Friday, August 19, 2011

Liam Gallagher denounces his brother for telling "lies"

British musician Liam Gallagher said Friday it has taken legal action against his brother Noel by telling the press stories considered "false" about the time when both were part of the band Oasis. The singer made the decision after hearing a statement last month in which his brother Liam claimed that canceled a performance at a big music festival because he had a hangover.

"That's a lie, and I want fans of Oasis, and all others who were at that festival, know the truth," the singer said in a statement. Liam, 38, demanded an apology to his brother, 44, in a letter sent through his law firm and, getting no response, decided to put the matter to a London court.

Liam said it had canceled a performance hangover With that announcement, Liam takes a step in the dispute that both musicians have maintained that Oasis split in 2009 after scoring hits like "Wonderwall" or "Roll with it". Noel Gallagher also said last month that the separation of the band was accelerated by a disagreement between two brothers about the possibility of advertising for a clothing line owned by Liam.

Noel, principal composer of the themes of Oasis, left the group two years ago, moments before she gave a concert scheduled start in Paris and unveiled a few weeks ago that his brother had to cancel an appearance at the festival in Chelmsford, southeast England, because he had drunk too much the night before, although the official reason put forward by the group was laryngitis.

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