Monday, January 31, 2011

A discredit a false statement of Chopin piano and a cell that did not live

The Polish pianist Frederic Chopin lived one winter with George Sand in a cell in the monastery of Valldemossa (Mallorca) than the one currently visited by tourists, which also exhibits a piano player that ever played, according to a ruling of a court of Palma merchant. The resolution responds to the lawsuit filed by the owner of cell number 4 of the monastery against the company that owns the cell number 2, which is open to the public as one in which the musician, the French writer and children of it lived on December 15, 1838 to February 11, 1839, an experience recounted in his book Sand A Winter in Mallorca.

Elbow, video of 'Neat Little Rows': no complications

Elbow will slowly hinting more details of what will be his fifth studio album, Build A Rocket Boys!, And we've had a chance to hear two cuts, Lippy Kids and the first single to be extracted to be calming we are looking forward to hearing the album, 'Neat Little Rows'. Which has been officially announced for February 28 is without prejudice to Elbow and have prepared and freshly baked video accompanying the song.

Kings Of Leon band has decided to cancel all concerts planned in the coming months

Kings Of Leon. The band has decided to cancel all concerts planned in the coming months, including several from Australia and South Africa. So has the band's drummer, Nathan, through your Twitter profile: "I am sorry for all the fans," he wrote, describing the group will be active "at the end of the year.

I am sorry for all the fans, we will be active later this year apparently Nathan has suffered an injury to one of his biceps and will not play for months. His teammates have preferred to wait to recover rather than continue without him. The decision of the other Kings of Leon is unusual, considering that the bands are usually temporary sign another player if one of them needs to leave temporarily.

John Barry, author of James Bond soundtracks, is dead

The British composer John Barry, famous for his work on soundtracks for James Bond films, Born Free, Out of Africa, or Midnight Cowboy Dances with Wolves, died at age 77 of a heart attack, the BBC reported . His work, with a style that was characterized by the use of wind instruments-metalNacido in York (northern England) on November 3, 1933, Barry rose to prominence as leader of The John Barry Seven, but is world known for the music of 007 films Goldfinger and You Only Live twice.

U2 tab by Dj David Guetta

The Irish band U2 has signed the currently most popular DJ, David Guetta, to participate in some of his compositions, as published by the MTV website. The site includes certain statements by the French artist, which ensures that Bono himself met him to ask him to contribute its particular "touch" to new issues of the group.

If the music in which work is good, I do not care about the style I was with Bono, was very exciting and a real honor, I proposed to produce some of the cuts from her upcoming album, "said Guetta, who has succeeded in the dance floor with songs like Gettin 'over you (with the collaboration of Fergie and Chris Williams) and Memories (with Kid Cudi).

George Michael: "Faith" remastered version is available

Previously announced for September 24, 2010, Sony Music has finally revealed the legendary album. "Faith" by George Michael, 24 years after the first publication of his first solo album. This remastered version has been postponed due to legal problems of the artist. Album iconic career of George Michael "Faith" comes in so many special formats, including a limited edition numbered.

George Michael releases Faith "in 1987. The singer instantly attracts attention. Pop music is experiencing a critical step. George Michael is powered from the artists of the 80 most popular. The album "Faith" is a concentrate of hits with six singles and number one ranked George Michael Trascender genres.

Video of REM performing 'Oh My Heart' in the study

'Oh My Heart' is currently listed in the top of our Top Hypersonic, an unmistakable sign that the new REM is entering a very good footing. Collapse Into Now will be released on 7 March, but the American group wants to keep us happy and gives us little gems like the title of this article. There is more than a simple interpretation of this theme in the privacy of a studio with a few spectators I guess will be friends of the group, But look how little it takes to please us.

Tinie Tempah becomes a "Wonderman" with Ellie Goulding

Tinie Tempah pushes the boundaries of sound and presents a new video clip of the song "Wonderman" with the participation of the beautiful Ellie Goulding. From his album "Disc Overy" single "Wonderman" has been released to the media U. S, in anticipation of the release of the album across the Atlantic.

The song has an opportunity to transform Tinie Tempah clip in his Steve Austin. The video clip takes in fact the credits of the famous series "The man who was worth 3 billion." Originally Tinie Tempah had proposed to Kelly Rowland to perform the duet on the song "Wonderman. Not convincing enough for Kelly Rowland, the song was nevertheless much appreciated by the English singer Ellie Goulding who finally signed the duo on "Wonder Man".

Zazie: "Song of Love" and concerts in 2011

The project Zazie "continues his journey in 2011. Zazie proposes a new single, the song "Love Songs" and begins following his musical projects by announcing a series of shows throughout France, including a passage expected at the Olympia in Paris, with no less than eight nights booked by the singer, between 11 and 21 May 2011.

The new song by Zazie "Love Songs" now gives the tempo of the rest of "Za7ie. After the singles "Love Before" and "Be and to Have," "Love Song" is the third single from his album "Za7ie," his seventh studio album released in 2010. For this new disc, Zazie had decided to save her home, 7 / 7 by calling on 7 themes of everyday life.

Rihanna pictures clip Premire "S & M" and remixes!

Very challenging, as will be the first adjective that you may come to mind when you watch the first images of the clip "S & M" that Rihanna has recently unveiled on the web. After the photo to Twitter, Rihanna us a glimpse behind the scenes to achieve her latest video clip "S & M". Accompanied by Jil Hardin, this clip of less than one minute takes us around the set of the future hit "S & M".

John Barry: disappeared the creator of James Bond

The music world is in mourning today. The website of BBC News reported this morning the death of the famous English composer John Barry, at the age of 77 years following a heart attack. This genius of musical composition, especially left an indelible mark in the film world, because we owe the greatest music films like James Bond or the popular music of the TV series "The Persuaders".

In 1959, John Barry composed his first soundtrack for the film "Beat Girl". Quickly noticed by the major film producers at the time, the team of James Bond producers Harry Saltzman and Albert R. Broccoli preparing the first film in the series, "James Bond against Dr. No", asking John Barry to score the film.