Thursday, August 25, 2011

Paul McCartney returns to the music scene with the ballet: "Ocean's Kingdom"

 On October 4, finally emerge from the depths of the disc with the first track that Paul McCartney wrote for a ballet, "Ocean's Kingdom", inspired by the purity of the ocean and an underwater romance. Thanks to New York City Ballet, McCartney also enjoy the scene of the fruit of this work, gestated with the director of that company, Peter Martins, and the play will premiere September 22 at the Gala Fall NYCB as was reported Wednesday by the artist's official website (

According to this information, the former member of the Beatles visited the staging of "Giselle" at the Royal Opera House in London, to imbibe the spirit of this artistic and talk with the dancers. They decided he needed to tell a story with his music. Just two months later, McCartney and had ready a sketch based on "the purity of the ocean," which later ended up telling the future of a romance in an underwater civilization threatened by the hostility of the surface world.

McCartney, who claims to have approached this work "the heart" for lack of other skills, explains that the most interesting project was "to write music to convey something really expressive, more than a song" and played "the fear love, anger and sadness. " A few days after the first performance of ballet, McCartney fans have the opportunity to purchase in physical format (CD and vinyl) or digital disk of this work, which was recorded last June in London.

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