Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lady Gaga is pulled órdago: "The video of 'Judas' will be the best ever"

Lady Gaga has a huge marketing behind the project is undeniable. At this point none of us surprised, and from the first time she has spoken of the existence of Haus Of Gaga, that group of biblical proportions that brings together all sorts of creative daily build image and vagaries of Germanotta. So few will be surprised by the statements he had made Lady Gaga in an interview in which he was asked about the details of the video for her latest single, 'Judas'.

Adele singing 'Set Fire To The Rain', his new single live

Adele has a gift, and is composing the discs by the time passes like a trim of the qualities they already had and a discoverer of new attributes that are surfacing as they allow to settle. 21, their second album and directly responsible to elevate the British to the heights where it belongs, has sold nearly three and a half million copies worldwide.

Week after week we have seen in a number of multiple charts, from albums to the singles, where we already found three issues as the top of a pine, 'Rolling In The Deep', 'Someone Like You 'and now is playing as such simple tasks, the master' Set Fire To The Rain '. As I always say to me as an artist is directly proportional to their skill in live, and in this area is a winner Adele cream.

Prince and his proposal to outlaw the versions of songs

If the singer Prince was missing something to say was that it required a law prohibiting versioning songs. He has threatened to withdraw their fans for pictures from the Internet, has also come to censor and asked to leave the network a 'cover' that did Creep Radiohead has hit out at YouTube and eBay portal, has ventured stagnation music while still connected to the Internet, ensuring that the Red "is finished", and even banned a British dentist sing one of his songs.

Panic! At The Disco - Vices & Virtues: An entertaining Sunday afternoon

Panic! At The Disco has been something that few bands are recovered. Two of its constituents, Ryan Ross and Jon Walker, left the band in 2009 to start a new band, the Veins, leaving Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith with the difficult decision to continue or separate ways. Given that Ross, in addition to guitar and vocals, was the principal songwriter for the group, the most logical path would have been taken for good achievements and life have been sought by different ways, but the duo decided to go ahead with lanterns, and the result is this new album.

Black Label Society show a trailer for The Song Remains The Same Not

Few artists resist the temptation to spend their songs through the sieve of the unplugged version, or even an idol of the electric guitar like Zakk Wylde will go the opportunity. To do this, published shortly through their training Black Label Society album versions including cordless To Order Black, his latest release to date.

Not The Song Remains the Same will also include some songs that were recorded during the sessions of Order To Black but did not make the cut, thus acting as an attractive faces B. This work will go on sale next May 10 through Entertainment One Music, and give promotion here we have a trailer that will allow us to glimpse the shots where to go.

Yuck - Yuck: the romances of indie-rock

It is not easy to make a group to look in the mirror of Dinosaur Jr. and Yo La I have. With Yuck many have tried, to force them, so hearing a priori and quick listen of his debut, were measured with two of the peaks of the indie-rock, the one on the amazing race full of twists and turns bright, flirtatious unexpected and exciting, and another, the talent but always exciting guadianesco hairs that wanted to emulate Neil Young.

Brent Hinds of Mastodon has a pair of parallel projects

Although Brent Hinds is currently engaged with the rest of Mastodon in the creation of his new album, guitarist and singer of the powerful training of Atlanta still has time to devote to a couple of side projects that deviate significantly from what we normally . Although they have different members, both works will go on sale together on 7 July in a single album, Brent Hinds Presents: Fiend Without A Face / West End Motel.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Shakira tested in Barcelona scenes video of "Rabid"

.- The Colombian singer Shakira has been trying in recent days the scenes of her latest video, "Rabid" in a local dance in Barcelona, where he has perfected techniques of acrobatic dance and "vertical dancing", as reported today Efe's representative. Shakira is these days in Barcelona, where he opened a window with her boyfriend, FC Barcelona's Gerard Pique, and attended the April 20 in Valencia at the final of the Copa del Rey played football and Barca team Real Madrid.

Mike Mangini is the new drummer for Dream Theater

The situation has been truly bizarre within Dream Theater since it came out of Mike Portnoy last September. During these months we lived auditions, nasty exchange of accusations and many rumors about the identity of the new drummer in the legendary progressive metal band, but the crisis appears finally closed.

Mike Mangini replace its namesake, as announced today the U.S. pool. Mangini was born in 1968 in Massachusetts, and has since made a living by providing their expertise with the battery people like Annihilator, Extreme, Steve Vai and James LaBrie, lead singer of Dream Theater and assume that great defender of his signing.

Fugazi preparing the publication of all their live shows for fall

That Fugazi are technically in a state of hiatus does not mean that its members have stopped working in the group. In fact as we speak long had a plan to retrieve your file live performances, an ambitious project we have had more detail with some recent statements by the leader of the band, Ian MacKaye.

As two years have been fighting with recordings on cassette, DAT and other archaic forms to update a huge database with thousands of live performances. Ensures that the work of editing and adaptation is still huge, but next fall plans to launch a website that includes at least one hundred concerts and then go to expand the catalog with about twenty new live each month.

Prince William and Catherine Middleton: Relive The Royal Wedding

As announced, the marriage between Prince William and Catherine Middleton has been registered for a digital output immediately. Decca Records label British history, provides the soundtrack for the wedding ceremony entitled "The Royal Wedding" in its entirety on platforms download the largest in the world only from 19 hours and that only a few hours after the end of the ceremony .

The album "The Royal Wedding", the disc format of this event will be sold from May 5, 2011 in retail outlets in the UK and the rest of the world. Among the musicians who participated in the record, we find the Choir of Westminster Abbey, the Choir of the Chapel Royal, the London Chamber Orchestra and Fanfare Team of the Central Band of the Royal Air Force.

APRS the "wedding of the century," an evening "royal"

And voila! marriage "of the century" that the world was able to watch live is over. The two married, William and Kate will therefore finish this important occasion with a beautiful evening. After receipt of the afternoon, the evening the royal couple looks rather like rock for the guests handpicked. The evening is hosted by the groom's brother, Prince Harry.

He settled the details of the choice of DJ for decoration. The Buckingham Palace has surely never known such an upheaval. Besides music, the royal couple held in the presence of some artists. William and Kate, are fans of rock music and it seems that the opening of the evening is given to the singer Ellie Goulding who will perform the song Elton John "Your Song".

Dance music XCIII

Watch the video at the original site. Gone are the holiday and little by little we had to return to pick up the pace. Some have not even finished it and we're still at half throttle, when we get a new "bridge." Surely we are not going to complain, but that no one finishes used to the monotony of always hard.

Thankfully, at least we have music and dance parties for the weekend, so everything becomes more bearable, and we give an overview of the electronics of the week now, also seems to medium gas, with few and very important news. We started with one of the great, the first single from Moby's upcoming album, Destroyed, we already have around the corner.

Michael Jackson's "Neverland" Las Vegas in 2013

October 2, 2011 is that Cirque du Soleil will present the premiere of his show "The Immortal Michael Jackson World Tour." This week, the president of Cirque Du Soleil, Daniel Lamarre, announced that the show would already have a sequel. In 2013, Las Vegas, the show takes a new dimension. The famous Neverland Ranch Michael Jackson will be fully recreated in the city of lights.

Specialist major shows, Cirque du Soleil will bring to this season, the best music and dance of Michael Jackson. The show "The Immortal Michael Jackson World Tour" will see the day from the month of October in Quebec before traveling to America. Cirque du Soleil will stop, for example, from 3 to 27 December 2011 in Las Vegas to present "The Immortal Michael Jackson World Tour." In parallel to this great show mixing stunts, pyrotechnics, illusions choreographed to the millimeter, Cirque Du Soleil would provide a suite in the show "The Immortal Michael Jackson World Tour." Indeed, the ambition of Daniel Lamarre, Cirque du Soleil director, is to recreate the famous ranch "Neverland" by Michael Jackson at the Mandalay Bay Hotel Casino in Las Vegas in 2013.

Incubus video for 'Adolescents': maturity mismanaged

Incubus teens sing to the first single from If Not Now, When?, Their seventh studio album. Do not stop this election seem ironic, since for a while I have the feeling that the main evil that lacks this group is mismanaged maturity, which seem to have forgotten how much fun it was to make music as adolescents.

The album, which goes on sale next July, and is circulating the Web from a few days ago, although I have not had the time or desire to get to him. To convince me, with eleven issues will have to show something more than desire that this 'Adolescents', deep gray colorful compared to what they have come to be the compositions of Incubus.

Wolfgang Gartner: "Forever" with of the Black Eyed Peas

If LMFAO surely approaching the podium of dance tracks that will count this summer 2011, the American record label Ultra Records, will not leave the field open to the duo's crazy 'Party Rock Anthem. " In fact, Ultra Records propels this week under a new percussive electronica producer Wolfgang Gartner.

Instigator of many titles to dazzling melodies, including a sensational duet with Deadmau5 for "Animal Rights", Wolfgang Gartner presents a dance track produced, this time in duet with the inimitable Will. i. am! With the title "Forever," Will. i. am laying his "flow" on a pace to hit the mark very distinct productions Wolfgang Gartner.

Alicia Keys concert in Paris June 11, 2011!

Great news for fans of Alicia Keys. After the announcement a few days ago, output, 27 June 2011, the first edition of the wonderful album "Songs In A Minor," the singer tells us as a unique concert in France June 11, 2011 in Paris. The daily newspaper Le Parisien, "to whom we owe the good news announcement in its columns this concert scheduled at the Congress June 11, 2011.

A single representation, only a few days of the republication of his first album "Songs In A Minor", consisting of many international hits that propelled the singer to lead the world. Alicia Keys should be on stage accompanied only by his piano. An unforgettable evening in perspective for fans of Alicia Keys.

The Gates of Slumber released their new album streaming

No one can say that The Gates of Slumber are one of the top bands of doom movement, but have quite a few years demonstrating that they have enough talent to be well considered in the long line of disciples blacksabbathiana school. The Indianapolis are back this year with The Wretch, his fifth proposal from the studio, and have decided we will publish in full in Soundcloud.

You can find the player at the end of the article, including the eight songs that comprise this new show juggernaut sound, rock and slow as they send the royalty of the genre. Special mention to the sober and attractive cover created by the illustrator expert Arik Roper, who has worked for the likes of Sleep, High on Fire, The Black Crowes or Earth.

Titus Andronicus, video of 'No Future Part Three: Escape From No Future': Do you think you know New Jersey?

Do you think you know New Jersey for having seen The Sopranos? So you have no idea of what New Jersey. And for the record that I do not say, but Patrick Stickles, the bearded singer Titus Andronicus. To raise awareness of their beloved state located in northeastern United States, the band has released a stunning new video clip taken from The Monitor.

And if we heed his words, we see that New Jersey are many trees, roads, parties anywhere drunkard; rock played by losers and losers, but they are proud of their status and sing to the wind. From city to city and partying at partying, this is how Titus Andronicus deliver their homeland in the video for 'No Future Part Three: Escape From No Future.

Jennifer Lopez: "Love?" and "Hypnotico" by Lady Gaga

Before the release, Tuesday, May 3, 2011, the new album by Jennifer Lopez "Love? "The singer also reveals two new singles. First, as in the timetable of buzz, the single "(What Is) Love? "Has appeared for download and another from the album, the song" Hypnotico "written by Lady GaGa and RedOne has appeared on the Internet.

Only a few days for fans of J-Lo before purchasing the long awaited album "Love? . Since announcing the release of new album, Jennifer Lopez connects the singles. After "On The Floor" with Pitbull, "I'm Into You" with Lil Wayne, whose music video is expected to arrive next week, and the title "Papi," J-Lo has a delicious "(What Is) Love? "Produced by D'Mile already known for his collaborations with Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Janet Jackson and many others.

Disco Las Palmeras - Nihil Obstat: straight to the jaw

I do not know if it's a matter of genetics or something environmental, it is due to something printed with fire in our nature or because of something we eat, drink, inhale or background radiation, but the family of rock and noise Galician has a new member, and although it is too early to venture, is as promising as was once the debut of a band that has already been set: Bizarre Love Triangle (yes, I know that burned too soon this cartridge.) The cover is representative of the group's sound: violent, edgy, rebellious, blunt.

Pearl Jam, video preview of the film documentary of the 20 th anniversary

Before Pearl Jam Mookie Blaylock were called and this and other stories are going to have Pearl Jam in his next film documentary on its 20 th anniversary. Two decades and soldiering as long without selling to large corporations and multinationals, something that honors them as a band, Pearl Jam Twenty likely be published in September and was directed by filmmaker and friend of the band Cameron Crowe, same as signed in 1992 the movie Singles, a film set in Seattle and that apart from Chris Cornell of Soundgarden appeared cameos by Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament and Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam all components, as members of Citizen Dick, the band grunge of the protagonist, played by Matt Dillon.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lykke Li, video of "Sadness Is A Blessing ': if you're sad, laugh

Lykke Li belongs to that breed of Nordic artists displayed in a very timely but undoubtedly dazzle. With a debut that was looking back to a good deal of criticism and ended sneaking in more than a list of the best albums of 2008, has confirmed Wounded Rhymes, a masterful second album optimum health of the music that came from cold.

With two fantastic singles behind them, 'Get Some' and the spectacular 'I Follow Rivers', Lykke Li has chosen "Sadness Is A Blessing' as the umpire. With a rhythmic backdrop reminiscent of the ballads of the sixties, finally shows us another aspect of having the album after two great examples that were the animated first single and part-time with a stunning percussion.

Bruno Mars: "The Lazy Song" in video

With over 10 million views in 10 days, more than 400,000 shares on social networks and already 55,000 comments, the new clip of Bruno in March, "The Lazy Song," it continues to break records. Third single from her album "Doo-Wops & Hooligans," "The Lazy Song" displays some nice warm musical influences.

A haunting reggae that has already conquered many MP3 players music aficionados Bruno Mars. Just revealed in web video, the new song Bruno Mars "The Lazy Song" seems to take the same path as the previous two hits of the singer "Just The Way You Are" and "Granada." For this new video clip, Bruno Mars sways along with five monkeys on a minimalist dance, shall we say.

Viña Rock goes off Friday at the rate of Rosendo, Hamlet and King Tote

One of the most noisy and crowded festivals of the peninsula (some editions have brought together a much higher turnout than other national events such as the IFF or BBK), and yet that important in numbers and not Watts always been reflected in the media. Perhaps because, as noted by the very organization of Viña Rock on websites, even some who see this event to a meeting "hairy." That was fifteen years ago, when the vineyard (and familiarly called) held its first edition under the name "National Music Festival Apocalyptic 'and with a clear preference for hard rock.

Aias - At the pool, an ice cream for summer

Certain proposals polarize both favorable and contrary opinions that you feel some vertigo when assessing the group, album or song in question, particularly because I feel more comfortable in gray scale in black and white, and bipartisan enough because unfair there so that for each proposal we have to position ourselves on either side, and pull hard on the rope to pull up the embers of our sardine.

Dr. Luke and Max Martin rewarded by ASCAP

The ASCAP, the Society of Authors and Composers American equivalent of SACEM in France recently celebrated authors and composers of 2010 in the United States. This year members of the academy members were rewarded when the hit maker Max Martin and Dr. Luke. ASCAP held, for his great annual party to reward the major players in American music.

The prestigious event was attended by hundreds of songwriters, performers and leaders in the music industry in the U.S. This year, 2011, and quite logically, they are two monsters of the music of the moment who have been rewarded. At equality, we find Dr. Luke and Max Martin, who, under the composer of the year, wrote five of the major successes of 2010, as "California Gurls" and "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry or "Dynamite "to the explosive Taio Cruz.

Rock en Seine 2011: Programming UNESCORecords of 26 to 28 August 2011

The 2011 edition of the festival Rock en Seine held from 26 to 28 August 2011. This year, organizers are celebrating the ninth annual rock festival in the capital and show us a nice program for the many visitors. After the announcement of the participation of My Chemical Romance and the Foo Fighters, 12 new names of artists come lengthen the list of music programming.

The first list of participants in the festival Rock en Seine foreshadowed the color of the ninth meeting in Paris. With the new dozen artists announced, Rock en Seine promises pop rock side, Funeral Party, August 26 through the Hushpuppies and Jim Jones Revue, 27, and The Horrors and Crocodiles on 28 Aug 2011.

List of winners of the 2011 Music Awards

Maryland - Get Cold Feet: the power pop never (will) grow old

There are styles that indie revolution of the past decade seems to have become obsolete or, rather, in the background. Because if you think about it, has there been a power pop group that has grabbed headlines, led festivals and opened a new trend, nationally or internationally? The obvious answer is no, but that does not have to disable the persistence of bands who did not practice (Fountains of Wayne, Weezer, Nada Surf recording new album), or the appearance of new bands picked up the essence and, although do not try to revive the genre, used as a vehicle of sound.

Nicki Minaj "Super Bass" and many projects

News about Nicki Minaj is somewhat upsetting. With the immense success currently by the rapper and his album "Pink Friday", Nicki Minaj seems to take his time. A few weeks ago, the announcement of a new single, "Super Bass", and his video was made admirers of the performer of the hit "Time 4 Life" impatient.

However, everyone will have to wait. Nicki Minaj just back the release of the video clip of "Super Bass" Initially due scheduled for April 28. Nicki Minaj announced April 27, via Twitter, that ultimately, his video will not be released without further explanation. It is true that the news is particularly rich around Nicki Minaj which, in addition to his album "Pink Friday" is actuellemnt on many artistic projects.

M-Clan, the big loser of a Music Awards spread between Rosendo and Serrat

The singer Rosendo, sometimes hard to get to the chorus, and Joan Manuel Serrat, with Son of light and shadow, have made the awards for Best Album and Best Song of the Year, respectively, in the fifteenth edition of the Awards Music will be delivered on 18 May in Madrid. The Academy of Arts and Science of Music has released a list Thursday of the winners of this edition, in which the Shica has won the Newcomer award for the album Supercop and the late singer Enrique Morente has been the award for Best Flamenco Album by Morente + flamenco.

Sade live in Europe

Sade Adu will provide, May 2, 2011, a new compilation "Ultimate Collection" includes all the songs that marked the career of a musical group to the very "smooth". Already widely expected, the output of this new CD will be followed by a world tour that begins by France on April 29 in Nice. Indeed, before starting his tour in the United States, Sade will start its world tour through Europe.

The French public will have the honor to host the singer for three dates in France. Firstly, Friday, April 29 in Nice, for the first time, and the official launch of its world tour. The singer of hits "Smooth Operator" or "Your Love Is King" continues May 17, 2011 at Paris-Bercy and will be awaited by her fans on May 20 at Amneville.

Beastie Boys Video

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rihanna will release 'Man Down' and new single Loud

Rihanna, or at least the environment that can make these decisions for her, has a good hand when selecting Loud singles, his latest album. The five topics chosen so far have done its job to perfection and have hinted to those who have not yet approached the album the outline for the running and why not also the favored side.

Although fans chose "California King Bed 'as a single after the singer gave them a choice of three different songs, Rihanna also has decided to launch' Man Down ', in order to give out notably in American radio. The subject, with a reggae base, has been one of the most peculiar of the disc, though to me still grinding the "ram pa pa pam" chorus.

A typographical error has been to call a gay day at Eurovision

The German city of Düsseldorf, which next month hosts the 56th Eurovision Song Contest, has included in its program of activities a "gay day of action" because of a typographical error, said Wednesday the company responsible for printing the news magazine of the festival. A "w" over placed in the least indicated has become the "Aktionstag der Schule" ("Day of action of the schools") in "der Schwule Aktionstag" ("Day of Action for gays"), said Roman von der Wiescher spokesman Düsseldorf Marketing und Tourismus (DMT).

Igloo - ∞ 3: consisting of consolidation at the right time

When a group is progressively burning stages and gaining a greater impact, one hopes that when it reaches that point of maximum attention to do your best work to date. Not always the case, because usually the interesting work of debut followed the "always difficult" second and third album, and is difficult to see trajectories in which a group maintains an ever-rising career, surpassing the previous artistic heights and expanding the fan base.

Wretch 32: "Unorthodox" is a hit in the UK t

LMFAO and while the song "Party Rock Anthem" promises to be the hit of the summer 2011, the new musical that announces the musical summer in Britain is Wretch 32. With his hit "Unorthodox," Wretch 32, with participation by Example, maddened rankings across the channel. If you're invited to the royal wedding or just passing soon in Britain, you do not miss this new musical sensation that is already widely.

MySpace goes on sale

The social networking site MySpace, owned by Rupert Murdoch, News Corp and in 2007 became one of the online reference sites for groups and musical artists, is on sale. The company expects to receive a dozen bids before the end of the week have ensured According to sources familiar with the matter told The Wall Street Journal, the company expects to receive before the end of this week the purchase offers a dozen companies venture capital.

The Israeli singer Noa and Palestinian Mira Award: "We are united by war and humor"

Noa was born in Tel Aviv 42 years ago. Mira Awad is Arab-Israeli Palestinian origin and was born in Branch for 36. Both take hard and undertake a tour of China together with the claim that fighting hatred with music. We spoke with both artists. In Noapoles, his new album, pays homage to traditional Neapolitan music.

Why Naples? I started to sing Neapolitan songs for years influenced by my mother, who had a passion for this music. I recorded several tracks and the reaction of the Italian public was fantastic. We decided to make a record sung in the original Neapolitan dialect. Is there a connection between Naples and Israel? Yes Both have been wars, conquests and tragedies, and nevertheless remained optimistic.

Rihanna: "Man Down" and "California King Bed" on the radio

Unveiled last March MusiqueRadio. com, Rihanna has finally decided to occupy more than usual the international music scene by offering an additional sample, the song "Man Down," plus the ballad "California King Bed" originally scheduled. Nevertheless, the announcement of "Man Down" is concerned, above all, American radio tends uptempo.

In contrast to the ballad "California King Bed," "Man Down" is a song very Caribbean in mind, to discover listening on the radio. Rihanna finds some roots reggae with the song "Man Down." A melody, full of sunshine, produced and written by Sham Shama Joseph, Timothy & Theron Thomas and Shontelle Layne.

Pauley Perrette: NCIS series of the song "Fire In Your Eyes"

Fan of the TV series NCI S and admirer of Abby look, here's some news that fills the screen. The famous Abby Sciuto, Pauley Perrette role held by the iconic scientist of the television series NCIS, starts the music. This is not the first time the actress is trying his luck in music. In 2006, she had already sung the opening credits of the famous TV series broadcast on M6.

It is through a new production of rapper B. Taylor discovered that we Pauley Perrette as guest of honor on a new song "Fire In Your Eyes," presented this week at the American media. So a new role that gives us any Pauley Perrette in contrast with the character she portrays on screen in the TV series NCI S, Abby Sciuto.

Beyonce and Jay-Z royal marriage of William and Kate Middleton

Beyonce and Jay-Z ended their stay in Paris. The couple is flying to London or the British capital, the newspaper "The Daily Star," Beyonce and Jay-z could attend the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, this Friday, April 29, 2011. During one week, Beyonce and Jay-Z have taken advantage of the French capital has a time for a little rest but most of the work, the singer is in a promo for her new single "Girls Who Run the World" and the couple was seen in different recording studios to French probably finalize the new album by Beyonce.

Tiga in Milan

Lady Gaga: The video for "Judas" is coming!

The 9 million "Monster Babies" Lady Gaga is beginning to stamp his feet! Indeed, this Monday, May 2 that the world will finally see the clip of the new hit "Judas" by Lady Gaga. Already controversial even before its release, the new clip from the pop superstar will be presented in preview at the show "American Idol" before spreading on the Internet.

So what does Lady Gaga? The question remains unanswered and a few days of release of the video clip of "Judas", it is already attracting its share of revelations and assumptions. Thus, the wait is unbearable for many fans who hope to quickly discover the first images of the clip "Judas." Lady Gaga on MSN Canada said: "I wanted to depict the beauty of history like a Fellini film where the apostles are revolutionaries of modern times.

Prefuse 73 - The Only She Chapters: break with the Hip-Hop and opening melody

Guillermo Scott Herren not expect anything. The same one year launched several references as White spent two years thinking what will be its new underpasses Prefuse 73. If we talked about the musical side then expected to be lower still. Put a record on anyone in the discography of Prefuse 73 and see how it is not same as above.

The Only She Chapters (2011, Warp Records) only keeps the search for new sounds that have characterized the American artist while leaving far the breaks broken and excerpts that made Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian (2009, Warp Records) and is about more Meditation Upon finishing Meditations (The Japanese Diaries) (2009, Beat Records).

Astrud & Collectiu Brossa - The People: at the level of Super Mario Galaxy

Astrud have done with a small flip What's new in your career, maybe they needed it to remove laziness and to shake off the drowsiness. However, the best disc is the disc itself, but everything that has involved around it. For example, a magnificent concert tour, a tribute to both themselves and their fans.

For example (2): their videos. 'The Music of the superstring' and can not be imagined without the short film that put images, and likewise, 'The Popular, the song whose lyrics defined the disc can not be without the girl, remember? Without the floor, not Super Mario Galaxy without Genis (in robot mode or red mode) and without the director.

Molotov release their first live album soon

Molotov plans to launch in a couple of months, his first live album, which would include its successes and would be accompanied by a DVD, said Tuesday to The Associated Press his bassist and vocalist Paco Ayala. The album entitled "From Russia with Love" includes about 17 hits, including "Gimme tha Power", "Frijolero", "Changüich the titties" and "Dog black farmer," the bassist of the Mexican group that fuses hip-hop with alternative rock and heavy metal.

Extremoduro show the cover defects in materials and give us a preview

Not yet had time to be trending topic on Twitter but tomorrow is likely to be. The network is now boiling after filtration of the cover, listing single items and defective material advancement, the new album by Extremoduro. Finally be published on May 24 via Warner Music in three formats, namely, vinyl, CD and digital album and will include six issues that can already be heard on its website a juicy advance: go more or less than 8 minutes of 'Tango suicide', the fifth song on the album.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Michelle Lamb arrived in Venezuela for an intense media tour (+ photos and video)

The new face of Latin pop, Michelle Lamb, arrived in Caracas on May 1 to promote their music, conducting a media tour and meeting with members of her fan club. Following the success of "Your Sweet Force", video that is already 4 months rotating in the prestigious MTV Latino, and he still holds the top count "Your Top 10" (above the 10 + orders), Michelle released "Really Love, audiovisual work that entered into the regular programming of the channel.

Poly Styrene dies, the grande dame of British punk

Poly Styrene, former lead singer of X Ray Spex and considered one of the great icons of British punk, has died at age 53 of a cancer victim. The death was announced through its official website Twitter: "We can confirm that the beautiful Poly Styrene, which has been a real fighter, won their battle on Monday night to go to higher places." His real name was Marianne Elliot-Said, was one of the first female punk icons thanks to his infectious style and his message against consumerism in front of X Ray Spex, the band he formed at age 18 after seeing a performance of Sex Pistols.

Kylie Minogue: "We Are One" with Verbal and an EP 6 tracks

Double news for Kylie Minogue. The Australian will publish beautiful, May 3, 2011, a new EP around his show "Aphrodite: The Folly's Tour 2011" and then next week is the turn of a collaboration with rapper Verbal Japanese for a song charity for the benefit of Japan, entitled "We Are One", to be published in early May 2011.

To honor the many victims of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan March 11, 2011, the singer and rapper Verbal, very famous in Japan, along with Kylie Minogue, will unveil "We Are One" whose profits will be donated to benefit victims of natural disasters. Both artists have enjoyed a recent visit to the beautiful Australian Far East to record the song "We Are One." Kylie Minogue and Verbal have good awareness by promoting a campaign for donations to UNICEF Japan.

African stars in the lineup the festival Womad Cáceres and even sneaks into the FIB

The ethnic festival Womad Cáceres meets this spring 20. The veteran musical event which will open its doors on May 12 with a performance by the Irish Imelda May, has already completed an artistic poster that is featured by 18 artists to show the music, arts and dances from 14 countries from Africa, Latin and Europe.

Besides the concerts the festival will offer workshops and a film series Director General for Cultural Promotion of the Junta de Extremadura, Javier Alonso de la Torre, said during his presentation that the event organizers had done a "great effort" to gather a poster "interesting", although the budget reduction.

Kate Bush: "Deeper Understanding" on video!

The new album from Kate Bush, "Director's Cut" released May 16, 2011. First single from the new album, the song "Deeper Understanding" is now available on digital platforms. Although the title was written there are now over 20 years, "Deeper Understanding" remains today, more than ever, all her grace.

To top this new release, "Deeper Understanding" is illustrated by a video clip directed by Kate Bush herself. The video features Robbie Coltrane, Frances Barber and Noel Fielding and Kate Bush's son, Albert, who also sings on some parts of the single. The song "Deeper Understanding" is from the album "Director's Cut," published on his own label "Fish People".

Haste The Day: "SOS" on a new LP 2011?

The return of Novaspace be imminent? It still tells us that information received over the weekend in the drafting of Music Radio. Based on this information, even conditional, Novaspace currently working on her third studio album and is preparing to release a first single from this album before the summer.

Size information for all fans of Haste The Day! Having sold nearly 600,000 CDs early in his career, with his first album and his first single, the latest album from Haste The Day was published in 2009. Called "In women, the publication of this excellent second album by Novaspace was accompanied by two singles," M "and the song" My Holy Nitouche "that had failed completely captivated radio.

Britney Spears: "Till The World Ends" remix with Nicki Minaj and Kesha

This year, we can not blame the Easter celebrations not to be original. Indeed, here comes a very nice surprise with a nice remix of the song "Till The World Ends" by Britney Spears. And attention, it is not any real remix but a new version, called "The Femme Fatale Remix", which gives pride to its sublime participants who are none other than the charismatic Nicki Minaj and the lyricist of "Till The World Ends," the amazing Ke $ ha.

There will be a new album by Black Eyed Peas

Black Eyed Peas remain determined to continue to bleed the goose that lays the golden eggs. His last two works, The End and The Beginning, I left a bad taste and a bit sorry to see to what paths are some groups when they are losing steam, credibility and creativity. At some point get saving tackle, obviously, fail at any time to be not nearly as interesting as they were when Fergie joined their ranks.

Eddie Vedder lets us see the cover of Ukulele Songs

Eddie Vedder just show us the cover of his new solo album, Ukulele Songs, a work featuring original songs and versions will go on sale May 31 via Monkeywrench Records, which we told you that he would participate Chan Marshal , aka Cat Power, and Glen Hansard of The Swell Season. And the cover invites to investigate this second full length of the leader of Pearl Jam.

This is an image of a work of deCaires Jason Taylor, a sculptural artist who specializes in underwater sculpture design. The piece in question is called The Lost Correspondent. And as every piece has a story behind explained by its author to your site: Interesting, no? Something that fits perfectly with the philosophy of life of Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam, whose fans are still deciphering the hidden messages on the cover of Backspacer.

Singer Robi Draco Rosa have a cancerous tumor

The Puerto Rican singer Robi Draco, former Menudo, and producer of the biggest hits of Ricky Martin, said Monday that it suffers from a cancerous tumor in the abdomen and is undergoing treatment in Texas (center). Robi Draco, "he found a cancerous tumor in the abdomen near the liver - Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

At this point in a specialized treatment in the Burzynski Clinic in Houston, Texas, "said a statement from his representative in Los Angeles, Angelo Medina. The artist of 41 years is "facing this challenge that has brought life. Ask your friends, fans and the entire general public to join in prayer, "said the representative.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Britney Spears, Ke $ ha and Nicki Minaj Remix 'Till The World Ends'

Britney Spears is determined to cooperate with whom he pleases. Matter of days ago was 'S & M', a request by Rihanna, which in turn received it from their fans, and the result of which we speak here at the time. In this case, was the princess of pop came out to explore the new possibilities, but now she has decided to be host and play at home.

'Till The World Ends' was the song chosen to be remixed with Nicki Minaj and Ke $ ha, with whom he has a good relationship to the point that the second was responsible for composing the original theme, with Lukasz Gottwald Alexander Kronlund and the ubiquitous Max Martin. It is rumored that they will record a video to promote the remix, although we have no official information about it.

The essentials of Festimad: Human League to Sexy Sadie

One of the most iconic and enduring festivals of the peninsula. For 18 years, the Festimad has had to overcome numerous difficulties, including several changes of location, to reach breath to 2011. Now his name articulates a series of concerts, almost a hundred-and music competitions to be held between 28 April and 8 May in different rooms of Madrid.

We propose a guided tour of some of the most interesting direct this quote rock, pure and devoted the underground. Sexy Sadie. When: April 29 (sold out) and May 1. 22.00. Where: Sala Caracol, Madrid. Price: between 15 and 18 euros. Why you should see: The Mallorcan was one of the leading representatives of the indie pop of the nineties in Spain and author of hymns such as In the water.

Souvenir - Travelogues: electronic games

Usually veterans groups that have managed to evolve a radically site (well, or substantially only) other than the departed, the group's fans end up choosing a time (usually one in which they met and became enamored of the group) and tend to look, but with opposition, with some reluctance to "other." In this case, the path it has set electropop group differs from its origins, and there is some tendency to be decreasing or, alternatively, by masking the French connection in his music.

Kamelot are already looking for a replacement for Roy Khan admitted betting

In the week we left behind, which was Easter for some, has proved to the world of metal a very bad week, because the departure of KK Downing of Judas Priest and Jeff Loomis and Van Williams of Nevermore, we must add the departure of Roy Khan of Kamelot always interesting. Swedish vocalist for me has always been one of my favorites in the more affordable metal, call it symphonic, power or whatever you want, and many albums he has recorded with the band left American.

SGAE raised 365 million euros in 2010, 7.7% more than previous year's figure

The total for the General Society of Authors of Spain (SGAE) in 2010 rose to just over 365 million euros, 7.7% more than in 2009, when it gained almost 345 million euros. Of that number, SGAE spent last year to social income, which is shared among its members, 341.2 million euros, 5.8% more than the 316.9 of 2009, which again social income grow after two years of decline.

In 2008, distributed among its members 333.9 million, down 11% from the record high attained in 2007, more than 377 million euros, as explained in a press conference in Seville President of the Board of SGAE Eduardo Bautista. "The year 2010, without being a good year, has returned to the path of sustained growth until the year 2007," Bautista, who has described as "comforting fact" and has increased economic crisis blamed for the drop in revenue the years 2008 and 2009.

La Mala Rodriguez put his 'know how' the service of a new knowledge bank

The rapper Mala Rodríguez León work with the platform Comunitats. org, first bank of time and knowledge with their own project which will share experience and skills and has the backing of two other participants from Mexico and Bulgaria. The artist told Europa Press that it is a useful proposal for all, "you will like" and in which anyone can contribute.

This is my own business ideas are coupled with my experiences "dreams really are, it seems a bit utopian, but it's nothing, because my project is shared with other people, my own business ideas come together with my experiences, I know, and it's very nice to be shared with others, "he explains.

Monomes: when rock music knows no borders

Having a rock band is not easy. Even less so if the people who make it are separated by thousands of miles away. But such adverse circumstances appears to be an impediment to monomer, a Spanish band that tries to make the jump to the first division with its second album, the brand new Sweet Champagne.

We met through Skype, which also allows us to rehearse "Two group members living abroad, one in Manchester and one in the U.S.," says Clara, Monomes guitarist. "So we rehearsed for many months each on a site, send us email with all the ideas we are going and we met through Skype, a platform that also allows us to test." No distance is resisting new technologies.

Wilco announce new single and details of what is to come: a double album called Everybody Get Well Soon?

If Wilcoprometieron early 2011 that before the end of the year would return to hear from him, they begin to come true. Through its Facebook page, Wilco just announced they released a new single called 'I Might', planned for summer. In principle, this will be the first reference of Wilco's new record, dBpm Records, created by themselves and with the Edit self think the new album.

For now, shuffled the title Everybody Get Well Soon, much less stark and platitudinous than that Wilco (The Album) with which, for the moment, closed his career in 2009. In the single, to be released in mid-July, Wilco will also include a version of 'I Love My Label', Nick Lowe song you can hear over here in the hands of a Stiff Records tribute band called just like that, I Love My Label.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Katy Perry and Kanye West singing 'ET' ... "Live?

Katy Perry is not characterized, unfortunately, by blinding vocal in their live performances. It is clear that it is Beyoncé, and she neither intended, but they can be very entertaining his records, is at concerts where it really shows the quality of a singer. And unfortunately, this girl has left us to remember more than a memorable performance, but not exactly on the positive side.

Teenage Dream was not the best album of the year, and Katy Perry singles released were not exactly spectacular - not that there is a unique commodity -. However, one of the cuts will save most of the album, 'ET', has finally reached the singles race, and has encouraged some competition.

Red Hot Chili Peppers release their new album in August

There are still many unknowns about to unveil new album by Red Hot Chili Peppers, who after some delay, it's already pretty sure its launch later this year. In fact, the drummer Chad Smith has dared to risk saying late August as planned for your arrival time, although not yet have closed the list of topics for inclusion.

In the interview, it also follows that the impossible title Kiedis announced last February finally be nothing, I guess even they were able to remember. It is therefore hoped that the final name for the album itself known soon, as well as the juicy details yet to be revealed. In addition to confirming this significant date, Smith also used the interview to announce that the new album Chickenfoot, the other project which is currently shipped, will arrive in autumn, although this makes me so excited.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spanish tour Jeniferever

From the cold Uppsala (Sweden) arrived in Spain in the middle of Holy Week Jeniferever to present on a tour of five dates starting tonight in Oviedo (The Old Station), concert of which I speak in the corresponding disease. The quartet releases its third album, Silesia, just released by the label Monotreme Records, which was preceded by the single 'The Beat Of Our Own Blood.

" What music do Jeniferever? We could say that rock and ambient post-rock, soundscapes manufacturers that grow in environments without much fanfare. If they do not know, this new album, which I hope to bring dual-format copies white vinyl is an excellent opportunity to discover new songs and some of those who had registered to Bring Choose Morning (2006) and Pring Tides (2009).

Interview with Víctor García (WarCry), II: "The same industry forces you to eliminate middlemen"

A week ago, Alpha was released, the new album by WarCry, seventh studio work that has surpassed all optimistic sales forecasts of the Asturian band. Hypersonic published that day in the first part of the interview we did to Victor Garcia, singer, main songwriter and leader considered by many the best Spanish metal band.

Today we bring you the second part of this very long conversation I had with him and in the end almost convinced him that this record should have a limited edition vinyl. Where do you walk WarCry? It is very important to the stability of the musicians and it shows a lot Alpha. It was a joint effort, including the work of producer has actually produced the album, and finally we have consolidated.

Katy B - On A Mission: electronics simple and addictive personality

Katy B has a history, at least, peculiar. Graduated from the University of London in popular music by the faculty of Goldsmith, one of the most traditional schools in England at the time to contribute to the arts and especially music, this 21 year old got his name were of word of mouth through the streets of the English capital thanks to the work of Rinse FM, the largest pirate radio station in the city until finally in 2010 got a legal license.

Jeff Loomis and Williams have left Van Nevermore

Jeff Loomis and Van Williams, guitar and drums respectively Nevermore, have left the band. The news have reported a few days later they decided to cancel U.S. tour that they were going to offer next to Symphony X. Loomis and Williams had been two of the founding members of Nevermore with vocalist Warell Dane and bassist Jim Sheppard, who not long ago had caused low because of a tumor, whose self-titled debut in 1995.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Elton John: "Lady Gaga is the godmother of Zachary

After much speculation, the singer Elton John has confirmed that the singer Lady Gaga is the godmother of his son Zachary. In a television in the United States, Sir Elton, accompanied by her husband David Furnish, have formalized the news. This morning, when the program "Good Morning America", was the guest Elton John.

Often when Télématin U.S., stars crossing the plateau of Barbara Walters, indulge and host star of ABC's harvest some nice scoops. Asked about his private life and the arrival of little Zachary in the life of Elton John, British artist has confirmed the rumor. The pop superstar Lady Gaga could be the patron of the toddler.

Dance music XCII

Watch the video at the original site. Although most of you will be enjoying a few days of free time, here we are another week to leave you the best of dance music from Noctamina, in a few days in which precisely this music becomes more important than ever. And to start today, we do rather than just music, with a history as Martin Solveig, away from us delivered a single video of his "series" Smash is giving us a story in chapters.

The Ready Set: The phnomne pop "Love Like Woe"

Produced by JR Rotem, producer of the famed Mann, The Ready Set arrives in Europe with the single that has been revealed across the Atlantic "Love Like Woe." Aired in the U.S. A year ago, this first song quickly found its audience and takes off the career of this young singer The Ready Set is the pseudonym of Mark Jordan Witzigreuter.

21 years old and a native of the United States, it is the new darling of American girls. Road Warrior music, before going solo, The Ready Set was part of many groups where he officiated as a drummer. Author and composer, he was discovered in 2009 by JR Rotem who decides to actually start the musical career of the young Jordan.

Emma on tour

To the delight of fans all sounds, Emma soon to begin his first tour in May! After opening the only live Italian Taylor Swift in 2011, held last March 15 at Mediolanum Forum di Assago (MI), Emma will undertake his first tour in Italy. His adventure will begin in May on stage, first as an opening act of the much Gianna Nannini tour - for which the dates of open 4:05 on 14 May in Rome and Caserta.

Black Eyed Peas Listen to the future hit "Dont Stop The Party"

The choice of the new single from the Black Eyed Peas has been revealed. The title "Do not Stop The Party" will be the new single from the album "The Beginning" to be aired on Europe. Thus, the choice will be different from North America. In our previous reviews we announced that the single "Someday" was chosen for Canada.

Also, the record company of the group Black Eyed Peas take into account the seasonal upturn to propel "Do not Stop The Party" on the dance floor. The summer of 2011 promises to be hot with the music of Black Eyed Peas. "Do not Stop The Party" should make a very nice atmosphere in the transition group at the Stade de France.

Beyoncé unveils 'Run The World (Girls)', his new single

Beyoncé has taken almost three years to prepare his new job. From that I Am ... Sasha Fierce as irregular and that the only thing that saved without exception, as always, was his magnificent voice, she has held the weeks and months of touring, collaborations and the occasional short break. Until next June, we can not hear the new album by Beyonce, of which we know has had with producers such as Rodney Jenkins, Ne-Yo, Frank Ocean and Diplo, and whose general tone is a mixture of styles, without being enclosed in a single trend.

Moby video 'The Day': a life or death

In the midst of so many holy days Moby has submitted its own procession of angels and demons in the video for 'The Day', the first single from her tenth studio album Destroyed that will be unveiled in mid May and that already knew an EP with three songs. A theme he composed during a sleepless night in a hotel de la Castellana in Madrid and whose images that tell the moment in which a person is caught between life and death, has ordered the counting as director Evan Bernard star with actress Evan Bernard.

Akon: "Take It Down Low" with Chris Brown brings back "Stadium"

Akon, the Senegalese singer best known of the planet finally talk to him again with the arrival of a new single, "Take It Down Low" with the participation of Chris Brown. After a fairly large defocus in recent months, "Take It Down Low" is the new single from the album "Stadium" repeatedly rejected but should be released, hopefully in September 2011.

The news will reassure the millions of fans of Akon. The news is official, after the lukewarm reception of the song "Angel" is "Take It Down Low" in collaboration Chris Brown, Akon back to the front of the stage musical. The choice is probably not entirely innocent. Chris Brown currently tops the charts rap & r'n'b of time with her album "E FAM.

Snoop Dogg concert in Paris on July 4

After making us transpired with the arrival of her single, "Sweat," with David Gutta, Snoop Dogg will soon be leaving his hometown of LA for a series of concerts around the world. A musical journey that will bring the "Dogfather" July 4, 2011 concert at the Zenith in Paris. On the occasion of the festival "Paris Hip Hop," the rapper will close 2 weeks days of festivities with a concert.

Snoop Dogg will use his visit to present live his latest compositions from his album "Doggumentary" you've already discovered several extracts listening on the radio. Paris Hip Hop festival runs from 20 June to 4 July. The organizers offer a total immersion in the hip-hop culture in the broadest sense of the word, dance, concerts, through exhibitions.

Bart Davenport - Bart Davenport Searching For: exceptional selection

The Californian singer returns to bring us an interesting collection of songs in which is his fifth solo album, Searching For Bart Davenport, but this time instead of original songs includes a series of songs he has been playing live and / or choose what you prefer, have influenced his career. For those who do not know Bart Davenport must be told that was part of The Loved Ones and The Kinetics, and that is still the singer and member of Incarnations Honeycut.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Arctic Monkeys unveil the cover of her new album, Suck It and See

I am among those who like simple designs, but this time I think the monkeys are gone. They do not look on the cover of his new album, Suck It and See, even your name appears. A creamy smooth background and the album title written in small letters in the center. Nothing more. The idea is not even original, although there are plenty of cases are always the most popular of The White Album by The Beatles and The Black Album Metallica, but those had no title.

KK Downing Judas Priest leaves unexpectedly

KK Downing, Judas Priest guitarist, has unexpectedly left the British band on the eve of his upcoming World Tour Epitaph, which was to be the last world tour which would take advantage quintet to play tracks from all their albums and songs that had never played live. The defection of guitarist in the band that had more than four decades, is due to change of plans from other components not to terminate the career of veteran heavy metal band, they even announced they are working on new album which will be released in 2012.

Beyonce: "Run The World (Grills)" has arrived!

After weeks of suspense, the new single from Beyonce is officially unveiled. The song "Run The World (Grills)" is available for download and listening on the radio. Since the Internet publication of the title earlier this week, many questions have stirred the world music for the integrity of the song.

Indeed, this is Tuesday, April 19, 2011, the new Beyonce song "Girls (Who Run The World" has appeared on several platforms listening. The title "Run The World (Grills)" does not cease stir up envy and also raises many questions. Indeed, this song does not seem quite finished. A minimalist arrangement or no looping a summary of the rhythm of the song "Pon De Floor" Major Lazer.

The group Black Eyed Peas will open a music academy for poor children in New York

The American group Black Eyed Peas open a music school in New York this July to teach low-income youth between 13 and 19 years of music production techniques and videos with high-tech equipment. The famous band, winner of six Grammy Awards, said in a statement released from New York that the school will be located in a local organization that administers the nonprofit Urban Arts partenership and will also boosting the company's founding Adobe .

Bootsy Collins "Funk Tha Capital of the World" fantastic album 2011

A monument to the funky music, with its costumes "flashy" and extravagant spectacles, Bootsy Collins, returns for our pleasure with a new album entitled "Tha Funk Capital Of The World." On this new album, Bootsy Collins is joined by an impressive list of artists who made music history. Legendary bassist, Bootsy Collins is back with a brand new album "Tha Funk Capital Of The World." It is very difficult to present Bootsy Collins, as his career is impressive.

Gerard Smith has died, bassist TV on the Radio

Only a few months ago was diagnosed with lung cancer (the band went public in March) and today we heard the sad news that Gerard Smith, bassist TV on the Radio, has been unable to disease and died with only 36 years old. Gerard Smith joined the band in Brooklyn in 2005 and participated in their last three albums, Return to Cookie Mountain, Dear Science and Nine Types of Light, just published last week.

Dudamel received "endless cheers" at the Salzburg Easter Festival

Venezuelan director Gustavo Dudamel got "cheers endless", according to review the daily El Pais in Spain, when placed in front of the Berlin Philharmonic to take the lead in the Salzburg Easter Festival in Austria. This festival is in addition to the annual opera, a three-minicycler symphonic and chamber music series format with the name Counterpoint.

Of the three two orchestral concerts are conducted by the British director Simon Rattle. The other is the Venezuelan Gustavo Dudamel, who is participating for the first time in the match. The first part of the concert was dedicated to Alban Berg lieder with Seven youth orchestra, composed between 1905 and 1908.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jersey Shore in Italy

Jersey Shore arrives in Italy! In a video message during the live broadcast of the 2011 TRL Awards, the stars of reality since most of the history of MTV have announced that soon will land in Florence to turn the fourth season of the show. Became an international television phenomenon, Jersey Shore irreverent representation of the modern girl, a reality capable of telling the lives of young Italian Americans in a different way, eccentric and innovative.

Nacho Vegas in concert at the Teatro Jovellanos (Gijón, 04/16/2011): talent, talented

Nacho Vegas is a prophet in his land and from the beginning, when presented in the theater closed Quiquilimón, near Public Works, his debut album Acts Unexplained (Limbostarr, 2001). So I get a little laugh when some bands and artists say that home is not very dear. As well Paskual Igor told me recently in an interview: "If we do not succeed with Babylon chat was because our songs were not good enough or because it interesábamos the public." This powerful phrase can be applied to many whiners who look askance at Nacho Vegas indie calling it shit, jealous of their success.

Shakira's sexy image to promote his new single "Rabid"

Through your twitter account @ Shakira, shared a photo of her new single "Rabid." Song featured in his latest album "Out the Sun." The Spanish version has the support of the tasting, and English with Pitbull. According to the official site review Shakira, the video will be premiering soon.

Andrés Calamaro Salmonalipsis Now back with: a round with Salmon

A silly thing, a fad, an occasion to commemorate the end of an era, a subterfuge to hide the fact that Calamaro On The Rock was not how well he and his record company had expected. The fact is that Salmonalipsis Now will be released on April 26, or what is the same on Easter Tuesday via Warner Music.

This is a short double CD digipak with 54 songs, after 11 years of the publication of The Salmon, that great, but misunderstood, release of 5 CDs with 103 songs (there were 300 to publish) that were fed to the final balance crates department stores. I do not think that comes to mind remember that commercial failure, but the fact is that in addition to 49 of those original songs with five unreleased we will add some interest to the topic: 'My nose', 'Slow Music', 'Superlógico' 'Ringo and Albert' and 'Happy Birthday' from his most ardent fans have already swiped into the net.

Mann: "Buzzin '" with 50 Cent April 25th, 2011!

Nice surprise for the team of radio listening. com. A few weeks ago, we presented, in preview, the single "Buzzin '" the rapper Mann. A new character in reversing that has delighted many listeners. Also, Universal Music has just announced the publication next week in France, Mann hit "Buzzin '" with the participation of 50 Cent.

Mann's song "Buzzin '" with 50 cent prances topping the charts in Europe. He only wanted France to be, in turn, conquered by the new hit the protégé of the U.S. producer J. R Rotem. Originally from Los Angeles, this rapper was approached by the famous producer to include his own label and become the new rap phenomenon in the USA.

Mona Lisa: "From Jay" novelty rnb

Hey Dee-Jay! Here's a new r'n'b happens in force on U.S. radio. The song "From Jay" Mona Lisa, a duo of young ladies, come on many FM stations and already seems to get a good reception of their listeners. Also available for download on the main European hubs, "From Jay" is a title very bubbly, to discover now listening on the radio.

Mona Lisa, is a duo of Jojo and his sister Wo. This new pop group comes at this time on U.S. radio and presents their new song titled "From jay." The twin sisters have some talent and the California independent label Flying Pig Production "does not make a mistake. Instigator of the "Internet buzz" Rebecca Black singer of "Friday", described as "the worst song in the world," the label had another opportunity with the duo MonaLisa.

Uffie: "Wordy Rappinghood" TV ad for Evian

The ad focuses on Uffie! Young woman with the character and music, well-tempered, Uffie is back with a new single, "Wordy Rappinghood. Music in mind indie-dance very "hype" that promises to make sense since it was chosen as the new music pub in the new advertising campaign for the brand "Evian" in 2011.

If babies were still advertising grew, this time, everyone dancing and having fun on a free version of the famous tube group Tom Tom Club revisited by Uffie in "Wordy Rappinghood. After "Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans," his first album, released in late 2010. Uffie emergence of this new music scene should not go unnoticed.

Black Eyed Peas have music academy in NY

NEW YORK (AP) - The Black Eyed Peas founded a school for New York teenagers where students can learn and music video production using professional equipment. The winners of six Grammy Awards announced Tuesday that its Peapod Foundation, in collaboration with the Adobe Foundation will open the musical and multimedia academy Peapod Adobe Youth Voices in Manhattan.

The Peapod Foundation is a nonprofit organization of hip-hop and is administered by the Entertainment Industry Foundation. The Adobe Foundation is the charitable organization of the software maker Adobe Systems Inc., whose products include Acrobat, Flash and Photoshop. Both foundations collaborate in the Youth Voices academies in Los Angeles, Oakland and Redwood City, California.

Chris Brown: "She Is not You" revisits "Human Nature" by Michael Jackson

Chris Brown has succeeded. His album "FAM E 'is certified gold in the U.S. and that only three weeks of operation. Proud of this success, the rapper still propels a new single from her album, the song "She Is not You." Fourth extract "FAM E", the song revisits the melody of clothing worldwide hit "Human Nature" by Michael Jackson.

"She Is not You" is the new song by Chris Brown. This new title has attérir first class on U.S. radio. Indeed, in just one week, the most played song on FM stations to "urban music". "She Is not You" is taken from the album "FAME" and follows three hits as the rapper has already published.

Loreena McKennitt: "I'm less spiritual than I look"

Canada was born, but all it evokes the essence of Ireland and Scotland, the land of their ancestors. With 14 million albums sold, Loreena McKennitt, Celtic music muse, it keeps on hand a marvelous simplicity of spirit, almost as much as his voice and his talent for composing and playing any instrument.

It has long traveled to soak up other cultures and their music (Venice, Hungary, Ukraine, the Middle East and Spain). Now it's time to go home. In that spirit has nacidoThe Wind That Shakes the Barley (The Wind That Rocks the barley), a return to his musical roots in retrieving Irish and Scottish classics, lesser-known traditional songs and two instrumentals.

Foo Fighters - Wasting Light: I love it when a plan comes together

Seventeen-year career and seven studio albums and is more than enough to exhaust even the most effective formula, but the weather seems determined to be generous with the Foo Fighters. Wasting the arrival of Light was one of the most anticipated on the international scene is loaded 2011, and now that we have a few days among us can say that has not disappointed.

The guitars that open the album with 'Burning Bridge' is a declaration of intent to what is to come. Pure and simple rock, the most effective and direct. The most fun, in a nutshell. From here the band is dedicated to what he does best for eleven songs able to maintain minimum whenever the bar pretty high, minimizing complications and artifacts.

Black Eyed Peas acadm inaugurates a musical New York

The Black Eyed Peas recently formalized before the American press, the opening of the first musical academy. The 'Adobe Youth Voices Peoped Academy has opened its doors in New York in the prestigious Soho, well recognized for its cultural side and "hype". Adobe Foundation already has three such schools in the rest of the Americas which are very successful and have no less than 1400 students.

Mary May: "As before" mode "Version 3.0"

It could be considered the "Jenifer Québécoise" For Mary May began his career with the first edition of Star Academy in Quebec. Proud of four albums, the singer presents "Like Before," the new single from his album "Version 3.0". In 2008, Marie Mai had made a pass by our country by offering his album "Dangerous Attraction Tour" with especially the singles "Who Will My Place" and "Lying".

Upon its release, the album had collected a small home that has nevertheless not prevent the artist from Quebec to continue its carrièe. Sacred recently "Female Vocalist of the Year at last ADISQ Les Victoires de la Musique in Quebec, Marie Mai unveils new horizons with" Like Before, "from his new album" Version 3.0 ".

Cake in Italy

Cake I will not miss a single date in Italy to live. After seven years of absence, the indie band finally arrived in Sacramento in the beautiful country to present the sixth studio album, "Showroom of Compassion", released in January to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the group's career. Soon after the release, the disc jumped to the top of the Billboard Top 200 Charts and first on the U.S.

Tuenda in concert at the Auditorio Principe Felipe (Oviedo, 14/04/2011): tradition finally recovered

Go ahead I do not like traditional folk music with bagpipe and if I tolerate some training to use this instrument is because the pipes have been replaced by midi or electronic, it is still more than a keyboard. With Tuenda not I have this problem, it's a trio of Xosé Ambás (voice), Pepin of Munal (flute) and Elias Garcia (bouzouki) who began his musical career in 2003.

In his work there is no hurry, have charged three wonders that carry the title consecutively in paragraphs 1, 2 and 3. Tuenda 3 is his latest creation, an album that just came out via Earth Records, the label that created Igor Medio and Carlos remembered Redondo alongside fellow Felpeyu, and has continued to operate after that sad day in June 2006.

Lady Gaga wears Mary Magdalene in "Judas", his new music video

Los Angeles (USA.) Apr 19 (EFE) .- The controversy again be served from the hand of Lady Gaga thanks to her new single, "Judas", in which video, which will premiere during this Holy Week the artist becomes a peculiar Mary Magdalene, which has hurt the sensitivities of religious groups. According to details published today in the U.S..

UU., The video will be full of religious details, will feature the actor Norman Reedus in the role of a maniacal Judas and Gaga appear as a Gothic version of the figure of Mary Magdalene, makeup and dark coat. Seepage through the shoot photographs have attracted the criticism of many organizations, led by the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights U.S..

New controversy Lady Gaga: Now Mary Magdalene is dressed in her new music video

The controversy is again served by the hand of Lady Gaga thanks to her new single, Judas, in which video, which will premiere during this Holy Week, the artist becomes a peculiar Mary Magdalene, which has hurt the sensibilities of groups religious. "Another excatólica you have changed your mind? According to details published in the U.S., the video will be full of religious details, with the participation of actor Norman Reedus in the role of a maniacal Judas and Gaga appear as a Gothic version of the figure of Mary Magdalene, makeup and dark coat.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lady Gaga's album "Born This Way" Publishing in spcial

Listed after the song "Judas" on top of legal downloads in a dozen countries, and we have made the cover of the standard edition of the album "Born This Way", Lady Gaga reveals the publication a special edition of its new album 2011. Indeed, in addition to the cover half woman half-bike, a new special edition to be published on May 23, 2011, official release date of the album by Lady Gaga.

For this special edition of the album "Born This Way," a new vision has been realized. Fostering a close-up on the face of Lady Gaga, this design may be more palatable to some fans of the superstar hits, found a little "special" in its original look. Musically, the special edition of the album "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga should be sufficiently provided.

Actor Jeff Bridges will release a solo album

Actor Jeff Bridges, Oscar winner last year for giving life to an old country music star in Crazy Heart, released a solo album this summer, said Tuesday the online edition of the magazine The Hollywood Reporter. According to the publication, Bridges has signed a contract with the division Blue Note Records, the label owned by EMI through which release the album, yet untitled, which will contribute to "various own compositions." The album will feature collaborations with Roseanne Cash and Sam PhillipsBlue Note Records is currently hosting linked to jazz artists like Norah Jones and Amos Lee.

Beyonce: "Girl" a strange new single

But what is this song from Beyonce leaked on the web? Would it really Beyonce's new single, called "Girl" or a mere substitute for a song whose official version should be much more entertaining? Questions should be asked to listen to the excerpt of music called "Girl" leaked this Tuesday, April 19, 2011 on the Internet.

Announced last week, Beyonce is currently busy preparing for his new project. A stunning album for 2011 which should announce itself as a successor to the smash album "I Am ... Sasha Fierce" and its many international hits. Rumor has told us so insistently the arrival of a first single from the new album.

Elton John returns to Las Vegas in September with a new show

London, April 19 (EFE) .- The British musician Elton John will return to Las Vegas in September with his new show, "The million-dollar piano, which will play over a period of three years in the luxurious Caesars Palace. The singer will return to the same city and at the same place where they already completed a five-year stay with their previous show, "The Red Piano," which ended in April 2009.

Delafé and Blue Flowers: live, 'online' and 'offline', and free

The group Delafé and Blue Flowers offers this Tuesday, from 19.00, a mini-free and direct from a balcony of the Palau de la Música (Barcelona) you can follow through 365diasdefestivales digital platform. 365diasdefestivales platform, which has over 11,000 followers, is a pioneer in Spain in connecting artists with their fans through live online MINICONCERT to which can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

George Michael: "You & I" for Prince William and Kate Middleton

Approached last week in our columns, George Michael has finally unveiled, as expected, last weekend, the gift for the royal couple, Prince William and Kate Middleton. To celebrate their marriage, George Michael has decided to offer a new interpretation of the title "You and I" by Stevie Wonder. George Michael had launched a "brainstorming" on Twitter giant among his admirers to find what might be the best song symbolizing the union of Royal next week in England.

'Sign me me first' new EP in May Tachenko

Now to be one year of the publication of You laugh because you are young, fourth and so far last album the group Zaragoza, Limbo Starr will be published 4 new songs (being strict, 3 new songs and a version) we assume that will serve as an appetizer before they lock up recording their new album. The EP, to be published both as a digipack in an exclusive 7 "vinyl, continue the healthy habit of chaining group EPs and LPs (remember the case of Amable or time in the Urals), and surprise us with a version of the classic Serrat 'Mediterranean', includes three other songs: 'I do not want to sound modern, "" Take Arms "and" The avalanche'.

Disney Jazz: Volume 1: Everybody Wants to Be a Cat "

As of April 29, 2011, you stopped listening to Disney film music in the same way. For the first time EMI will offer a new compilation of the greatest themes inspired Disney jazzy version, entitled "Disney Jazz Volume 1: Everybody Wants to Be a Cat" The special affection for Walt Disney for the jazz of the 1920s and 1930 brought a number of artists to record their interpretations of the most popular tunes from his films over the decades that followed.

Arcade Fire reissued 'The Suburbs' including two new songs and the documentary by Spike Jonze

Perhaps driven by the critical acclaim (winning in the last Brit and Grammy awards, but sneak in the top 50 international records of 2010 for this house), and as a new impetus for a summer tour that will pass through our country (Bilbao and headliners in the IFF) after their concert last year at the MTV Day in Santiago de Compostela, Madrid and Barcelona, the Canadian group has seen fit to give us a deluxe edition of her - personal opinion - best record to date.

The 66 best songs to mount a shindig

José María Iñigo speakers and José Ramón Pardo have presented a new compilation album which includes tracks from those artists who rang in his first guateques at parties where they discovered the love and fitted her first rejection. Select the music that was playing in the bars where Ligabo The album, entitled The 66 Favorite José María Iñigo and José Ramón Pardo (1958-1961), includes three CDs on the topics recovered autologous Diana (Paul Anka), Georgia on my mind (Ray Charles), I'm sorry (B.

Social networks with more pace

How is listening to the music before Spotify rubricate green your computer's desktop? "We would be familiar names Anni B Sweet, Paul Alborán or Justin Bieber himself had not been on MySpace and YouTube? What would have thought a decade ago if we had explained that it would be possible to pursue in cyberspace who share our musical tastes, greet them with a wink of bits and that we could receive in return a playlist (list of songs) that we moved him? Internet has forever changed the musical uses of the listeners.

Blink 182 returned

It 'been pushed back to 2012, Torch Blink 182 should have taken this summer. The show scheduled for June 27 at Mediolanum Forum di Assago (MI) will be held July 3, 2012, due to rescheduling of the entire band's world tour in California. I already pre-purchased tickets will have no input value for next year, but may be refunded or replaced with a new cut at the presale purchase from April 27 to July 12, 2011.

Anodajay "never knew" back in the 80's with Diane Tell

Since last winter, the rapper Anodajay Quebec, ignites somewhat rankings Quebec with a single entitled "Never Su. This single is very free adaptation of the tube of singer Diane Tell "Often time, a great deal" involved in its way to the success of this song. This week's selection is particularly interested in speaking to this song we can not resist to show you the title, listening on the radio and the video clip that accompanies "frenzy" never knew ".

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sabina is reunited with Paraguayans in Asuncion exclusive concert

Asuncion, April 17 (EFE) .- The prolific Spanish singer Joaquin Sabina was reunited last night with his Paraguayan public, after fourteen years of absence in Asuncion, in the framework of his Latin American tour "The Penultimate Train", laden with success and poetry. Sabina, relaxed and excited by his return to Paraguay, gave an exclusive concert before some 7,000 spectators at the Yacht and Golf Club Paraguay, on the outskirts of the capital.

Kings of Leon and the series 'Glee' bury the hatchet

The crossing of insults and recriminations among members of the rock band Kings of Leon and the Glee show's creator, Ryan Murphy, came to an end after months of confrontation caused by the group's refusal to give up his music for the familiar "show." "There is resentment," said the leader of the formation, Caleb Followill, during his recent performance at the Coachella Festival (California), as published on Monday the CNN website.

Chucho and Bebo Valdés, doctor honoris causa of the University of Berklee

Madrid, April 18 (EFE) .- The Cuban pianists Bebo and Chucho Valdés will be invested on May 7, doctor honoris causa of the Berklee College of Music in Boston (USA), a recognition that will give "a greater dimension to all musicians who share the roots of Latin jazz, "he told Efe Dionysus Jesus" Chucho "Valdés.

With this appointment Cuban music and Latin jazz "are in luck," Chucho although this recognition is due to the work of his father, with whom he recorded in 2009 the album "Together Forever." It is the dream of any artist, of any musician, "said Valdes, double doctorate proud to be son of" one of the great artists of Cuban music, as well as a composer with "a history and influence" that has weighed on "other generations" .

Lady Gaga: "At school I had a chance to call me bitch, ugly or dyke"

In the May issue of Vanity Fair, one of the magazine reporters traveling with Lady Gaga herself to London and Paris for the publication of his new album, Born this way. In this very extensive interview, part of his eccentricities as an artist, the singer proves to be a serene and nothing humble star.

According to the magazine Vanity Fair, Lady Gaga is someone unfailingly polite and surprisingly decent. And no wonder, after twelve years of private school attendance older women in Manhattan, where she was the ugly girl nerd. I also was the sort of person, really bad, an unsuitable "I was the girl who at school was walking down the hall and had a better chance of being called a slut, ugly, Nose, nerd or dike", confessed Gaga, who now has become a true icon of fashion and music.

50 Cent 2011 a new single this week

"I'm putting my first single of my new album out this week, Nothing but heat." This is undoubtedly the fans awaited announcement of 50 percent. Monday, April 18 this morning, so it is with a great news that fans of 50 cent started their day. Indeed, the rapper, who had hidden his game, should reveal much earlier than expected first excerpt from a new album in 2011 which was previously codenamed "Black Magic".

Jennifer Lopez: "Papi" succde "I'm Into You"

The summer will be very "Caliente" with Jennifer Lopez who unsheathed his singles one after the other. The promotion machine around his new album "Love? "Is well and truly launched. Thus, the single "Papi," which appeared this week for download and of course listening on the radio. Before the final revelation of the album "Love? "J-Lo does not waste time and reveals already the third single from her upcoming album.

Lady Gaga: "Judas" at the top!

Following the premature leak of excerpts from the new single of Lady Gaga "Judas" on the Internet, the second single from the album "Born This Way" was made available on legal download platforms, Friday, April 15 late afternoon. An early launch that has not, however, affected the success of "Judas". On sale soon, the new song by Lady Gaga has quickly propelled to the top of download sales.

Also available to listen on the radio, "Judas" already looks like a sensational second single for "Monster Mama" which, as usual, is flirting with her new song provocation by wearing on the cover of the single red cross fluorescent. Musically, we find the roots pop that made the success of several tracks from Lady Gaga in the past as the exceptional "Bad Romance." With the arrival of "Judas", Lady Gaga also confesses his part "Rock'n'Roll" with a melody that fuse sound and atmosphere charged with hypnotic effects.

Astrud & Col.lectiu Brossa concert in Bilbao (Bizkaia Aretoa Auditorium, 14/04/2011): delicatessen pop philosophy

What a good bowling spell that I have!, It seems that you select more, the end is worth it. On Thursday the appointment with Astrud was the obligatory, yet had never had occasion to see them live and also the concert was free. Commented just before entering the room would have preferred to see them alone, without the lectiu Col.

Brossa, and I was wrong completely. Theirs was a meeting of real delicatessen, a concert is not suitable for a mass audience (though the room was filled), a fine staging and a sense of humor and irony. The songs of this duo as Martian Catalan now reached a new dimension with the addition of these five classical instruments.

Julien Comblat: "Well obviously" APRS Grgoire and Joyce Jonathan

After Gregory and Joyce Jonathan, Julien Comblat MyMajorCompany present a new and talented 19 year old rookie who offers us a first single called "Of course." With this new rhythmic song, the label of participatory production hopes to address the hits of summer 2011. Julien Comblat is the new revelation MyMajorCompany 2011.

Mixing pop and electronica, the song "Of course" look forward to bring a breath of fresh air that punctuates the summer. Composed and written by Julian Comblat, the song "Of course" offers a new musical for the participating site, according to Gregory and Joyce Jonathan. Julien Comblat is currently produced by more than 900 people on the site of the label and account, with this first song, accelerate his career and we offer a first album, Singer Songwriter, Julien Comblat is a young artist of 19 years.

The Gift: a vibrant burst of pop to the Portuguese

In your country are real gods. In fact, to interview in the Portuguese capital is to wait patiently to sign endless autographs for fans of all ages. And yet, it is possible that in Spain his name, The Gift, is still a mystery to many. Everything has a solution. "Spain is a top priority for us," says Miguel and Nuno, 50% of the band.

"We are very snug and motivated in Spain, almost as much as in Portugal, despite the fact that in cultural terms it seems that both countries live their backs to each other." The Gift have a studied plan to make this ignorance comes to an end. At least in part. Explode, his new work (the sixth of his career), is "the ideal album to reach as many people as possible", as they themselves recognize.

'Supercollider' and 'The Butcher', the two new tracks from Radiohead to Record Store Day

This past weekend we celebrated Record Store Day, and as I discussed one of the many groups that participate in the festive day was Radiohead. His proposal to go out hunting collector in the event was a limited edition vinyl with two new songs, 'Supercollider' and 'The Butcher'. Both sessions from creation of The King of Limbs, but it ended after the album's release date and formats that are now coming single.

Litfiba Rare and Live

E 'in a Box store super exclusive Litfiba. "Litfiba Live & Rare" a box containing exclusive material, rarity and unusual that they will fail in the record collection of the biggest fans of the Italian rock band and for fans of vinyl. The limited edition box for a total of one thousand numbered pieces can be ordered only via the web, through the site myplaydirect.

com / litfiba. The release, in total black with custom logo Litfiba, contains twelve vinyl compounds cos: - Vinyl picture disc of the first LP of Litfiba "Aeneid" of 1983, now unavailable on the market of live-vinyl picture disc of 1984 " Live in Berlin ", never published before - double vinyl picture disc of" backlash "(live 1994) - Vinyl picture disc of" Lacio Drom "(live 1995) - Double vinyl picture disc of" Pain and delight "( live in 1998) - Double vinyl picture of "99 Live", the last live Piero Pel and Ghigo Renzulli 1999 - Triple vinyl picture of "Free State Litfiba", the live reunion of the 2010 and Ghigo Piero All 'inside the box can also be found: Custom Logo USB stick containing the band's sound of all the vinyl picture disc, laminated reproductions of original tour of six pass Litfiba and Sanremo Rock, flag (50x70) and tour posters (40x52) "Litfiba Free State", a novel color photos Ghigo Piero and signed in original (20x26 cm).