Thursday, August 25, 2011

Joe Jonas promised to return to making music with his brothers

The singer Joe Jonas said today in Mexico but is now concentrating on his solo project, will continue making music with his brothers, the Jonas Brothers. "Not if in six months or three years, but we will," said the interpreter 22, who is in Mexico to participate in the MTV World Stage concert held for the second year in this country.

Tomorrow presented at the National Auditorium in Mexico City for the first time in Latin America, his album "Fast Life", the first solo, which he called because "I wanted to reflect that fast life then, full of trips and friends" , said in a press conference surrounded by high security measures.

In June this year presented "See no more", a song he wrote with R & B singer, Chris Brown, ahead of an album that differs from his earlier work that "is based more on hip hop and funk" he said. After selling millions of albums with Kevin and Nick, Joe came up with the need to make music solo project that he told his brothers, who said, supported him completely and are now the main critics of his songs.

" Doing something you can only give a little scary, but I have not because I'm sure I'll be fine, because I have the support of my family, "which is" first, "he said. His younger brother, Nick, had already taken in 2010 a solo project entitled "Who I am." One of the biggest challenges was working alone earned him write the letters because "I wanted them to be sincere" and "reflect what is good or bad" feelings, said the girl, who has a dream to be in the future " like Bono or Mick Jagger, "making music for many years.

Joe Jonas talked about bigotry when asked about the turmoil that has led to the arrival in Mexico in October Justin Bieber, whose followers have even offered her virginity on the Internet in exchange for tickets to his concerts. "I understand the madness and fanaticism unleashed by Justin Bieber because we live the same, but threats such as suicide and are exaggerated.

You can always get tickets if I do not buy them, "he said. One of the things you love about Mexico is just waking up with his fans screaming his name under the window. The other Mexican food. The singer said very excited to be in Mexico, which he described as a "beautiful country" which always, when he came with his brothers, has received "great support".

"MTV's concert will be fun , so I'm looking forward and we will organize a big party, "said the interpreter, who will share the stage with Kesha." It's amazing artist, fun. I hope this is not the only gig with it, "added the American, who promised to play some old songs from the Jonas Brothers.

After the concert to be recorded in high definition and will air tomorrow on 30 September, Joe Jonas will continue with their projects, among which is a European tour with Britney Spears.

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