July, held for the third year the format of "temporary" five days imposed by the crisis, has been chosen as priority "the quality and strength "to the detriment of the usual six days, said today its director, Miguel Martin, in presenting this first step of the program.

Dimitri from Paris and Bob Sinclar: Knights of the Playboy Mansion 2011

Dimitri from Paris and Bob Sinclar arrive at the controls of the new edition of the annual compilation of the "Playboy Mansion" comes out April 4, 2011 on the Defected label. In recent years, the two French DJs have already released every two mixed compilations for the famous magazine charm. This new compilation, subtitled "Knights Of The Playboy Mansion, is a double mix CD that pays tribute to disco and disco house.

Vivian Girls + The Last Dandies in concert in Madrid (Sun, 3/29/2011): a rich quick guitars

Three girls, a guitar, drums and bass, and the lesson well learned Punk-Rock left behind a fun concert. Of those nights that you are glad to music with some other boat as much as the songs have the same structure and sound that you hear so often. Vivian Girls have a hook with his latest album, Share The Joy (2011, Polyvinyl Records) continues to increase.

Cassie Ramone A voice that makes more presence live thanks to a clever echo effect that increases record that there is no need to ask any virtuosity, for that and other singers are so interesting in the face of teachers as boring for the audience . Cassie Ramone presence is enough to give some points to increase the guitars irony and harshness.

Jennifer Lopez: "I'm Into You" with Lil Wayne is coming!

Jennifer Lopez, in an internet chat with fans, gave the name of the song that precede the release of his long awaited album, "Love? . Called "I'm Into You", this new song with rapper Lil Wayne has just made its appearance on the Internet and will soon spread to the radio. This new release marks the return of J-Lo in a style that we are very familiar.

Just like his previous hits, "I'm Into You" with Lil Wayne will then propel the new album by Jennifer Lopez, "Love? . The album will be the sixth English studio album, the ninth spot in the album in Spanish and two albums of remixes. "Love? "Succeeds" Brave, "released in 2007 and should arrive next May 3.

The Strokes video for 'Call Me Back': a round pot of Albert Hammond Jr. to drive baladón

Angles is about whether or not the disk you'd expect from The Strokes do not think we will ever reach agreement. Maybe the problem is that inevitably we compare it with Is This It and you know that comparisons are odious. It is much easier to agree that 'Call Me Back' is the worst of the ten new songs.

Yes, no? So why did a video for her less than a month after the release of their single official? It would have to ask them, I still think that is a big mistake. The funny thing is that the video for this ballad, at least I do not say anything, has made himself Albert Hammond Jr. home plan with four filters that simulate a sequence of metal figures and a girl who is caught a good suck.

Milow "You And Me (In My Pocket)" announces the album "North And South"

In 2009, Milow was the most downloaded Belgian singer in Europe. With the single "Ayo Technology" the artist hits hard. His remake of the song 50 Cent has remained for over a year in the European hits. Two years after this success, Milow returns with a new album titled "North And South ', announced for next May, and a new single" You And Me (In My Pocket).

In late 2010, singer Milow announced the release of his upcoming album with the song "Never Gonna Stop" which is never released in France. The singer of "Ayo Technologiy" offers this week a new single from his album "You And Me (In My Pocket)" to be published May 5, 2011. Everyone remembers the superb interpretation of the single 50 Cent whereby Milow scored 2009 with his albums and singles.

Justice: "Civilization" announces a new album 2011

The sound of the "French Touch" is back! Announced a preview of the new advertising campaign for Adidas, the group Justice proposes download her new single "Civilization." From their new album, the single did not waste any time. "Civilization" of Justice has directly boosted number 1! Available since March 28 exclusively on the iTunes download platform, Justice manages the release of their new single "Civilization." The new single from French electro duo creates new sensation.

Placido Domingo in Mexico confirms its 70 years is still "king" (+ photos)

Mexico, March 30 (EFE) .- A Mariachi and dressed in traditional charro suit, the Spanish tenor Placido Domingo showed tonight in Mexico City at 70 years is still "king", as proclaimed in the famous song Mexican composer José Alfredo Jiménez. At the end of the emotional tribute organized by his seventieth birthday and commemorating half a century after its debut in a country he considers his second home, the artist took his side and played Mexican-charro hat in hand, three songs accompanied by a traditional group mariachi.

BB King, Cyndi Lauper, Chick Corea, John McLaughlin: big stars in the 2011 Jazz Festival

Probably one of the keys to the success of the Jazz Festival which is held every summer in San Sebastian, is precisely its varied programming. Along with undisputed stars of jazz, the classics, dare to introduce new values, broadening their horizons to other styles and trends. This year it will celebrate its 46th edition from 21 to 25 July and, as a novelty, their common scenarios joins the San Telmo Museum.

Joaquín Pascual concert in Oviedo (The Old Station, 26/03/2011): recital of wisdom

A whim, a hope, a way of sharing a celebration with friends, so many words could be used to describe the third anniversary of the Crystal Radio, an exclusive project of some friends from Oviedo to bring quality concerts to a city dire need of good music. And they succeeded: Joaquín Pascual made a hole in the approach to the border tour, a series of acoustic concerts in September from 24 March to 2 April, and Saturday was approached by The Old Station to offer a performance that could be defined as of wisdom.

Mana: "Download songs is like pulling sheets to a book

Recent times have been hard Fher, lead singer of Maná. Within a month and a half killed her mom and sister. Decided to take refuge in music. The pain-hope-is also one of the pillars of the new album from Mexico's most famous band. Its four members were on Tuesday at Casa de America in Madrid. To bad weather, songs ...

Yes There were problems in the process of composition, but had to move on: the music is healing. We wanted this record, but we wanted to do with tranquility. Music is healing Is it worth it so calmly with the few discs that are sold today? Always worthwhile. It is true that love is to fight sold more in digital than in CD.

Allevi in Milan

Enrique Iglesias will not go on tour with Britney Spears

A representative of the Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias denied that the Spanish artist was to share a summer tour of U.S. with Britney Spears, hours after she made the announcement in a television program, as published by People magazine. Enrique has a great respect for Britney and is a long time fan of his work said Spears Good Morning America on ABC in an interview with the launch of its seventh studio album, Femme Fatale, would share the stage with Iglesias on a tour that will start next June 17 in the Californian city of Sacramento and which has scheduled 26 performances.

Mexican artists unite their voices for the victims of Japan

Mexico, March 29 (EFE) .- About thirty Mexican artists, among them are names such as Thalia, Alejandro Fernandez and Julieta Venegas, joined their voices in a charity drive, which will target sales to those affected by the earthquake in Japan . Sponsored by record companies Sony and EMI, plus a suite of large companies, the initiative is an echo of the one held last year in a similar manner to benefit earthquake victims in Haiti.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Calle 13 does Mexican public support despite the popularity of traditional music

San Juan, March 29 (EFE) .- The Puerto Rican band Calle 13 has gotten the most public support in Mexico, despite the difficulty of competing with the traditional music of that country. The singer of the group, resident, told Efe that although Mexicans "always" have supported, support is now more on topics devoted to immigrants as "Pal 'Norte" with the Cuban Orishas and "No One Like You "performed with Café Tacvba." Entering the music market in Mexico is quite difficult, not only for urban artists, but for the rest of the genera recognized Rene Perez, known as Resident.

Miley Cyrus will present their explosive show in Caracas in May

The young star of the moment, Miley Cyrus, will be presented May 17 at the football stadium of USB in Caracas, at an event sponsored by Movistar Music and co-produced by Evenpro and Solid Show. Cyrus, located at number 13 of "Celebrity 100" by Forbes magazine, has achieved successes in all dimensions.

Since 2003 he took over the small screen series that gave children around the world. Recognized recently appeared on "Saturday Night Live" sketch in which he earned the admiration of the singer of "The Back Eyed Peas, Fergie, for his excellent acting ability and humor. The cinema has also achieved glory interests in eleven films, of which at least four earned roles.

Britney Spears performed with Enrique Iglesias U.S. Tour

.- The temperature of several degrees American stages added extras this summer in the joint tour will perform the musical stars Enrique Iglesias and Britney Spears, announced today the "pop princess" in a U.S. television program. Spears revealed today on "Good Morning America" on ABC in an interview with the launch of its seventh studio album, "Femme Fatale", this tour will start next June 17 in the Californian city of Sacramento and twenty-six currently comprises performances.

Britney Spears will tour with Enrique Iglesias U.S.

Britney Spears will tour with Enrique Iglesias U.S. temperature scenarios varying degrees add extra U.S. this summer with the joint tour will perform the musical stars Enrique Iglesias and Britney Spears, has announced the "pop princess" in a U.S. television program. The tour will start next June 17 in Sacramento Spears revealed on Good Morning America on ABC in an interview with the launch of its seventh studio album, Femme Fatale, that this tour will start next June 17 in the Californian city of Sacramento and currently comprises twenty-six performances.

Owl City: Alligator Sky unveils a new album 2011

The composer Adam Young, better known by the name of Owl City, offers this week the single "Sky Alligator." This new song is the prelude to his forthcoming album entitled "All Things Bright And Beautiful", scheduled for May 2011. This year, Owl City has much to confirm the success of the song "Flireflies," released in 2009.

First single from the new album, Owl City presents the single "Alligator Sky" with two versions. A first solo version and another in the company of rapper Shawn Chrystopher. A rarity to be reported, the solo version of the single propelled itself directly in the first position in the ranking of electronic music in the USA By inviting the rapper Shawn Chrystopher on the song "Alligator Sky, Owl City is now going to rank r 'n'b.

Prince William and Kate Middleton: the music of the royal wedding

29 April 2011, Britain was preparing to celebrate a major event. That day, the whole world will be watching the English monarchy to celebrate the royal wedding between Prince William and the lovely Catherine Middleton. On this occasion and for the first time, the British label Decca Records propose marriage soon ended, output full digital music for the ceremony.

Decca Records is a division of Universal Music, the publisher also records the marriage of Charles and Diana, Prince and Princess of Wales, in 1981, and the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales, in 1997. This new recording, original and unique addition to a prestigious line marked by milestones in the life of the Royal Family, and as such it will affect millions of homes worldwide.

U2 is a band "of comedians," said Bono

U2 is a band "comedy" as Bono of U2 members "feel comedians who made the rock path," said Bono, the Irish band leader who on Wednesday offered the first of three recitals in Argentina. "I'm jealous because the actors took the role of former rockers, saying things that nobody said," he said in remarks published several Buenos Aires newspapers whose reporters were invited to lunch with the Irish band.

Keshia Chant: discovers the sexy "Set U Free"

This week we can not resist you discover an artist who comes from Canada. Keshia Chanté is a new phenomena r'n'b from North America. Nominated twice this year in "Juno Awards, the singer, who began his career in 2003, has a new single" Set U Free ". Available for download, the song "Set U Free" is written by a certain Taio Cruz.

Keshia Chanté has won many awards since the beginning of his career. Best New Artist, Keshia Chanté has managed to rank no less than six singles in the top sales in Canada. It is known in his country "Princess of Pop." A name that suits her to perfection when you know Keshia Chanté released her third studio album soon, entitled "Night & Day".

Vatican launches a new CD with the voice of John Paul II beatification plea

- A new CD with new compositions and original arrangements that accompany prayers, sermons, psalms and speeches of John Paul II in six languages, entitled "Tu es Christus," is on sale today in stores and online. The new album is produced by Multimedia San Paolo and published by Sony Music Italy and has thirteen tracks, nine with the voice of Pope Wojtyla.

Others are played by the Spanish tenor Placido Domingo, Andrea Bocelli Italian and Irish group The Priests. The compositions are by Stefano Mainetti, Simon Boswell and Nando Bonini and the text of Pope John Paul II from the sound archives of Vatican Radio, recorded over nearly 27 years as Pope Wojtyla.

The album helps to Japan, a leader in iTunes in 18 countries

Songs for Japan, released the benefit album to raise money to help victims of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan this month, has shot up the iTunes charts in 18 countries. The album has 38 tracks from artists like John Lennon or Lady Gaga with artists like John Lennon (Imagine), U2 (Walk On) and Lady Gaga (Born This Way), the album has 38 tracks on sale for $ 9.99 (7 euros) since Friday.

Britney Spears - Femme Fatale: opportunism mail, and impersonal

Britney Spears is one of the artists with more ability to survive all kinds of disasters and personal record. Reemerged as those mythical phoenix in MTV VMA who left speechless half the world and one of the preceding spectacular returns of commercial pop of the decade. Blackout we discovered an ex lolita able to laugh at themselves and those who hate it without getting the least amount and over smart enough to enjoy and to enjoy at the same time.

Natasha Bedingfield: new hits with Tinie Tempah and Adele in 2011?

The singer of "Pocketful Of Sunshine, Natasha Bedingfield, is delighted to see the English artists make great breakthrough in the U.S. at this time. The singer, settled in America, would like to work with these singers who settle in the charts U S, as Tinie Tempah or Adele. The British rapper Tinie Tempah is conquering the USA.

At a concert, the singer Natasha Bedingfield has met Tinie Tempah and did not hide his desire to work with the "Wonderman. She said: "Tinie Tempah is impressive, I sat down twice to his concert and I'm a fan. "Before continuing:" I work with him. . This is not the first time that the wishes of collaboration Natasha Bedingfiel it come true.

Amazon Cloud Player, your music in the clouds

In an interesting but expected move, the online store Amazon announced today the arrival of their own music service in the cloud. So, with Amazon Cloud Player e-commerce giant is ahead of Google and Apple, companies rumored for some time also prepare the launch of similar services. It is the first player of its kind to reach the Internet, but open season on this branch for large digital music business.

Marc Anthony released tomorrow the video for her new song "Who I lie"

New York, March 28 (EFE) .- The video promoting the new theme in the singer Marc Anthony, "Who want to lie" from their album "Icons" will premiere on television on March 30 in Hollywood, and Access programs First Impact of the NBC and Univision. "Who want to lie," composed by Puerto Rican singer and Colombian Julio Reyes, a producer of "Icons" was recorded in ballad version and is heard on the radio a few weeks ago, was reported in a news release.

In Flames tab with Century Media and edited Sounds Of A Playground in June

In Flames recently joining the German label Century Media after spending a good season a little lost in a seal that does not bet on them as Koch Records, who released A Sense Of Purpose in 2008. The Swedish band in June last edited Sounds Of A Playground highly anticipated tenth album. In Flames will be put squarely in September in his own recording studio, IF Studios, to record this album, which will try to increase the prestige they had recovered.

Justin Bieber on top & a surprise concert Paris-Bercy

The day has arrived for all fans of Justin Bieber. The young pop star performer of the worldwide hit "Baby" is in the French capital for its passage this evening concert in Paris Bercy which will archicomble. True pop phenomenon of the moment, Justin Bieber will delight his fans by performing all his greatest hits.

Justin Bieber also said on Twitter that he was preparing a "surprise" for her concert in Paris. The suspense is called for in the last line before the concert. At just 17, Justin Bieber became a superstar thanks to his talent and the Internet. He won trophies and awards, and sold out shows in every performance.

Brighton 64 concert to celebrate its 30 anniversary

Meetings and nostalgia, two good variables to take this opportunity to see some of your favorite bands for any reason, at its peak you missed. Any occasion is good if you can re-listen to Brighton 64. If for the 30 years since his birth as a group, well, if simply because they feel like, as well also.

To me the fact is the less I care to remember that some of his jitazos. Gil brothers, Ricky and Albert, head of Bip Bip Records (which seems to close in June this year), Brighton turned 64 in one of the best groups in the Spanish Revival Mod scene called some names that some have as Untouchables (Kamenbert, Telegram, Los favorites ...).

Juicy pitches for Record Store Day: the best day for the music lover (and the worst for your wallet)

If last year the spotlight rested on Blur by the publication of two new songs to celebrate the record stores (Record Store Day), which is becoming one of the favorite times of year for music lovers since it began the celebration in 2008. Unreleased songs or direct attractive group in vinyl 7 "limited edition, sold in small record stores grouped in its foundation, many of the key components and mythomania melomania music.

Julio Ruiz: Forty years of passion for music

"This will be me the interviewee is a bit weird," says Julio Ruiz. For once, the roles are reversed. The occasion deserves. Large disk, the program dean of Spanish music radio, turns 40 on the airwaves. To celebrate, the veteran announcer on Sunday held a big party with some of his listeners. And he did, how could it be otherwise, on the air.

You can feed themselves on the Web, but always appreciate the authoritative voice of those who say "this is very good," Although the years do not go in vain, the chief ideologue of large disk still faces the challenge of each day sitting in front of the microphone "with the same enthusiasm that this boy of 18 who one day stood in front of a console playing records to try to stir the listener's tastes." Today nobody doubts that he succeeded.

The Vaccines in Bologna

The 2011 edition of the I-Day Festival banner of british ... To keep company with the Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian, there's also Vaccines, which will perform on September 3 on the next stage of the Arena Parco Nord in Bologna. The English quartet one of the bands that are doing more to talk about s overseas.

Their first album "What Did You Expect from The Vaccines" - a mix between post-punk, brit-pop and pop-rock - published a few days, came directly to the fourth place in the UK charts and expectations for them are very high. Their business card already heavy: the cover of NME, nominated for best new band at the MTV Awards in 2011 and reported by the BBC as a group to keep an eye on this year.

Foo Fighters released 'Medium Rare', disco version on the occasion of Record Store Day

2011 has been a year of great news for fans of Foo Fighters. Following the announcement of his new album, Wasting Light, which are moving forward with the fantastic 'Rope', and his next visit in concert in our country have provided more news for this year. If you regularly on Record Store Day celebration of the groups provide some unreleased song, usually single format (with side A and B), Dave Grohl, which is more than strong enough, it has been recording with his boys 13 versions of classic in which we can see some predictable influences (Ramones, Thin Lizzy, Hüsker Dü), and others less so, as Prince.

Hear 'You're a tourist', the new Death Cab For Cutie

A few days ago we announced the name, the cover and the songs that compose Codes and keys, the next album by Death Cab For Cutie, which will be released on May 31. And now, almost 2 months left to buy it (and possibly less before the filter?), We can hear the first single from this work, this 'You're a Tourist'.

Ben Gibbard spoke of possible changes in the sound of the group, a lower relative importance of the guitars and how they had experimented with other instruments and sounds, and the truth, although they may have done, this song instantly recognizable sound, with its usual brightness, and showing that when put melodic, there are few groups that can be brought to its height.

If Radiohead do a newspaper, The Guardian makes 'Creep' by Radiohead

As we announced last Friday, yesterday during Radiohead were to promote the release of his new album, The king of limbs, that starting Monday, is in physical format in all stores (which are still open), with the cast of The Universal sigh (in New Zealand this website you can download), a newspaper that, while returns to claim the attention of the spotlight on the band from Oxford, is an original promotional strategy and a new object collector who is already in the homes of many fans of the group.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Web site paid $ 950,000 for selling Beatles songs

- An internet portal of the Beatles' songs sold for 25 cents each before they were legally available to record companies agreed to pay nearly a million dollars to end a lawsuit. Federal Judge Josephine Staton Tucker approved the settlement between BlueBeat. com and the record companies EMI Group PLC, Capitol Records and Virgin Records America on Friday.

The judge had ruled in December that BlueBeat. com had violated the intellectual property of the seals and presented an unfair competition. A trial to determine how much companies should BlueBeat was to begin Tuesday in Santa Ana, California. BlueBeat sold music of the Beatles and other artists, including Coldplay and Lily Allen, for several days, before music companies sue to get the site closed in November 2009.

Cristian Castro announces his tour of South America: "Long live the Prince

.- The Mexican singer Cristian Castro tour starts in November "Long live the prince" in South America, with concerts in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia, said Monday representatives of the artist. From 17 to 30 November next will start the series of presentations with the Mexican singer pays homage to renowned artist José José, the "Prince of Song, said in a statement Artimex, a recruiting agency artists and groups music.

The Ginka in concert in Bilbao (19-03-2011, Azkena): pop-Abilly, kalimotxo and juvenile acne

The great discovery Ginka are my country so far this year, which seems to not share with too many if you stick to the 40 people who would be in his first concert in Bilbao. One of the band members told me that the previous day had been filled in Madrid. On this issue I would like to tell a couple of things that piss me off.

The first is the low acceptance with indie bands in this city, removing established names like Nacho Vegas or planets, most of the time the room is empty. It seems that the only thing that prevails here is the rock and metal and in the end the developers are not going to be forced to play it safe and not bet on such proposals.

Fans camped out waiting for U2 in Argentina

Buenos Aires, March 28 (EFE) .- One hundred U2 fans camped outside the stadium on the outskirts of Buenos Aires where the Irish band will be on Wednesday the first of three recitals in Argentina. Meanwhile, some 1,200 people working around the clock to mount the spectacular scenery of the concerts in the modern stadium in the city of La Plata, 60 miles south of the capital of Argentina.

After passing through Santiago de Chile, where the band delighted on Saturday to more than 70,000 people at the start of his Latin American tour, "U2 360", the Irish arrived in Argentina on Sunday for presentation on 30 March and 2 and April 3 in La Plata as it prepares to welcome tens of thousands of followers of the band.

Joan Sebastian will release his new album "Huevos Rancheros"

Miami (USA.) Mar 28 (EFE) .- The Mexican singer Joan Sebastian will release his new album "Huevos Rancheros" on 5 April and the first single, "The Godfather" and is located in the top of the list of songs on Billboard's regional Mexican genre. "Huevos Rancheros" is the first album Joan Sebastian out with his new record label, Universal Music Latin Entertainment.

With a career spanning more than 30 years and more than 40 albums, Joan Sebastian has established itself as one of the most important figures in the music industry in Mexico. The artist is also notable as a composer and producer for various artists. The singer, also known as the "king of the rodeo", last week received recognition from the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) of Latin music that rewarded him with two plates.

Amy Winehouse: a duet with Tony Bennett

If the news is too often tend to focus on the antics of Amy Winehouse, serious things seem to be back for the interpreter of the hit "Rehab." The British singer is currently in the studio with the American singer Tony Bennett who is currently preparing an album of duets. The American crooner, Tony Bennett is right in recording his new album.

With a huge career to his credit, Tony Bennett has released over 70 albums, is preparing a new album. 84 years old, that great interpreter of the song has just come into the studio and we should show "Duets II", September 20, 2011. As its name suggests, this new compound will be essentially a duo.

X Factor: Soon, with Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas?

2 weeks after the arrival of the show "X Factor" on M6 2011 season, this new appointment Tuesday evening continues to captivate a wider audience. An early success for the sixth French channel and we reserve many surprises for the rest of its music program. The first surprise was the size. According to the daily "Today in France", Lady Gaga and the group Black Eyed Peas have given their agreement to participate in the "X Factor".

This is the controversial video for "Freedom" and Anahi, Christian Chavez

Former Christian Chávez and Anahi RBD recorded the video clip for her song "Freedom." The audiovisual has generated strong criticism for its high sexual content. In the video of these Mexican artists highlight controversial images and messages of a sexual nature, political, religious, among others, claiming tolerance towards all the preferences that a human being can have in all areas of your life.

First names for the Vigo Transform 2011

Born last year to mark the Jacobean years and seems to be left to extend the offer festival-goers in Galicia and northern Iraq. The second edition of Vigo Transform will be held from 23 June to 3 July at the same site, Trasantlánticos Pier Port of Vigo. Among his early confirmations are The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Belong to launch his eagerly awaited second album, Yann Tiersen, Vetusta Morla, Russian Red, who very soon we will also know their second album, Xoel Lopez, who brought forward issues his first album with this name and Deluxe classic review, the Portuguese The Gift, Canadian Ron Sexsmith and national bands Catpeople, Eladio and loved ones and Hi Everybody.

Justin Bieber dethrones Lady Gaga YouTube

Los Angeles / Berlin, March 28 (dpa) - The video for "Baby", the teen idol Justin Bieber, passed today in the online platform of YouTube's 500 million visits, which relegates the number two to the "Bad Romance" Lady Gaga. In both cases it is officially uploaded video clips, which can only be downloaded by Vevo in the U.S.

and Canada. Interestingly, the young Canadian singer is also located at the top among the most hated video clips from YouTube, although the platform does not make an official list in this regard. According to the ReadWriteWeb blog, which has reviewed nearly 150 videos most visited, of the ten videos that users rate it thumbs down half from Justin Bieber.

Mr. Chinarro video for 'The Love Boat': the pleasure of sinking

A Antonio Luque he looks happy, colorful and optimistic, while the April 4 is presented to the President, the title of which is her eleventh studio album and we know his first single 'The Love Boat' and Aller video directed by Ramón Casanova. In this song we did not find any trace of Mr Chinarro we all know, seems to have thrown over the side to the band from Seville and density that characterized his works and come back rejuvenated, more direct, with catchy choruses and a lot more animated Is not We always complain about those who spend their lives doing the same? Like any change difficult to accept it and have to wait to hear the full disc.

Britney Spears: "Femme Fatale" new album 2011

"I put all my heart and soul into this album. During the past two years, I put everything I have in me. . After many weeks of "Buzz" is this week that the album "Femme Fatale" by Britney Spears is finally available. "Femme Fatale" is the seventh album by Britney Spears. Just released, the album was already listening on the Internet has emerged as a very pleasant surprise.

Britney Spears has succeeded to keep us in suspense for the release of his new album "Femme Fatale". It was in January 2011 and the release of first single "Hold It Against Me", all attentions are given on the musical event of the beginning of the year. On "Femme Fatale", we find the production of Dr.

The Mars Volta and Vetusta Morla among the new additions to the BBK Live 2011

They just announced a new round of six additions to the Bilbao BBK Live 2011 and I already have taken the day to find great joy in the list with the name of The Mars Volta. Those who already have seen them live once you know what they are able to live Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and Cedric, who do not, it is likely to bring your whole sorpresón.

Madrid will also Vetusta Morla to seem that they are struggling to shape their second album. It will be interesting to compare the number of visitors from this concert and when they were in the same festival a couple of years and did not know them or god. Rounding out this new batch of Noisettes Motown sound and a classic in these parts, the mythical Zarama who returned a couple of years ago after 15 years of silence.

Jenifer: the song "Bamboo" for "free to sing"

What is the common point between songs, "Gabrielle", "Bamboo," "Michelle", "Dare to Josephine," "Aline"? These songs are for French as a reference to a female name. On the occasion of International Women's Day, and to continue educating the public beyond the annual event, many artists and performers gathered around a compilation, "Free Singing" in favor of the Association "Women's Words." This CD, available since March 14, 2011, contains a selection of 15 titles picked up by women performers.

Manel group: the pop sung in Catalan, which sells more

Despite not exceed thirty and have put only two discs on the market, the quartet Catalan Manel and can claim to have made history. It is the first pop group in the Catalan language that manages to be number one in the Spanish charts. They have sold 10,000 copies in just one week of 10 miles per veure a bona armor (Warner / Discmedi), whose title comes from a phrase of William Shakespeare.

This figure has its weight in a music industry hit by the crisis and illegal copying. Before them, led sales in Catalan singer-songwriters Joan Manuel Serrat (1996 and 1974) and Luis Llach (1976 and 1977). A Manel members: Arnau Vallvé Maymó Martí, Roger Padilla and Guillem Gisbert, friends since high school, did very well with its debut in 2008, Els millors Professors europeus (36,000 copies sold) and raised great expectations with his music with lyrics about everyday subjects worked and raised to the rank details of stories.

Cry 'Superblunt'

Unlike a twin solo on MTV! Watch the new video Read the whole article: http://www. mtv. com / news / news-detail. asp? idnews = 30652

Digital 21 vs Ana Curra: the two-forgotten

If we look at the careers of Digital 21 Ana Curra and we realize that sooner or later there had to be a meeting between them because they are made of a kind. It all started with that version of 'I want to be a saint' who performed at the farewell party of Jesus Ordovas in the sun room and there met the idea of working together on a disk that this week goes out: Digital 21 Ana Curra vs.

She was one of the cornerstones of the Madrid scene of the eighties as part of groups such as Alaska and Pegamoides, Permanent Paralysis Empty Beings. He is Miguel López Mora, a cyberpunk aesthetic and Malaga with a kind of Leonardo da Vinci of electronic music, capable of gigs all by himself.

The Postal Service, Nena Daconte and Melendi, together in a new concert platform 'online'

Singers like The Postal Service, Nena Daconte or Melendi join forces in interactive concert platform 'em', a new medium that will allow them to broadcast their performances over the Internet and communicate with their fans between songs. Are not recorded performances in a concert hall or at a festival and then published on the Internet According to proponents, the new platform will offer free concerts exclusively created specifically for the Internet, providing "unique user experiences and satisfaction of all those who register on its website "Web." "They are not recorded performances in a concert hall or at a festival and then published on the internet, it has nothing to do with that, but concerts are only made for this medium and bands 'top' in the Spanish music scene" explain.

Filtered Justice's new single, 'Civilization'

You probably have already seen the announcement that Adidas uses the new single of Justice as an accompaniment, because they put all the time on television. That was all the contact we have had so far with the expected return of the French to the dancefloor, but thanks to the benefits of the Internet and we can hear the full original version of 'Civilization'.

Recall that the publication of this simple is not expected until April 4, so this filter does not offer the most desirable quality, but serves to appease the monkey. The song strikes me as a bit steep, with some changes of pace that does not end up liking, but after the first minute party begins and it is difficult to resist.

What are the sanctuaries of pop and rock in Spain?

What artists kittens grew macroconcerts succeed today? What local set the pace for new trends? The British magazine NME a few weeks ago drew up a list of rooms mythical Britain, USA and Japan. But what are the legendary establishments in Spain? Rumors Music users. it helped us to draw a map with places that every good music lover and lover of live music should know.

This is the list, in alphabetical order: Apollo. Where: Nou de la Rambla, 111, Barcelona. Opened: 60's. It is emblematic because ... located in an old theater, dancing half-century by the clubbers of the city. It also has one of the agendas of concerts and DJ sessions most comprehensive Barcelona.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Divine Comedy (Neil Hannon Solo) in Santiago de Compostela (Sala Capitol, 26/03/1911) - Play it again, Neil

When the alma mater of a group decides it can only defend his project with only a (majestic) piano and acoustic guitar is truly at a crossroads. The need to maintain a stable band is required only to record disks, or to give concerts in his native country, but realizes that when you have to leave the country, is much more convenient to travel only one, at less cost, problems Typical agenda and friction that can arise with the living.

Guns N'Roses: a symbol in 'Rock in Rio'

The American rock band Guns N 'Roses, led by singer Axl Rose, was confirmed to act on 2 October at the festival "Rock in Rio', to be held in Rio de Janeiro, reported this week the organization. Guns N'Roses, with hits such as Welcome to the Jungle and Sweet Child o 'Mine, will be presented at that time in the stage called' World 'by the Brazilian rock Pitty, whose presence was also announced also this week by the organization music festival.

Russell Brand confirms that Noel Gallagher is recording her solo album

The actor Russell Brand confirmed on Sunday that the musician Noel Gallagher, a close friend, is recording these days in Los Angeles (California) his first solo album. "Yes, you are recording here in LA, I just spoke with him by phone. Literally, I've posted before chatting with you. I'll see tonight," said the interpreter during an interview to mark the upcoming release of his film Arthur.

It was John Franceschi, lead singer of 'You Me At Six', who uncovered the news last 23 days on Twitter, where he wrote: "I can hear Noel, Oasis, playing his new songs from the studio next door. Absolutely amazing. " Noel playing I can hear his new songs from the studio next door "I still can not hear anything left on your drive, but I think everyone is going to be very, very surprised.

Second: "The musicians can live no longer sell records"

Although the presentation tour of fractions of a second (2009) were kept on the road until the end of 2010, the Second Murcia band is back to defend his fifth studio album, Dreamers Too, available from 29 March. This new collection of songs keeps them excited after 14 years of experience, while recognizing that musicians can live no longer selling records.

"We basically live concerts, this week claimed the singer, Sean Frutos, who your battery Guirao Fran adds:" And as Spotify platforms are the future. " In this regard, Fran recalled that long ago is being said that the CD is over, but the truth is that "it is resisting." "Now, as Spotify platforms are the future, because you can find lots of music and works as a listen and if you like, maybe you buy it in the store," he argues.

Slint - Spiderland (1991): the stone that started the avalanche

The music fans tend to be overly particular about the labeling of artists. As soon as we hear a new song or group, boxes within a preset sound scheme. It is a mental divide and conquer, partition as possible our particular music file for us to move easier for him. The vast majority of artists are content to be conveniently located within a style already defined, or at best to mix a little here and there to see what happens.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

To the rhythm of rock, Trino Mora sang to Pastor Maldonado

According to reports the website www. liderendeportes. com, the Venezuelan singer Trino Mora he wrote the song with the rhythm of rock and roll "You Formula One Pastor Maldonado, about his debut in the pinnacle of world motor racing this weekend in Melbourne, Australia. In this sense, Mora said, "is a humble way of thanking all that Pastor has done for the country, putting our gentile sounding on tracks in the world and like everyone else, I want to materialize the arrival of this Young value to the Formula 1.

Doctor Explosion - spoke with phrases: maturity is not at odds with the wisdom

Doctor Explosion phrases in talking to distance themselves far enough from that recorded music, jumping and singing (PIAS, 2003) and take the scorched earth tactics to Chupa Here! (Boomerang Disc-Disc Perroti, 2009). Respect to the disk until the cover seems that the band wanted to give Asturian different from the usual image, is portrayed with a fine styling, impeccable suits, red shirts, black tie and boots to match, made some dandies go.

Chenoa said she has vertigo Bocelli sing, "the voice of God" in Latin America

A feeling of dizziness assaulted Spanish singer Chenoa when he learned that sing in Latin America with Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli, on a tour to visit Colombia, Argentina and Panama. Chenoa, who shot to fame after her successful participation in the reality show Operación Triunfo, said in Bogota that his excitement said that "Bocelli is one of those singers who are already in music history, with 70 million copies sold.

Hidrogenesse, video of 'Moix': a tribute to Terenci Moix

For and Genis Segarra Carlos Ballesteros, Terenci Moix is his genius Local 2011 and he has devoted all its space in the exhibition Genius Loci, until June 6 can be seen at the Fundació Joan Miró in Barcelona. The facility, in which two figures are surrounded funeral maps, documents and other relics mortuary (like the pyramid built with discs that have returned those PIAS), could not have another name that was not Moix.

Rage concert in Gijón (Sala Albéniz, 03/19/2011): absolute connection between audience and band

Concert inflation is common at least in Gijón and there are days that match several concerts that I like to go, but the gift of ubiquity nor possess. All this comes up because on Friday March 19 concert coincided with the Board Igor Paskual Acapulco with Rage in the Sala Albéniz, and weighing stayed with the German band mostly because the guitarist will return here by Loquillo in summer.

I did not see the band Rage guest, the quartet Central Seven, the Czechs as Larry WarCry Runner, but all who saw them agreed that it was worth its debut in Spain with The Seven Years Of Seven. Rage is good press in this country, but I think nobody mentioned when talking about his five favorite bands, and although they go almost every year on tour in Spain, Asturias your last visit was six years ago as head of poster Spill Rock festival, so I see the mighty trio played Germany now with another battery, Andre Hilgers, ex Axxis, following the departure of more than four seasons of the clubs Mike Terrana.

Japan: the compilation "Songs For Japan" is coming!

CD Announced for April 4, 2011, the new compilation edited by Universal Music "Songs For Japan" is now available digitally. A total of no less than 38 songs that have been collected for making this compilation whose proceeds will be reversed in the Japanese Red Cross to help victims of earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

The mobilization of artists was wide and well beyond the celebrity of the moment. The compilation "Songs For Japan" is a collection of great songs and beautiful classical current. We thus find pell-mell, with Rihanna's hit "Only Girl (In The World), Bob Dylan and his timeless" Shelter from the Storm, "and David Guetta and the hit" When Love Takes Over "not very far from a beautiful song of 90's Bruce Springsteen, "Human Touch".

Nacho Vegas - The Dirty Area: tranquil, majete, on your couch

Nacho Vegas, like any self-respecting indie totem has practically set of previous releases their advocacy groups and roofs, making it quite difficult to try to change position to either of them. But perhaps the case of the Spaniard's record that can best serve as a gateway to those who had not received communion with him is possibly the nicest drive, accessible, simple and light, both for the musical direction ( basically a hard voice, acoustic guitar and keyboards), for some letters (which are not as dramatic and stark, as if to peel off the label "fucking loser" who accompanied him.) The fact is that this shift for me has been a pleasant surprise.

Jessie J's music on smooth atmosphere "Casualty Of Love"

While Europe finds happiness with the melody of the hit "Price Tag", the fate of Jessie J's debut album continues in the U.S. A under other colors. After launching the album "Who You Are" with the song "Price Tag" a duet with B. o. B is now the beautiful song "Casualty of Love" defending the colors of the first album of Jessie J.

Change of atmosphere for a title in mind closer to the "Smooth Music", "Casualty of Love" is a song that once again demonstrates all the artistic quality of Jessie J. Revealed by "Do It Like A Dude", a huge hit in Britain, "Casualty of Love" contrasts positively. For this famous cocktail "Smooth Music", to be enjoyed now on the radio, Jessie J has entrusted the production of this new song of Martin K.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Paul McCartney will be presented in May at the Estadio Monumental de Lima

.- The exBeatle Paul McCartney will perform on May 9 at the Estadio Monumental de Lima, in a concert that already is considered the most important has been offered so far in the Peruvian capital, reported the businessman Jorge Ferrand. The show will be possible after the successful Peruvian entrepreneur closed negotiations with the owners of the boxes on the stage of popular team Universitario de Deportes.

Woody Allen opened the Niemeyer Centre in Spain with his jazz band

.- The filmmaker Woody Allen has described today as a "horrible music" before playing in front of 10,000 spectators, gathered tonight to hear him, with his band, at the inaugural concert of the Centro Cultural Oscar Niemeyer Asturian town of Aviles, northern Spain. New York artist before the cinema opened Niemeyer, where a chair bearing his name, and where it is submitted by the president of the regional government of Asturias, Vicente Álvarez Areces and Spanish singer-songwriter Luis Eduardo Aute, along with the Spanish Minister of the Presidency Ramon Jauregui.

"I made the best record in the worst year of my life," says Manna Fher

Mexico City, March 25 (dpa) - "It's an album made in the worst year of my life," says the singer of the Mexican band Maná, Fher Olvera, the group's new album, which goes on sale on April 12 after five years of waiting. The title "Drama and light" refers to the tragic circumstances surrounding the singer's life in 2010 when his mother died first, then his sister and eventually the child she was expecting his wife.

Bon Iver release their (anticipated) new album in June

In June 2011, almost four years after he saw the light the magnificent debut of Bon Iver, For Emma, forever ago, it published the second album from Justin Vernon, who produced one of the most promising debuts of the past decade , an absolute delight and intimate acoustic pop that should be a related link on Wikipedia If you search for moving.

Or exciting. Much time has passed since then, because their success has been steady growth (mainly mouth-to-ear), and because, as stated this interview in the American edition of Rolling Stone, lost his inspiration and was unable composing with his guitar (do not know if the rapture of the pressures or expectations, or personal seizure).

Dannii Minogue: back with a hit in 2011?

While J-Lo operates a comeback with the hit "On The Floor", another member of a jury of the X Factor is trying to recapture the music scene. The famous sister Kylie, Dannii Minogue's lovely announced his return with new music projects. Known for his international hit "I Begin To Wonder, Dannii Minogue has primarily shown in a very sexy dance repertoire.

Nevertheless, despite the success of a few songs in the early 2000s, Dannii Minogue had become rare. In 2001, Dannii Minogue released one of his greatest hits song "Who Do You Love Now? "While her album," Neon Nights, became the best selling album of his career. The story was previously suspended from the publication in 2006 of a compilation "The Hits & Beyond", without much success.

The Naked And Famous "Young Blood" presents "to me Passive, Aggressive You"

Since March 14 last, many of you plebiscite first album the band The Naked And Famous. Already presented in our musical selections, The Naked And Famous is a rock band that comes from New Zealand. To show us their album "I Passive, Aggressive You," the group offers the single "Young Blood," whose melody you may have already intrigued.

Since the launch of their first single "Young Blood", The Naked And Famous toured the world with his music. The group is composed of five members. The Naked And Famous is one of the musical galaxy groups or MGMT Passion Pit. The Naked And Famous is a blend of synths, heavy bass and a simple rhythm and melody that sets ordered.

The four major labels come together to help Japan

- The four major record labels announced Friday the launch of an all-star CD to help raise funds for disaster victims in Japan. "Songs for Japan" (Songs for Japan) include Lady Gaga's hit "Born This Way," the John Lennon classic "Imagine" as well as issues of dozens of artists, Eminem Adele. The compilation was announced by Sony Music Entertainment, EMI Music and Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group.

Dance music LXXXVIII

It's Friday. We started the weekend with joy because, to begin the first of the spring, and we wanted to keep it up, right? We also have all, we change to summer schedule, which always encourages begins Formula 1 world, to see if this year we took him, there is also desire, and how mandated fees, we have music, dance, that's what hits the weekend, so let's take a look at the actuality of the week.

Dani Martin present in Venezuela his first solo musical project

American and Chinese together to dance salsa in Beijing

Beijing, March 18 .- The salsa, music and culture gestated in the Caribbean and, particularly, in Cuba, is now, for Latinos, a means of union between their countries and China, China where, as in Japan and Korea, the rhythm of salsa samples, such as Celia Cruz, and are fervent supporters. Following this phenomenon, Faction America, Latin American organization created this year in Beijing to integrate the Latino community, decided at its second meeting, invite the most important salsa promoters of China through their experiences , celebrate the importance and richness of Latin American culture and how this has influenced the Asian giant.

Depeche Mode launch a second remix album "Remixes 2: 81-11"

.- Depeche Mode just announced the release on 6 June of their second album of remixes, entitled "Remixes 2: 1981-1911" includes unpublished works by artists such as Stargate, Eric Prydz, Karlsson & Winnberg (from Snow Miike) and Röyksopp. An information posted on their official website detailing that this second volume, after "Remixes 81-04", will also include remixes "classic" of their songs by M83, UNKLE, Trentemøller, François Kervorkian and Dan The Automator.

John Legend and Jamie XX revisit 'Rolling in the deep' Adele: more hear the song in 2011?

Yet we have a quarter of the year, but we can say that one of the winners of the 2011 will be Adele. With their second album has not only confirmed the expectations of his debut, but is devoting both critical and public, which takes several weeks stringing the first positions in both the UK and the U.S.

(The Strokes Can Angles beat her this week?). 21 is a very good album, but the single is simply masterful, making the act of doing a cover of it on a trial of skill and courage. And both have been animated with satisfactory results, the ember snuggling each his sardine. John Legend addresses the theme a capella, with its powerful voice in the foreground, accompanied by a fantastic chorus and envelopes that carry even more soul than the original delivery of the song.

Miami is immersed in electronic music festival for three days with "Ultra"

MIAMI, March 24, 2011 (AFP) - The Ultra Music Festival, considered the largest gathering of electronic music world, begins on Friday in Miami with three days of concerts and parties attended by senior representatives of industry, bands and recognized DJs of the genre. In 2010, about 100,000 people from 65 countries came to Miami to participate and dance to the music of Ultra, a festival created in 1998 in Miami Beach, but ten years unfolds and collapses for three days downtown Miami.

Christina Rosenvinge concert in Bilbao (18-03-2011, Kafe Antzokia) in mature woman's mouth

If every singer, band or artist in general, is now I think it is undeniable that Christina Rosenvinge is experiencing the best of his career with a tour of the young Dolores. She was young is rather limited (it is about to turn 48 years old) but seems to have drunk the elixir that makes it more attractive as time passes.

Pain caused by love, to a greater or lesser extent, have suffered all and on Friday the share in the confessional that became a Antzokia Kafe half of its capacity. It seems that the shared damage more bearable and eventually all come out of there in love with the same person. Sorry if it was a big fan I am now even more.

Solidays 2011 with Pete Doherty, Moby and Yal Naim

As each spring brings its flow of news, it's also time to prepare for the summer concerts and outdoor festivals. Become an event you missed the festival Solidays just announced the first artists will be presented to the public of the Longchamp racecourse. Programmed from 24 to 26 June 2011, a new group of artists who will participate in this great concert of solidarity.

Organizers of the 13th festival Solidays, which runs from June 24 to 26 next to the Hippodrome de Longchamp in Paris, unveiled this Thursday, March 24, headlining the first of this new 2011 edition. According to the information, Solidays will focus on music programming "rock and sexy. What thrill the crowds! Pete Doherty, Moby and Yael Naim is the first in a long list of artists performing at the festival for Solidarity AIDS.

Spanish tenor Placido Domingo sang before crowds in Buenos Aires (+ photos)

BUENOS AIRES, March 25, 2011 (AFP) - Spanish tenor Placido Domingo on Thursday offered a concert of arias, operettas, popular songs and a tango, before a fervent crowd that gathered around the Obelisk of Buenos Aires. The concert had been suspended by rain Wednesday and Thursday coincided with the reference in Argentina of the coup that installed a dictatorship in 1976, so the center of the city, despite the national holiday, it looked very lively, including marches demonstrators and fans of Domingo.

Antebelum Lady: "The more popular you get, the more severe you are the fans"

Perhaps his name not be familiar to many, but his proposal to pop and country music is all the rage in the U.S.. The landing in Europe of Lady Antebellum is only a matter of time. Their singer, Charles, serves us by phone from Nashville. Five Grammys. Among them, best song of the year and album of the year.

States soon ... It was a shock. Always dreamed of winning one, so that five ... imagine. In the USA are very popular. Here in Spain, even less so. Who are and what they sound like Lady Antebellum? We are two guys and a girl who rang a. .. Can not tell you! We country-pop influenced by bands like Fleetwood Mac Better than people to listen and draw your own conclusions.

WarCry reveal the cover and tracklist Alfa

WarCry has a new album ready, Alfa, which has been kept waiting and finally be on the market on 15 April. The Asturian band has taken the album's release on his own label, Jaus Records, in principle, be sold through its official website and will probably sign an agreement with a cultural chain for almost all fans can buy there.

Alfa contains 10 tracks, very different from the Revolution, and was produced by Daniel Sevillano in Eclipse Studies of Oviedo, where the quintet has found its perfect partner. The album has been mastered by Darius Van Helfteren in Amsterdam Mastering, photography specialist again be Sergio Blanco, and the cover, a disturbing image recreated from a solar flare, is the work of Daniel Alonso, the designer who was in charge of graphic art the last work of the group.

One Dimensional Man disc

The One Dimensional Maniniziano the final stage of recording the next album, due out in June. The title of the new disk has not been decided yet but what I'm sure there will be a significant dissociation from the sound of records past and that Julius 'Spider' Favero and Pierpaolo Capovilla, as well as Bottigliero Luca (drums), as will accomplices - as guests - artists of international level.

Selena Gomez: "Who Says" comes on the radio

Here, finally reaching the time the third album for Selena Gomez. Very busy with his various television success and all the fuss "people" around him, Selena Gomez takes the path of the studios and carries all his affection on creating new music. It is no longer a child and this new album will hit a great shot.

Announced a first single, "Who Says", the new album released Selena Gomez June 28, 2011. Since the world's media only talk about his "relationship" with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez has been the target of much jealousy that his career as an actress made popular in the USA In order to prove his undeniable talent, Selena Gomez continued his way and a new challenge.

Roger Waters tour begins in Madrid Spanish

Roger Waters, former Pink Floyd, will perform this Friday at the Palacio de los Deportes de Madrid, where he repeated on Saturday with the show "The wall", a huge land assembly in Barcelona on Tuesday and Wednesday. Have already been sold out for performances of Waters in Madrid The arrival of musician Roger Waters of Spain has raised great expectations, with all the paper sold for two events in Madrid and the first of two scheduled dates in the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona, where he will act on 29 and 30 March.

Radiohead give away newspapers around the world to promote The King of Limbs

The King of Limbs Although we have already more than heard, it should be noted that the record went on sale in its most traditional form on Monday. After a moderately positive first impressions, my interest in the album has been cooling gradually, though as many still have the hope of a second part to give more body and makes you earn points.

But back to the news, the British band has announced a unique campaign to promote the arrival in stores of The King of Limbs. Next Monday is assembled by cities around the world stalls distributed free newspaper called The Universal Sigh fictitious, whose content can not give more details.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chile is preparing for a concert by U2 and the unique experience of "The Claw"

Santiago de Chile, March 24 (EFE) .- The rock band U2 will land tomorrow in Santiago to present her "U2 360 °", the first American stop of a road leading to the Irish in Argentina, Mexico and Brazil in which "The Claw", a huge stage, promising to give the public an experience "unique." The stage, which will allow viewers to enjoy the concert from any location with a video system cylindrical panels interspersed with huge LED screens and a steel structure that rises to 46 meters above the ground, as the producer of the event specified , T4F, in a press release.

Jamiroquai: A fatal accident cancels concert Lyon

While Jay Kay and the band Jamiroquai are passsage in France for a concert series, a drama was shot on the tour, which stopped Thursday night in Lyon for a performance at the Tony Garnier Hall. In a statement posted on the official website, the band Jamiroquai announced that the concert was canceled due to Lyons fatal accident of a member of the French team for the tour.

"Because of the ongoing police investigation, and compliance, the Lyon concert is canceled." This tragic accident occurred this morning of Thursday, March 24 during installation and preparation of the concert to be held as normal on Thursday evening in the city of Lyon. This followed the launch date of the tour in France and Jamiroquai triumphed on stage in Paris Bercy March 23, 2011.

Jamiroquai: Lyon concert canceled after an accident

While Jay Kay and the band Jamiroquai are passsage in France for a concert series, a drama was shot on the tour, which stopped Thursday night in Lyon for a performance at the Tony Garnier Hall. In a statement posted on the official website, the band Jamiroquai announced that the concert was canceled due to Lyons fatal accident of a member of the French team for the tour.

"Because of the ongoing police investigation, and compliance, the Lyon concert is canceled." This tragic accident occurred this morning of Thursday, March 24 during installation and preparation of the concert to be held as normal on Thursday evening in the city of Lyon. This followed the launch date of the tour in France and Jamiroquai triumphed on stage in Paris Bercy March 23, 2011.

Hugh Laurie: "Let Them Talk" and a concert in Paris for Dr. House

The famous actor interprets the role of the cynical Dr. House in the TV series of the same name, made a new breakthrough in music. Already well known for his talent of performers across the Atlantic, Hugh Laurie has unveiled a sample of the song "You Do not Know My Mind," from a new album due in May 2011.

A title in mind very blues musical style is particularly appreciated by Hugh Laurie, we will also soon be on stage in France. Indeed, the charismatic actor will soon be in Paris for a very special consultation. A beautiful music therapy session for all fans of House MD will happen on a Parisian stage May 11, 2011.

Luis Fonsi released a preview of what will be their new single "Scream" (+ lyrics)

Los Angeles (USA.) Mar 24 (EFE) .- The singer, musician, composer and producer Luis Fonsi Puerto Rican forward through social networks which will be her new single "Scream", which will be available for digital download and moving from 11 April. The Latin Grammy winner unveiled a 20-second preview of the new single.

Luis Fonsi, one of Latin music's most popular social networks, used his Twitter and Facebook pages to present "Scream", which is the first single from the new album will be released this summer in the U.S.. UU .. The project is a continuation of the artist's album "Palabras Del Silencio" which reached platinum and gold sales in the U.S., Spain and several Latin American countries.

Lady Gaga dfend Rebecca Black and his song "Friday"

Lady Gaga on a crusade! Superstar hits launches a new mission and takes openly defending Rebecca Black, the famous singer of the title "Friday." Ridiculed by the world, Lady Gaga application users to be more tolerant and lenient with the young singer. Rebecca Blake is arguing that a neglected genius, Lady Gaga therefore front face of criticism that burst out on the Internet.

But nevertheless, a commercial point of view, we could say that it works. Since the launch of the video is over 42 million people who watched the video of the song Rebecca Black "Friday." After many critics assassinated, like the famous magazine "Times" called the song "Worst song in the world," the curiosity of the Internet has placed Rebecca Black as the second most watched video on the web these days, just behind J-Lo and her new video "On The Floor." Despite all these criticisms, the young Californian singer becomes a new world star spurring more than 400,000 comments and 820,000 shares on social networks.

Lady Gaga pray for Japan, working with Jennifer Lopez and provides direct your own video

Sing, dance, has written songs for other artists, has been a hostess and model, has touted the virtues of cameras at technology fairs and has shown the world that you can walk on two feet increases. Now, in addition, Lady Gaga has announced that he wants to debut in the direction of clips and she'll take the baton of video of one of their forthcoming singles: Judas.

It's fun to sound like a priest pop However, the U.S. is not alone to face this new task: Lauriann Gibson will help in a job that will include "religious elements" as the girl revealed a digital meeting organized by Google. "It's no surprise to many of you, I guess." Judas for a man of the Bible, so it is logical to introduce some symbolism in the video, "he said.

Sade: "The Ultimate Collection" and titles indita

Sade is one of the most beautiful musical comeback in 2010. Ending a decade of absence, Sade Adu has delighted us with her fantastic album "Soldier of Love." In 2011, Sade will again spoil us with a new compilation "Ultimate Collection". On this new "best-of", the singer we offer the best tracks and three unreleased, including a new version of the title "The Moon And The Sky" with the participation of Sade Jay-Z, whose discography is impressive in its number of hits like "Smooth Operator" or "Hang on to Your Love" in the 80's, returned in 2010 with a sublime album "Soldier of Love." Remarkable comeback, the disc stayed for more than four weeks on sale.

Beyoncé has already begun work on his new album

LOS ANGELES, 24 Mar. (EUROPA PRESS) - razed in 2009 with 'I Am ... Sasha Fierce', and now prepares for his return. The R & B diva is working on his next album, he hopes to have ready by the end of this year and it is rumored that there might be a breakthrough in the street in April or May. Ocean was Frank, the hip-hop Odd Future, which has revealed that Beyonce has already entered the recording studio.

Alphaville: comeback with the album "Catching Rays One Giant"

If you're thinking "Big In Japan", "Sound Like A Melody" or "Forever Young" the main group Alphaville tubes in the 80, you will be delighted to hear new unreleased song. Since all its successes, we would have thought that the famous German group would have stopped his career and lived some of his pension.

Well no! Alphaville is still present in the German musical landscape works and even a remarkable comeback in Germany with a new album, "Catching Rays One Giant", which are already ripped 2 singles. The latest album from Alphaville date 1997 and since "Salvation", the name of the album, the group had been rather quiet.

The actor Hugh Laurie known as "Doctor House" releases his first album (+ video)

Madrid, 24 feb (EFE) .- El actor Hugh Laurie, best known for his role as Dr. House in the famous television series of the same name, has decided to launch into the music industry with the release of an album that will go on sale the month of May, according to his label announced today. In line with the mythical character phrase that has become famous worldwide, the album is titled "Let them talk" (let them talk, in Spanish) and will include 15 versions of classic blues artists like Ray inherited Charles, Robert Johnson, Memphis Slim, Lead Belly, Professor Longhair and Jelly Roll Morton.

Suspended Joan Manuel Serrat concert in Lima for lack of license

Lima, March 23 (EFE) .- The concert by the Spanish singer Joan Manuel Serrat was going to offer today in Lima was suspended because it lacked local municipal permits, organizers said. The concert "Son of light and shade, inspired by the poems of Miguel Hernández, was announced for the 21.00 local time today (02.00 GMT Thursday) in the exhibition center of the Jockey Club del Peru.

However, ticket sales were canceled four hours before the show by a problem with the municipality of Santiago de Surco, where the local, and next Friday will inform the rescheduling of the concert or refund those who bought tickets, Efe said a company representative Teletickett. The manager of Urban Development of the Municipality of Surco, Javier Baraybar, said the portal of the newspaper El Comercio that the local operation is not licensed or certified by Civil Defence to ensure the safety during the performance of the concert.

Dr. House is preparing its first album

The actor Hugh Laurie, best known for his role as Dr. House in the famous television series of the same name, has decided to launch into the music industry with the release of an album that will be released on 10 May, as announced Today his label. His musical taste goes back many years ago, according to Warner Music In line with the mythical character phrase that has become famous worldwide, the album is titled Let them talk ('let them speak' in Spanish) containing 15 versions of classic blues artists such as inherited from Ray Charles, Robert Johnson, Memphis Slim, Lead Belly, Professor Longhair and Jelly Roll Morton.

Pepe Aguilar forward material from his new album

Miami (USA.) Mar 23 (EFE) .- Mexican singer Pepe Aguilar prepares a record that will be released in May, which shows the single "Neither you nor without you," the soap opera theme of the same name that conveys Televisa. The issue, which is now on sale online is one of the most downloaded from the Internet, according to a statement by the representative of Mexican regional music singer, who also has U.S.

'The Western' of the BFL

My Chemical Romance video for 'Planetary (Go!)': the former took the budget

My Chemical Romance have earned the right to go leaving behind the early mistakes that many headaches have given hindsight. His latest album, Days Danger: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, offers a good fun, rowdy and a teenage point that many still enjoy when we do not complicate our existence.

His first single, "Na Na Na ', was a pitch that appealed to the most basic and instinctive language to sift mercilessly for four minutes. Your video raised a history of aesthetic halfway between comics and Mad Max was continued with the second single, 'Sing'. However, it seems that the budget to record videos have brought these two issues, as the third single, 'Planetary (Go!)', have not the least complicated and have a typical recording of a concert on they have printed the odd kanji.

Kylie Minogue: a remix of "Put Your Hands Up" for fans

"Thank you all for making an" Aphrodite Les Folies "an incredible experience for me." It is with this sentence that singer Kylie Minogue has offered its fans a nice gift on his official website. To thank his fans, Kylie Minogue has posted the remix version of the song "Put Your Hands Up" produced by Pete Hammond that some music lovers are familiar with the 80s.

The performance of Kylie Minogue has been a resounding success. The many people who attend the concerts emerge delighted and impressed by the performance of Kylie Minogue. The end of the show is announced by the song "Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)" from the latest album by Kylie Minogue "Aphrodite." On the official site of Kylie Minogue, the singer thanked all the spectators of the show by offering them the song in a remix version made famous by Pete Hammond.

Amon Amarth recorded an eerie version of 'Aerials' System Of A Down

The countdown to the start of the new Amon Amarth album has already begun. Surtur Rising will be released on March 29 via Metal Blade and those who have heard, among whom I count myself, it seems to be one of the metal discs of 2011. The kings of viking metal have recorded an album with 10 tracks plus a bonus track on online download option which is a chilling version of 'Aerials', song from System Of A Down originally released on his album Toxicity.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Amaia Montero Alejandro Sanz and participate in concert for victims in Colombia

Bogotá, March 23 (EFE) .- The Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz and Amaia Montero, Andrés Cepeda Colombians and Santiago Cruz, among others, will give a concert on 7 May in Bogota for the victims of last year's rains the country, sources in the organization. "Colombia Humanitarian" and Telephone Communications announced the conclusion of the event, called "Voices of Solidarity ', to support the needs of more than 2.3 million Colombians affected by the two rainy seasons a year earlier.