Monday, August 29, 2011

The MTV Video Music Awards 2011: Yes, Justin Bieber won

The show of the MTV Video Music Awards 2011 has not stood by the correctness of its two big winners, and this is one of the most lackluster years in the honors of late. Although like most of these events, the figurines are the least and is much more interesting to see live performances, with those obscenely ostentatious displays, but without these galas are neither similar.

There was a time for everything from male alter ego Lady Gaga monologist complex bound to honor the former Amy Winehouse, but as you will see, he was quite restrained for what should have been. How could it be otherwise, Lady Gaga appeared became their male version, Jo Calderone, and climbed onto the stage while smoking like a chimney spoke about his breakup with himself.

That is, herself. In short, a dissertation with a mixture of self - very dosificadita and contained - and autopeloteo quite recalcitrant. The best, though, was his live performance of 'You and I', his current single, cut loose enough to win a lot on stage. And for the nostalgic, Brian May be able to touch him and delight the guitar a bit more respectable.

Lady Gaga - You and I two of the greats who could not miss the gala were Kanye West and Jay Z, who came to present their new single live, 'Otis', taken from one of the disks that have been most expected this year, Watch The Throne. Not complicated at all and a performance marked and quite relaxed colegueo, which was what they enjoy when they come together on stage.

Kanye West & Jay Z - Otis Pitbull Although I think one of the most deplorable experiments has spit commercial music performance with Ne-Yo and Nayer was one of the liveliest of the show, which ran in half usually pretty bland time. Proliferation of ham per square meter and a little salt and pepper ambientillo the matter.

Pitbull, Ne-Yo and Nayer - Give Me Everything And it came to the grand dame of English soul. Adele took home four awards for its video side cut 'Rolling in the Deep': the best editing, cinematography and art direction. She decided to shelve their fantastic latest single 'Set Fire To The Rain' and chose 'Someone Like You' again to leave everyone breathless.

His performance was technically flawless, as they have us used to, but unlike other times - and perhaps only my perception - quickly enter the song until the second half did not seem to be delivered as usual in it. Video | Adele - Someone Like You The endearing accent of the night brought a group of the Kid who did a medley in honor of the honoree of the night, Britney Spears, recalling the best moments of his videos.
The golden blonde took home the award for best pop video for 'Till The World Ends', though not started performing live.

Britney Spears pump rose overnight Beyoncé released her, announcing she was pregnant. The singer paid homage again to one of the clear influences from his latest album, 4, and marked a performance to the Jackson 5, including sequined jacket.

Despite the lukewarm deserves this album, it is certain that live Beyoncé remains a real mule and pulls out any song, it was bland. This is not the case, since the choice was not one of those baladones with both likes to show off, but chose 'Love On Top', one of the most entertaining sections of 4.

Beyoncé - Love On Top And how could it be otherwise, paid tribute to the last missing media, Amy Winehouse, Russell Brand to which he devoted a few words while Bruno MARS was a bit more eloquent and made a entertaining but watered down version of 'Valerie', perhaps his most famous collaboration with Mark Ronson.
I do not know if or how recently the inherent sosez staff gathered there, but I thought the question was quite warm and we could have done more. I do not think it was time to make a monographic gala, but I was wanting something more powerful.

Bruno MARS - Valerie On the other hand, the big winners of the VMA 2011 left much to be desired.

Katy Perry took the award for best video of the year for his glittering breasts in 'Firework', while the ineffable Justin Bieber - I think it's the first time we mentioned in Hypersonic and yes, I had to touch me - received the award for best male video artist. Yes, I know more than one word in that title that you grind.

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