Monday, August 8, 2011

Lady Gaga: accusation of plagiarism in "Judas"

Really, Lady Gaga continues to confirm all the adages of fame and bad sides. After the stories of the bracelet for Japan, it is here that new charges of plagiarism that arise around the title "Judas" the superstar of hits. A refrain that is beginning to be rather banal and other regular living pop stars like Britney Spears and Rihanna.

Failing to find a creative new album Lady Gaga, the thundering "Born This Way," the superstar's detractors continue to find new arguments to destabilize the interpreter of the hit "Judas". A success that attracts all the lusts and live regularly every pop stars. Thus, Rihanna has been accused of plagiarism, just the clip of "S & M" posted on the web, and Lady Gaga at the top of charts, was regularly accused of plagiarism after each of its outputs.

Thus, after the hit "Born This Way" with similarities to the hit "Express Yourself" Madonna turned into accusations of plagiarism, this is the fate hounds Lady Gaga for the second single from his album, the hit "Judas". Rebecca Fancescatti, originally a song also called "Judah" accuse Lady Gaga of having largely inspired its creation in 1999.

Rebecca said Fancescatti very similar to the song that we invite you to try to define. Indeed, listening to excerpts gleaned from the web, it is difficult to find a real similarity between the two songs. You decide! However, one wonders if the motivation of Rebecca Fancescatti are also a way to enjoy the reputation of Lady Gaga.

A steady stream all topics "people" of the world, as well as Rihanna and Britney Spears, the pop stars are easy prey for many designers in need of recognition. If the charges were still to be confirmed, it would be a real bolt from the career of Lady Gaga, whose artistic universe is as revered as described.

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