Monday, January 31, 2011

Elbow, video of 'Neat Little Rows': no complications

Elbow will slowly hinting more details of what will be his fifth studio album, Build A Rocket Boys!, And we've had a chance to hear two cuts, Lippy Kids and the first single to be extracted to be calming we are looking forward to hearing the album, 'Neat Little Rows'. Which has been officially announced for February 28 is without prejudice to Elbow and have prepared and freshly baked video accompanying the song.

A single atopic maybe something for the royalties to which we are accustomed, but gives many hints of what we will be able to find Build A Rocket Boys!. And is that no British band has run out of ideas and resources to give way so original and accurate as they have done since 2001. Even if something can be accused, at least on this occasion, it had not been difficult especially when shooting the video for the single.

In some ways it reminds me of those images that allowed us to see in the studio several months ago, and have not stopped looking for any type of illustration unnecessary, have left the weight on the song and what it narrates. Of course, the simplicity in this case is not at odds with the elegance, basing the choice of colors in the range of shades darker and I do not know why, reminds me of an old stringed instrument.

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