Monday, February 28, 2011

Freedom Call in the Sala Acapulco (Gijón, 02/24/2011): essential melodic metal

It seemed almost impossible that it had been almost ten years since the first and last visit to Asturias Freedom Call. Specifically, the Germans acted in Room Quattro Aviles on 2 June 2002 as guest band Blind Guardian, who, incidentally, left up to the bitumen, and I'm not exaggerating. And on Thursday we had in Gijón ten years old but showing a quality beyond all doubt.

The quartet suffered early last year downward Daniel Zimmermann, Chris Bay founder of the group, who wanted to devote all his time to Gamma Ray, but that has not been an obstacle for the band is gelling a very remarkable criticism of the tour Legend Of The Shadowking. Chris Bay, rhythm guitar and singer, leading a band has more than fifty percent of earned credibility, and the rest of the components, and Samy Rettkowitz Lars Saeman, the chorus is well done, plus the latest addition, drummer Klaus Sperling, former Primal Fear also plays a crucial role in the smooth sound of the band is renowned live show.

Ricky Martin releases his second single "More" (+ lyrics)

Miami (USA.) Feb 28 (EFE) .- The Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin released today in the U.S. radio stations. UU. the song "More", the second single from his album "Music + Soul + Sex", the tenth artist's production. "'More' is one of those songs that will encourage and inspire you to live life to plenitu d but also promotes self-imposed and how important it is to get away from all that limits us," the singer said in a statement in which he emphasized who co-wrote the theme.

Muse's new album will be released in 2013

Muse divided much of its population of followers of the Red Sea as if it were following the launch of The Resistance, his latest album to date. For me it stopped being another example of the genius of Bellamy and company, while my companion for Gallego, the result was far less remarkable. Still, the band seems to be no hurry when taking a new job, because in recent statements by Matt Bellamy and Chris Wolstenholme announced that 2013 will be the year that launched what will be his sixth album study.

Lady Gaga releases video clip of "Born This Way" (+ video)

The always controversial singer who surprised the world emerging from an egg on the Grammy Awards gala aims not leave anyone indifferent to the video for her latest single. A riot of color all future full of choreography in which Lady Gaga characterized as a dragqueen appears as a skeleton in a tux. We'll see if the reactions of critics and the public forced the singer to put again 'Pokerface'.

Lady Gaga, video of 'Born This Way': impossible to summarize

Lady Gaga has raised all sorts of criticism with the release of her new single. Many say, not unreasonably, that "Born This Way 'has too many similarities with that' Express Yourself 'from Madonna, with comparisons also tend to be hopelessly common. The new queen of pop has had no problem recognizing his admiration for his deposed predecessor, yet more cryptic deny the allegations in this regard.

Lady Gaga: The video for "Born This Way" has arrived!

After some last-minute tweaks this weekend, Lady Gaga finally unveils the video for the hit "Born This Way." First single from his new album due in May 2011, all the "Baby Monsters" may finally see the latest absurdities of the inescapable pop superstar of the 2000s. With its amazing atmosphere, decor and costumes, the new video from Lady Gaga is the height of the song "Born This Way." A new ball of energy that will quickly attract the curiosity of millions of Internet users in the coming hours.

Rosario Flores declares true to herself with her new album, "Raskatriski"

.- "Raska Raska, raskatriski, Cusi, CUSA, Cusi, Cusi, Cusa," he sings today Rosario, who almost twenty years after the cat was "uy, uy, uy" states "faithful to the sound Rosario" and releases new album, "Raskatriski" built on the basis of their childhood memories and with his unmistakable stamp. "I'm a gypsy black from toe to head," the singer said in an interview with Efe, in which he talked of his new songs, including "Gypsy funky" or "How he spends his life" .

And The Oscar Goes To ... Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross of The Social Network

We had very difficult to win the prize but against all odds Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross last night won the Oscar for Best Banda Sonora Social Network, David Fincher's film about the creation of Facebook. It was the surprise of the night in which almost all expectations were met on the awards except for Best Banda Sonora, as the leader of Nine Inch Nails and the producer and composer Hans Zimmer and stockings, who won an Oscar for The Lion King and several-time finalist this year with Origin.

Auryn: "Winter Hopes" a bewitching album

Singular voice steady and sometimes brilliant, sometimes fragile as outstanding Auryn is a new angel who reveals to us a melancholy modern rock rhythm power. With his album "Winter Hopes" available since mid-February 2011, Auryn us discover his musical universe, a moment of gentle music that caresses you and captivates you.

Auryn broadcasts music interwoven seamlessly smooth and excitement, as so many love stories yet to write, still echo the memories of childhood. Of delicate grace passion assumed, Auryn takes us like a tightrope through his songs that swing between dream, fantasy, ecstasy and suffering, tears and silence.

Johnny Hallyday: After the dpression, ambition

After his health problems and the cancellation of the tour "Tour 66" last year, Johnny Hallyday is back in the saddle with new projects. In January last the singer had announced its schedule for the next two years. This weekend, Johnny Hallyday has given few details of its expected return. In 2012 and 2013, the new production team of Johnny Hallyday, the singer has planned a new series of gigantic, album and even a role in a play.

An Oscar for Trent Reznor

An Oscar for Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross! The leader of Nine Inch Nails has won the coveted statuette for Best Soundtrack of the movie "The Social Network", David Fincher's feature film based on the life of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. "An important part of my work with Nine Inch Nails-based instrumental music, so I was very embarrassed to compose a soundtrack," said Reznor hot during the ceremony held Sunday, February 27 at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles.

Six Organs Of Admittance - Asleep On The Floodplain: Porritt penalty

Ben Chasny to 25 º work in his discography, which states soon, and two years after delivering that to me is his masterpiece: Luminous Night. The San Francisco is still associated with Drag City, his company talisman, with which publishes Asleep On The Floodplain, the new Six Organs Of Admittance. In the post I wrote earlier this month dedicated to the video in advance of this album, 'Hold But Let Go' (Soundcloud), which Chasny was twisting the avant-folk, folk art that has been showing us in several papers, but I dare say, after listening carefully, here has gone further.

Jessie J: "Who You Are" a promising debut

Widely honored for her first single "Do It Like A Dude" sold over 300,000 copies in Britain, and have emerged as a complete artist with the song "Price Tag" a duet with B. o. B, we finally get the album "Who You Are" by Jessie J. Previously announced by the end of March 2011, the album's release has finally been found more than a month.

A good idea of the record company because there was no reason to deprive ourselves of new songs from Jessie J, if everything was ready. And here's the result! Jessie J gives us 13 songs on a debut solo album enchanting. We find obviously, the two initial success of this beautiful brunette in temperament and said 11 new songs.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Walkmen, video to 'While I shovel the snow': beautiful snowfall last winter?

The Walkmen Lisbon published last year, a superb work that were more welcoming, intimate and luminous than ever, refine the edges of previous work, an exercise in polishing quite parallel to that carried out by his peers with the National last album. Moreover, since its official website, you can download this video and let you then 'Orange Sunday ", a B-side for which he also did a clip as evocative as its predecessor, but in which the protagonist is the sea and a diver more than one you will long teeth.

Los Campesinos, The Hidden Cameras and Delorean in the new round of confirmations to Sonorama 2011

With the new confirmations of Los Campesinos!, The Canadian group The Hidden Cameras, Delorean, Sex Museum, Bigott Lapido, Montevideo, Guadalupe Plata, Last Dandies and the return of La Frontera and everyone already knew: Nacho Vegas, Amaral, Bizarre Love Triangle, El Guincho, The Honey Well, Iván Ferreiro, Xoel López, Supersubmarina, Catpeople, The Red Room, Second, Cycle, They, Hello everyone, Money, swimmer and other unexpected return, the Mallorcan Sexy Sadie, the Sonorama 2011 and has very advanced in their lineup.

Napoleon Solo Video 'must end': in the wake of Lori Meyers

One of the groups most interesting newcomers in 2010, or at hand, which have sparked more debate, was Napoleon Solo. The reasons? Many. Another group to Erik Jimenez? Is that voice can not remember at times the de Leiva de Pereza? And when it falsetto, do not have a dot to Mika? Why this album is so varied? Is not he physically Alonso singer of Wolfmother? The disc itself may sinned in some irregularity, but it contained some interesting singles, and certainly one of them is the theme of which have now made a clip.

Enrique Iglesias returns with 'Grand Rex'

The singer / guitarist Enrique Bunbury compilation returns with the Grand Rex, a double album recorded live in Buenos Aires and will be released on 29 March. Among the 24 songs of the album is the most significant include the Aragonese artist such as Lady Blue, Infinity, face to face, wind in favor, The Thin Man that never waver or Alicia.

The double CD, which will also be available on vinyl and iTunes, has been produced by the same Bunbury and was recorded live at Teatro Gran Rex Buenos Aires, on 3, 4 and 5 November 2010. Gran Rex comes to the market a year after the release of the sixth studio album by Enrique Bunbury, Consequences, which was released in mid-February 2010.

Avril Lavigne leaves his side rocker and his fear of singing what you think

Canadian singer Avril Lavigne pop-rock feel your fourth album, Goodbye Lullaby, is his most "personal" to date, as the artist naked emotionally to the point of being "vulnerable." The singer, 26, said this week in Paris than in other studies was concerned with the interpretation that others could make his lyrics but on this occasion was able to "clear the mind" that idea and write for his own person " really honest.

Dr. Dre feat. Eminem's video for 'I Need A Doctor': taking stock of the past

Dr. Dre has taken twelve years to re-release a solo album from 2001 that he was born in 1999. During all this time has not been standing idly by, but instead of continuing with the composition of Detox, which already by 2004 would be his next album, decided to shelve his own solo career to focus on production other artists.

However, working in parallel to his work as producer for all these years, and in 2008 announced that the album was almost complete and only need to select the songs you compose your tracklist. Probably remain more of task, which explains why until last year was not officially the end of the disc and the fact that this is the last work of Dr.

The singer Shakira topped by Harvard as an artist of the year

Colombian singer Shakira was crowned Artist of the Year by the Harvard Foundation, a center of the prestigious American university that awards annual philanthropic efforts of musicians, actors or writers. Shakira, Goodwill Ambassador deUNICEFy creator of the Fundación Pies Descalzos, which provides education and food to children in impoverished areas of Colombia, received the award at a cultural festival held at the college, according to the Boston Chronicle reported in its online edition.

And The Tom Glide Luv All Stars: The very soulful "Luv Is Comin Up"

A soulful gem that brightens your day, a breath of love and warm tones, And The Tom Glide Luv All Stars is very strong with the release of the song "Luv Is Comin 'Up." Already available on Traxsource download platform for several weeks, "Luv Is Comin 'Up" is taken from the debut album last year by Tom Glide and his band, "In The Name Of Luv".

A collective soul man who mostly have raged in concert and studio with great artists like Stevie Wonder and a few princes of American soul music. With "Luv Is Comin 'Up," Tom Glide Luv And The All Stars highlights the sincerity and generosity of the music album. An ambitious project that has propelled this multi-talented artist studios in Los Angeles, a beautiful story of friendship between two great lovers of funk, too.

Adele, perfect live while his record sweeps

For Adele, 2011 being the year of confirmation. 21 is one of the best albums so far this year and I am sure he will deserve a place on the lists that collect the great landmarks of the past twelve months. While others seem to tumble and consider retiring from the music, Britain has made it clear he has no intention of disappearing in the short term.

With his newly released album American music industry sources indicate that U.S. 21 could sell up to 300,000 copies by the end of this week, it automatically catapulted to the top of the charts and also would record a personal record Adele, and signing the best week of sales has experienced in his career.

Shakira was honored as "Artist of the Year" by Harvard University

The singer, songwriter and philanthropist Shakira received the award Saturday Artist of the Year 2011, awarded by a foundation of Harvard University. The Harvard Foundation, which is the center of the university to undertake initiatives of intercultural arts and sciences, presented the award to the Colombian star during a ceremony.

The director of the Foundation, S. Allen Counter said Shakira, who has sold over 50 million albums worldwide, was honored for his "distinguished record of creativity, as well as charitable contributions. After receiving the award, Shakira challenged Harvard students to do more to improve education in developing countries.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thom Yorke dancing which will throw

Radiohead caught us all by surprise by announcing almost overnight the release of their new album. Gallego has been unraveling one by one the songs of The King Of Limbs, the eighth studio album by the band, and the result has been more than favorable. But a funny thing has happened with one of the issues forward in extremis for people you started out.

'Lotus Flower' was accompanied by a video where we could see Thom Yorke set some spastic dance moves, but something really great, especially if you see them without the music. And how could it be otherwise, exotic dance that has delighted us Radiohead singer has called the attention of several YouTube users with too much time has been dedicated to doing a meme with a few cross-overs.

Deicide - To Hell With God: his best album in a decade

Deicide have done a good album since In Torment In Hell and that a decade ago, and not those who came after it were great records but failed to live up to expectations. Glen Benton returns to the fray with that brutal death metal that tastes like so much daring, now with a remarkable job without leaving the bitumen at the material level of the speaker in the previous paragraph.

Vale's ten studio albums and the old school death metal is hardly more than the name but in To Hell With God made it. And I think the reason that Deicide back on track, is that besides being Benton Jack Owen of Cannibal Corpse guitarist, and Ralph Santolla legendary guitarist who has been through top-level bands like Death, Obituary or Iced Earth, who has returned to within the band.

The New Raemon - Free Association: intentional aMadeezación

Possibly one of the national projects that I like is this one for Ramon Rodriguez, who in addition to maintaining a prolific rate of publication, shows clear thinking about your career. And now considers that, after two albums and two EPs primarily acoustic, it's time to recover and to prioritize and put electric guitars in the foreground.

Could already sense a change of direction with tracks converging lines corresponding to the additional EP we could find in Epes meeting, with all that we appreciated, more forceful sound, but also more predictable and flat, as in 'Withdrawal ! ' (The rest were covers). And that feeling with which it deals with this Free Association, the new album by The New Raemon.

Csar 2011: the movie "Gainsbourg Hroque Life" honor

Dominated by the films "Men and Gods," Cesar for best film, "The Ghost Writer" by Roman Polanski, and "Gainsbourg, Heroic Life" by Joann Sfar, the 36th French César Awards, chaired by actress Jodie Foster, have been marked this year by the inherent presence of Serge Gainsbourg in the charts. "The man at the head of cabbage whose life inspired the creation of the film" Gainsbourg, Heroic Life 'still has marked himself French artistic life.

Faulty equipment, the new Extreme album, due out in mid-May

For me the new album by Extreme is the most anticipated of 2011, at least in the national section. Extremadura group was announced on the official website of the group will be called defective material will be published in mid May. I think if it's half as good as I settle innate law. In October last year and hung Extremoduro a message on his website as saying that he was terminated but would not leave in November because they were going to take more time in polishing every detail and mix the disc with easy.

"My music is reggaeton music touches my cultures"

Pitbull Cuban-American musician, known for the song "Bon Bon" and for his collaborations with artists such as Shakira, said today that his music "is not reggaeton," and while respecting this musical movement, believes that his melodies and beyond " encompass different cultures. " "I do not disown any of reggaeton, I have great respect, but I do not want people to say that Pitbull is reggaeton, no, Pitbull is an artist and world makes music," said the creator of hits like "I know you want me ( lane 8) ", in the press conference before his speech today at 52 Festival de Viña del Mar.

Sting: "Without music countries become more paranoid and repressive '(+ photos)

.- The British musician Sting said today, in relation to the concerts he has done in countries with dubious human rights respect, he does not believe in "cultural boycott" because without the trade in ideas and music "countries become more paranoid and repressive. " "When I came to Chile (in 1982) many people told me I should not, however, thanks to this I made friends with people very important, and I could tell what was going on here through my songs," said the musician British press conference prior to their participation today in 52 Festival de Viña del Mar.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Toro Y Me: DTEND chillwave you with the "New Beat"

If you are looking for a funky, friendly and fresh hope, please find below the clip from the new title Toro Y Moi called "New Beat". And rhythm, there in the head Chaz Bundick we sincerely music exudes a sweet taste of rare groove. "New Beat" is the second single from the album "Underneath the Pine" Toro Y Moi released by the label Carpark Records.

Toro y Moi fully assumes its musical originality in an era quite heavily drenched dance-pop sounds. With "New Beat" but also the first single, stripper "Still Round" Toro Y Moi takes us on a musical journey "vintage." Also have a certain sense of the image, Me Y Toro presents clips equally nostalgic.

Dr. Dre, Eminem & Skylar Grey: "I Need A Doctor" music video sublime

A sensational debut, is the first observation that can be done on the long awaited video clip of the new hit of Dr. Dre. "I Need A Doctor" with Eminem and Skylar Grey. Not surprisingly, Dr. Dre did not do things by halves to the clip of the first official single from the album "Detox," coming this spring 2011.

The production is at the rendezvous, the video clip of the song "I Need A Doctor" presents itself as a superb short film of just over 7 minutes to see for free on the web. With a long introduction ponctuated flashback about the life of Dr. Dre from his youth to his present life, through his meetings with his friends Snoop Dogg, 2 Pac and Eminem, of course, this openness is a good third of the video clip ends in triumph before giving way to "flow" of Eminem and seizing the sublime voice of Skylar Grey.

Oral & Tunerz Whigfield: "To Feel Alive" in novelty dance

The dance music from Italy continues to thrill our ears. As proof, the novelty that we present the Radio shows us a sparkling new production of the duo with Whigfield Oral Tunerz, entitled "To Feel Alive". This new hit which is a huge success on the other side of the Alps will happen very soon in our country.

The song "To Feel Alive" Oral Tunerz an opportunity to Whigfield, singer of the 90s making a comeback on the dance floor. Signed on the famous Italian label, Off Limits, Group Oral Tunerz proposes a new dance anthem, entitled "To Feel Alive". Oral Tunerz is a collaboration between two famous DJs in Italy.

JLS: "Eyes Wide Shut" with Tinie Tempah in the top UK

Focus on English band JLS. The new "boy band" offers, Great Britain, for several weeks, a new song, "Eyes Wide Shut" with the participation of rapper Tinie Tempah, taken from their album "Outta This Love." "Eyes Wide Shut" opens our eyes to the talent of the group JLS, contraction of Jack Lad Swing, English-speaking group whose second album, "Outta This Love" is available in stores since November 2010.

The Mexican group Maná revving up to launch his new album

Mexico City, Feb 25 (dpa) - The new single from the Mexican group Maná, "Rain Heart," will begin to be heard March 14 in radius, on the eve of the release of "Drama and Light", the first album the band after an absence of five years. Mana has been warming up. Last week he reappeared on stage in Miami in the ceremony Premios Lo Nuestro Latin music, where the band received the award for excellence from the hands of Juan Luis Guerra.

Anoraak: "Crazy Eyes" new EP on March 24

In October 2010, we had the pleasure of presenting on the radio a mix specially made by Anoraak. Producer and DJ, Anoraak appeared in the musical landscape of synthetic pop and romantic in 2008. Today a few days before the end of winter, it's time for Anoraak to shine again by presenting "Crazy Eyes", a song from a new EP qu'Anoraak released March 24, 2011.

Many of you have listened Anoraak on the radio, and the title "Do not Be Afraid" from his album titled "Wherever The Sun Sets, available since September 2010. After releasing his first album, Anoraak returns with a digital EP and a "release party" to present his compositions at the Point Instant in Paris on March 17.

Oceansize announce their separation

Thus, the overnight and no one saw it coming, Oceansize have announced via their website that they separate. The brief statement does not elaborate on the reasons that led to this decision to those of Manchester, who merely appreciate all the support they have received over the years and promise to its individual members will continue to offer music as soon as possible .

The British put an end to twelve years of music for those who have delivered four albums very interesting. Without a doubt, one of the leaders among the latest batch of progressive rock that will leave a void difficult to fill with his departure. It is always a pity to give news like this, but if they have seen that the group was not more than yes, I prefer this honest decision of not wanting to continue pitching records for the deed.

Dance music LXXXIV

Friday ... dance music ... a combination inseparable for many, many of you read this and so many of those who do not read. And if something is coupled to the weekend party, and of course, the clubs. And every Friday, here I am again to give you the weekly summary of current electronics, so we go with what has given it the week.

We started laying off February with Beth Ditto video has gigs which is possibly the most danceable of the 4 topics included in its ep De-Construction: I Wrote The Book. A tribute to Madonna and Justify My Love but Ditto version with sound and Simian Mobile Disco. Is it better to start the weekend? And today we continue with the hottest, because Noctamina, although we are not as rock, we know that the most important in music, was the world premiere of The King Of Limbs of Radiohead, so our way of thanking Thom Yorke and his artist is dedicating our versions and remixes of the week, Reckoner, from their previous album, In Rainbows, (it is too early to have this new album remixes) by choosing the wonderful work that our DJ and domestic producer Wally Lopez was on him.

Chayanne, Carlos Baute and Pitbull dress up the Festival of Viña del Mar (+ photos)

Viña del Mar (Chile), Feb 25 (EFE) .- Chayanne, Carlos Baute and Pitbull party dressed Thursday Festival Viña del Mar with an audience that sang and danced for more than five hours as if the arena had become a dance floor. The Puerto Rican was the king of the evening and also responsible for opening the fourth day of the festival with a compilation of past and present, as already announced, which alternated many romantic ballads with some dance songs.

Tribute to Les Paul

Thursday, 24 February, the prestigious O2 Arena in London hosted an event that celebrated the worldwide release of the CD "Rock 'N' Roll Party (Honoring Les Paul)." We are talking about the published record daJeff Beck - a great admirer of Les Paul, inventor of the Gibson Les Paul - to pay homage to the creator of the electric Seicorde died in August 2009.

The release (in stores Feb. 16) contains recordings made in June 2010 Iridium Jazz Club in New York. This is the room where Les Paul, who died at 94 years, performs every Monday night for the last fourteen years of his life. Beck, recognized one of the greatest guitarists of all time by Rolling Stone magazine, which placed him at number 14 on the list, got a huge response with his latest album "& Emotion Commotion" (2010) that, in addition to reaching is the highest ranking position in the UK since 1975, have won the recent Grammy Awards "Best Rock Instrumental Performance" for the song "Hammerhead" and "Best Pop Instrumental Performance" for the song "Nessun Dorma" .

Fon Román - Interlinings: the paradigm of smart pop

After the separation of Pirates, Iván Ferreiro dragged many of the fans of the group and has built a successful solo career, but certainly the most interesting that has emerged from the ashes of the group is that of Fon Román. With its debut in 2006, Silent comfortable in a neglected garden, showed his taste for organic pop fireworks away from unnecessary for what I needed the song was a sound proposal and that his musical the channel to know the outcome is but charged nuances.

Hertz, the alternative to MySpace Music is Spanish and was born in Facebook

An application for groups to upload their music and are promoted on Facebook. The idea is so simple that is hard to think how it is that no one had exploded before it effectively. For although such a possibility existed (or Reverbnation Mymusic met this role), nobody had so far developed as intuitive, simple and complete as a group of young Spanish entrepreneurs.

Enter the name of the project: Hertz. Gradually, the musicians are turning to Myspace to Facebook, "Everybody had the mindset that belonged to Myspace music," says Borja Prieto precisely Myspace former director of Spain and one of the creators of Hertz. "But the fact is that where the bands are feedback is on Facebook," he said.

New Boyz: "Backseat" the new hip-hop

New Boyz group is proposing a second single, "Backseat," from their new album "Too Cool To Care". "Backseat" is a hit that just made its debut on the U.S. radio and, logically, Rumors of Music. After "Break My Bank" in duet with Iyaz, the group proposes that we New Boyz "Backseat," a new single to sound hip-hop mix also some electro-pop sounds.

The song "Backseat" seems a promising single, giving more than the New Boyz are surrounded by Dev and The Cataracs to the title. The Cataracs is a collective of rappers and American producers who have recently delivered the super hit of the group Far East Movement, "Like a G6. The single "Back Seat" is available for download since February 15 in France and has already established overseas.

Kesha: a new album of remixes!

"I Am The Dance Commander + I Command You To Dance", with this commandment Ke $ ha invites us to discover soon his first remix album. A year after his album "Animal" which has sold over 2 million copies worldwide, Kesha is a point to assert the side of the dancefloor and propose March 22, 2011, debut album remixes of his greatest hits.

"I Am The Dance Commander + I Command You To Dance" is a concentrated vibration clubs on 10 tracks. On this album Ke $ ha, we thus find all the major hits from the album "animal patients" and the maxi "Cannibal" of the singer who remixed versions, some are new. In January last Kesha sent his song "Sleazy" the rapper Andre 3000, with a little note to tell him she wanted him to be present in its new project.

Bat For Lashes recorded a sublime version of "Strangelove" by Depeche Mode

I was not very fond of Bat For Lashes, war or alias name used by the British diva Natasha Khan, but after the sublime version of 'Strangelove', which has recorded withdraw all my misgivings for having considered a product of a label multirnacional . A Bat For Lashes is expecting her third album, which seems to being finalized, but as Trant has chosen the hit that Depeche Mode released in 1987 to give back and give it completely with a very different aroma.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chayanne says that the key to success is by being "torero"

- Puerto Rican Chayanne promised that it will continue dancing in her shows 10, 15 or even 20 years, until his last energy, the same as displayed on Thursday at the Festival of Viña del Mar. "I'm feeling really good. I do not know if that many want me to age faster, but I'll also enjoy, "he said with a smile the artist, who at 42 years is still moving like a gazelle on stage." It distresses me, because I'm starting to do choreography with a cane, so there is no problem, "he said amid laughter from the dozens of journalists who attended his news conference in Chile this popular event.

Joaquín Sabina will debut a concert tour of U.S.

- Joaquin Sabina is presented for the first time in a concert tour in the U.S. in May, his publicists said Thursday. The Spanish singer will offer three concerts as part of a tour that began more than a year and that has led more than 100 presentations to Spain and Latin America. The first concert of the tour "The penultimate train of the United States will be in New York on 25 May.

Then you will be in Miami on May 27 and two days later in Los Angeles. Sabina comes to America with more than three-decade career and 15 albums, to play classics like "And they gave us the ten" and "Black Sox" and songs from her latest album, "Vinegar and roses," said advertisers in a press release.

Beyoncé joins U2 and Coldplay at the Glastonbury Festival

U2 had a 2010 bit complicated. The Bond back injury, which had to undergo emergency surgery to subsequent rehabilitation later forced to cancel all appointments in the months following the accident. A real shame for those fans who were awaiting the moment to see one of the best live today. One of the most anticipated appearances and whose cancellation was particularly painful was the flagship of the Glastonbury festival, whose lineup was dropped a month before the celebration.

Gwyneth Paltrow is heading to the British music charts (+ video)

LONDON, Feb 23 (Reuters) - Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow seems to be prepared to enter the British music charts when it is confirmed the weekly ranking, going into a field normally dominated by her husband, Coldplay singer Chris Martin. Driven by their participation in the television series "Glee," which was issued this week in the UK, the 38-year-old actress won an Oscar is ranked No.

24 with a version of the song "Singing in the Rain / Umbrella and also the number 29 with a reinterpretation of Cee Lo Green song "Forget You." Together with a third theme which also participates Paltrow lyrics have sold over 10,000 copies, according to data provided mid-week by the Official Charts Company.

Bright Eyes - The People's Key: differ on the definition of rock

Bright Eyes is one of the bands whose creative cycle is more uniform. Approximately every two years can enjoy a new album Oberts and company, so the natural speech of the events was to meet with The People's Key. Their seventh studio album is the first in which the duo has become usual trio with the addition of Nate Walcott to the couple formed by Oberst and Mogis, with whom he collaborated on a regular basis and in his previous work.

U2 heads the Glastonbury festival lineup in England

London, Feb 24 (EFE) .- The Irish rock band U2 will perform at the Glastonbury music festival next summer after falling out of the lineup at the last minute last year due to a back injury group leader, Bono. The quartet confirmed today its participation in the upcoming festival in the town of Somerset, southwest England, which will be one of its main attractions along with Beyonce and Coldplay.

Linkin Park video for 'Burning In The Skies': Another little gem created by Hahn

Linkin Park threw a órdago in his latest work. A Thousand Suns needed at the time of caution in the approach and patience to learn to enjoy the myriad of details that Dad underlie most of the songs that make up the tracklist. If we can put aside any preconceived idea and prepare to enjoy quiet time and, from the album, you can find little gems much more appealing than his previous work.

Their second single, 'Waiting For The End', greatly improved with proposal they had made at first with 'The Catalyst', and in this line seem to want to continue with the umpire, 'Burning In The Skies'. With these two sections seem to still want to go for the more experimental side of the disc and away from other issues that would be great singles, like 'Blackout', reminiscent more of their time in advance.

My Crazy group again

The original members of Loco Mia, Manuel Arjona and Luis Font, return to the stage on Saturday, recalling his golden years with a concert hall in Madrid Joy Eslava, the first stop of his tour of Spain, Latin America and the United States. After accumulating several gold and platinum albums during the nineties, the Spanish group presented this Saturday at midnight, the show Back to the Glam, to delight nostalgic with its major successes and between large fans.

Beth Ditto: solo for a new "EP" electro

Beth Ditto, singer of the group Gossip and exuberant new face of fashion's most hype fits a breakout solo. Beth Ditto will be the time for a new EP priestess of the world of electronic music. With her first solo single entitled "I Wrote the Book", the singer of Gossip unveils ambitious new project. Cettechanson is extracted from "The E.

P ", a maxi CD of Beth Ditto available starting March 7 in digital and physical release in March 14. For the launch of the "E. P, Dito Bth accompanies this new song from a video clip in which she makes a nice tribute to the singer Madonna by replaying the video of the smash hit "Justify My Love." After we have accustomed to energetic dance rock melodies with the band's latest album Gossip, Beth Dido continues the journey solo.

He says he is excited about the idea of composing classical music for the ballet NY

The "Beatle" Paul McCartney announced today a collaboration with the ballet company in New York for which he has composed classical pieces that will be performed during the season 2011/2012. "I'm interested in areas that have never worked so I was excited," McCartney said in a statement posted on its website.

The company director Peter Martins met McCartney at the School of American Ballet during the winter gala organized by this institution. Soon after, came back into contact with the "Beatles" to discuss a possible collaboration, asking if I was interested in composing music for the ballet in New York.

Jack White has no intention of forming another group

Separation of The White Stripes has removed Jack White wanted to form another group. The composer, guitarist and singer says she has enough with his dedication to The Dead Weather, The Raconteurs and his solo career to keep you happy. White told of his plans to Q Magazine but I did not refuse the request to collaborate with other artists or bands like the meeting you had with Jay Z to record a song, which has not yet been published.

The Human League: "Credo" the return of his "Brit-Pop 80"

New Romantic pop from the '80s are back! After the new album from OM D is the turn of the English group The Human League return with a new album, entitled "Credo," after more than nine years without proposing a new disk. The Human League is one of the greatest pop groups "new wave" 80s. The Human League, is primarily a trio with Philip Oakey, Joanne Catherall and Susan Anne Gayle, the English group has met with huge success in the charts of the 80's.

Pau Dones, much criticized for his comments on Twitter piracy

Less than a week after the premiere of his new album, Pau Dones has again become a center of controversy also standing, and not for the first time, among the most talked-about Twitter. The origin of this sudden prominence is linked to comments the singer made on piracy in an interview with 20 minutes to mark the launch, on 1 March, her work now what do we do? Before starting this interview, Pau Dones and predicted what would happen.

M-Clan, bookmarks to the fifteenth edition of the Music Awards with six nominations

The Academy of Arts and Sciences of Music has announced the finalists Thursday the fifteenth edition of the Music Awards, among them the Murcia M Clan, nominated in six categories. Behind them are Dani Martín y Pastora Soler with three, and Rosendo, Siniestro Total, Joan Manuel Serrat and Alex Ferreira with two nominations.

The shortlisted artists come from March 1 in the second round of voting The awards gala will take place May 18 at the Madrid Theatre Coliseum artery. With a total of 28 categories, the artists come from finalists on March 1 in the second round of voting. The nominations are the result of votes of the members of the Academy and representatives from the world of music.

Everyone wants to give away their music

Going to start writing an informative article on the EP standard that Interpol has decided to offer on his tour, including their own songs and the group that accompany them (you can find it here), but I've realized that the thing has something over substance. And it is no more than take a look at the past weeks to see how many similar movements that have occurred.

The case of the singles tend to be the same, because rare is the group that did not allow us to download your MP3 simple change made to our email address, or clicking on the button for the promotion of social networks. At the time of all free, which seeks to build barriers around their product is only exposed to be isolated from the world.

Calle 13 and urban beats to jump the public place in Viña del Mar (+ photos)

Viña del Mar (Chile), 24 feb (EFE) .- The urban rhythms of Puerto Rican Calle 13 began to "jump" to the public of Viña del Mar and became a party the third day of the festival with a performance in which Chilean artists shared the stage with the likes of Inti Illimani Histórico and young talents. He had already announced René Pérez, Residente, the voice of the duo Calle 13, in the press conference prior to his performance: "It should be a requirement of the international festival for artists to collaborate with the Chileans." So true to their word, and the idea of serving as a bridge to show what you're doing musically in Latin America, the duo launched to the scene of Viña del Mar by the Chilean group of funk-rock Chancho en Piedra to interpret the "Dance of the poor." "We come to enjoy, have fun, and I do not enjoy it because he's dead," was the rallying cry with which resident "shirtless and with the motto" Strength Mapuche " writing back, "began to jump into the audience at the Quinta Vergara.

Marco Antonio Solis Festival Viña captivated with its recipes for love (+ photos)

Viña del Mar (Chile), 24 feb (EFE) .- Mexican singer Marco Antonio Solis in love with the public Wednesday Festival Viña del Mar with its recipe of ballads full of romance and served with excellence and safety that give their nearly four-decade career. The artist was presented in concert for the third time in the amphitheater at the Quinta Vergara, where it already was in 2005 and 2008 and for the third time also went home with three trophies awarded by popular demand, the most important of them, silver gull.

Chris Brown: "FAME" new album 2011

Chris Brown has unveiled the tracklisting and artwork of his new album "FAM E" (Fans Are My Everything), due out March 18 next. Barely two years after the album "Graffiti," and some problems of the heart, the rapper is preparing to return proudly with this fourth album "FAM E". Probably pressed for its return, the Virginia rapper Chris Brown has already made three singles from her new album "E FAM.

All Crush

"All Crush" is the title of the first two greatest hits Mauro Ermanno Giovanardi and Cesare Malfatti. Back exceptionally together for the Festival di Sanremo 2011, where he stood out with the song "I confess", the Crush were formed in Milan in 1993 and have held seven albums: six studio and one live.

Ota all this material in this spectacular collection that covers the best of their career. The artistic and Giovanardi Malfatti began in 1995 with the release of "Crush" album that just won several awards such as the Targa Tenco Prize and Ciampi. Two years later he released "Inside Me", which contains the song "Like Every Time", through which the band also won the radio success.

Ornament and Crime and the 'Song of Death': zombies Nacho Vegas

Ornament and Crime Hypersonic like much, but not always. His first album, Reliquary, entered our national list of best debuts of the century (ea!), Its direct and Puzzles Victor scared fashion and moral perfection, for example, was well received by Natxo, who put eight , but warned of a rarity. And now, with the video for 'Song of Death' in which Nacho Vegas himself appears, is even more evident that in this field, Ornament and Crime falls far short of their best moments.

Daft Punk: 2 bottles for the "Coke Club 2011"

When it comes to having an idea to boost sales and incorporated a few "lifestyle" to boost sales, manufacturers of soda does not lack originality. Latest, the U.S. firm Coca-Cola has announced the imminent arrival of a new bottle of his precious ale caramelized restored by Daft Punk. Called Daft Coke "for the occasion, presented the 2 bottles resume color coded in shades of silver and gold as leu found on helmets now famous French electronic duo.

TV On The Radio and its first preview of Nine Types of Light: unresolved sexual tension

Nine Type Of Lights is the new album by TV On The Radio. Published on 12 April and, although it seems yesterday when we started talking about them (personally, thanks to the version of the Pixies), much has changed for the band's Tunde Adebimpe. Now is a name of which are marked in red on the calendar and the media pay attention.

TV on the Radio - Will Do by 1077 The End My relationship with TV On The Radio has been giving his entire career ups and downs. I am fascinated by some songs, a few of their albums, some flashes of insight and inspiration that put them above many of his contemporaries. But overall, I think their albums are extremely irregular and in most cases are considerably less than what they promise.

Ukrainian sexy establishing a revolution in Viña del Mar (+ photos + video)

Each year the festival of Viña del Mar an artist steals the show in international competition, either for his charisma or his singing. This year was not one but five women who are stealing all the attention for its beauty and its friendliness. The truth is that few know his music, but this seems to matter much and that just looking at them is immediately recognized his talent.

With these virtues and the five girls have totally revolutionized the garden city. Came to participate in international competition, and if they fail to win the prize, at least take all the attention and care they can give Viña, many compared it with the famous British Spice Girls. Armiya girls became famous for posing totally nude for Playboy magazine, presentation, in Viña submit their song "I've done." and promise a great show with nice choreography.

'Ghost of Karelia ", video in advance of Live At The Aragon, the upcoming DVD of Mastodon

There are many eager to enjoy the full Live At The Aragon, the first live DVD of Mastodon, recorded during the tour to Crack The Skye in Aragaon Ballroom in Chicago on November 19, 2009. And to make the wait shorter, its launch is scheduled for March 15, we can see a preview, the video for "Ghost of Karelia", but a few days ago we saw the video of 'Oblivion'.

The truth is that to see Mastodon on that tour, and do not talk about festivals, had been a puntazo, because the band is overwhelming and these projections, visual experts call, totally psychedelic and enclosures, made expressly for the mood setting background are a blast to use. And these guys in Atlanta are fucking good.

Present his music with the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra in the United Kingdom

.- The Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (CBSO) will play this summer in a series of concerts in the UK several musical pieces written by veteran British actor Anthony Hopkins, as the CBSO. While fame has always been accompanied on the big screen, the interpreter 73, immortalized for giving life to the sadistic Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs "(" The Silence of the Lambs ") is less known for his songwriter vein.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Zoe presents, "I dreamed" his first single from her album Acoustic MTV

- "I dreamed" the single off the album Acoustic MTV Mexican group Zoé arrives today at U.S. radio as the album release, entitled, "Background Music" was announced for March 22. The album features collaborations with Spanish music of Enrique Bunbury, as well as vocalist Adrian Dárgelos, popular band Babasónicos Argentina, according to a statement from his public relations office.

Among the guests also include Chetes multi-instrumentalist, singer What Blondo Hello Seahorse!, Yamil Rezc and Andres Sanchez, who accompanied the Mexican group throughout the show. The special sound was recorded at Estudios Churubusco, Mexico City, on 5 October and was a tour of the successes of the group and served to introduce "Broken Lips," a song performed exclusively for this show.

The Walkmen version 'Agoraphobia' by Deerhunter

One of the records that I liked last year was the last of The Walkmen, Lisbon, involving the consolidation of its proposal and a rise in the ranks of alternative rock, with the growth of The National. And one of the most liked Probertoj (and in general to all of us, that was our # 13 on the list of international best albums of 2010) was the Halcyon Digest of Deerhunter.

And yes, I know the song that New Yorkers have chosen to pay tribute to Bradford Cox is not that hard (but from Microcastle), but to reflect the time of both great bands, and point out how fantastic is this song (my favorite topic of Deerhunter) and how this version, being respectful to the original, just smeared in intense hues, and deep sound of The Walkmen.

David Guetta: a new album "dment" for 2011

Two weeks after his success at the recent Grammy Awards 2011, the French DJ David Guetta has announced via his Twitter account, his desire to get back to work and provide a new album in 2011! "Over Christmas. I'm locked in the studio for the next three weeks to finish writing my next album. It's going to be insane, I promise, "said David Guetta on Twitter to announce his next project.

Surrounded by his machinery and his computer, DJ David Guetta seems very motivated to offer us new songs and future hits in this new album 2011 Great news for fans of David Guetta who had been entitled, at year end 2010, a single novel, "Who's That Chick? "A duet with Rihanna. Even if the name of David Guetta is associated with many new productions, this new album will be the cornerstone of new research collaborations.

Top Hypersonic: make way for The Black Keys

I already said last week that REM were going to have difficult to continue maintaining the first position of Top Hypersonic with the avalanche of news coming, and seen is that I was right. Not that I'm guess, but are now releasing this list for many weeks and I'm getting the idea of what your tendencies when voting.

You laugh CIS barometer. Of the other changes introduced last week, Lady Gaga is in eighth place and Denver up to the eleventh, which is not bad. Meanwhile, say goodbye to playing high-profile names such as Crystal Castles and Motörhead, leaving the table as follows: Again, you need not be futurist to guess that among the innovations that we bring is a serious candidate for next leader.

Russian Red teams up with musicians from Belle & Sebastian to their second

Yet untitled, but Russian Red, or what is, Lourdes Hernandez, has announced it is finishing the recording of their second album in Glasgow (Scotland) in collaboration with producer Tony Doogan, who has been part of the most outstanding works of bands like Belle & Sebastian, Super Furry Animals and The Delgados.

Thus, Russian Red intends to emulate the success of I love your glasses, the debut album by the artist from Madrid who shot to fame thanks to the MySpace website. On the recording, Lourdes has highlighted, through a statement, Doogan ability to "combine very transgressive ideas with more traditional sounds.

Loco My return to the stage with a tour of Spain, Latin America and the U.S. (+ video)

. The original members of Loco Mia, Manuel Arjona and Luis Font, return to the stage on Saturday, recalling his golden years with a concert hall in Madrid Joy Eslava, the first stop of his tour of Spain, Latin America and the United States. After accumulating several gold and platinum albums during the nineties, the Spanish group presented this Saturday at midnight, the show Back to the Glam, to delight nostalgic with its major successes and between large fans.

Pau Dones "I have spent 120,000 euros on this album, so please pay it"

Scruffy, smiling and talkative. A Pau Dones, who has just published with Jarabe de Palo album now what we do, likes to talk. Therefore, before starting warns: "I'm a loudmouth." The question seems forced taking the name of the album: Now what do we do? The title refers to the times that one gets that question throughout the day.

Are many. Until Zapatero asks what should we do? The human being is the animal of the doubt. And at a time like we are going through, it seemed perfect. So something has to do with the crisis ... Yes, although I think this crisis is above all a crisis of values. I do not mean in a religious sense, because I am an atheist.

The Kills, video of 'Satellite': the coolest couple in the world of rock?

Earlier this year, and I overtook the news that during the 2011 The Kills continue a career that was parked from Midnight Boom, 2008. Meanwhile, raids on disks Alison Mosshart of The Dead Weather (Horebound in 2009, Sea of Cowards in 2010) seems to have slowed the momentum of the group, but they already have ready prepared Blood Presure, which we know the first single , 'Satellite'.

The song, a messy but elegant aroma delivery blues rock but reggae rhythm, gives interesting details as the importance of the vocal harmonies or choirs, or distortion of guitars that wrap themselves around each other with Alison's voice, which enables to look both retro theme as sinister, edgy and dangerous, attractive after all.

Pau Gasol gives the athlete the singing ... whenever you leave

Despite his apparent shyness, Pau Gasol did not hesitate to get on stage if it is to sing a song. I love singing, studied music as a child Her last surprise was a few days ago at the All Stars Cocktail Party, a private party which was attended by members of the NBA and they were invited friends and celebrities.

There, before an audience of the athlete's girlfriend, Silvia López, Paz Vega, among others, Gasol grabbed the microphone and accompanied the duet Estopa one of the most famous of Barcelona: As Camarón. This is not the first time a player publicly sang with Cornell. Last September, at an event organized by the crossbar in Alicante, Catalan took a stool next to the famous brothers for help with the chorus, though his voice was barely audible to the power of the music group.

Adele: "Someone Like You" dchaine British rankings

Discovered in 2008 with his album "19", Adele signs a comeback to the top hits with "21", a beautiful new album that leaves no one indifferent. In France, the single "Rolling In The Deep" which takes the top rankings. Last week, at the Brit Awards ceremony in 2011, the English singer performed her new song "Someone Like You" in a version specially prepared for the ceremony.

Immediately after the passage of TV Adele, British viewers flocked to their platform and download the song quickly regained the top spot in the rankings. Taken aback, the record label the singer had no choice but to rush the promotion of this song. The single Adele "Someone Like You" was scheduled for launch later.

Americo and Adventure Festival Viña become a dance floor (+ photos)

Viña del Mar (Chile), Feb 23 (EFE) .- The Chilean America and the Dominican-American Adventure on Tuesday became the auditorium of the Festival of Viña del Mar in a real dance floor with tropical rhythms stood a amphitheater full of youth. The second day of Chilean festival opened with the spectacular presentation of America, which last year's competition was dedicated as an idol in his country, and this time was, as promised, coolness and maturity gained in this year.

Foo Fighters released 'Rope', first single Light Wasting

'White Limo "was a nice preview of Wasting Light, the much anticipated new work of Foo Fighters, but it was clear the whole disk would not go into that line thug. 'Rope', the first single from the album properly, is much more in the regular line of the group without screeching effects in Grohl's voice and traditional guitars.

So much we've already talked Wasting Light, which appears to lie still missing nearly two months to publish, but that's the way of marketing. Indeed, since Rockzone say the band will perform in Madrid on July 6, but has not yet been officially announced. As he confirms, to enjoy music. Thanks to marko for Ngun and notices.

Jennifer Lopez: J-Lo at the top with "On The Floor"

New J-Lo! The news was not bad monopolized by Lady Gaga these days, Universal Music, and more specifically its subsidiary Mercury announces the arrival this week of Jennifer Lopez with her single "On The Floor" on the download platforms. As produced with the Pitbull, "On The Floor" was directly catapulted number one downloads in France and some European countries, upon its release.

The new song "On The Floor" by Jennifer Lopez is the first single from the highly anticipated album "Love? . The single was broadcast on radio for over a month and hit the machine, Jennifer Lopez seems to reconnect with the undeniable success and support of music produced by RedOne. Available since the beginning of the week, "On The Floor" with Pitbull has an interesting launch.

Swing Murderer, video for 'Toro': from black to a lot of colors

I acknowledge that I first heard 'Toro', the first single from the new Swing Murderer, my head right off completely. The song is a little chaos, a noisy party with the phrasing typical of the band Navarre sequence mark the house screaming and amid a chorus of pop as I do not hit at all and I even squeaked.

However, after a lot of listeners, at this point I think is the biggest of his career hitazo not surprise me that with its passage Mushroom Pillow will take a major leap. In its previous three albums had the feeling that you were half, and had the strength of Bizarre Love Triangle, and were as modern as The Punsetes.

Lupe Fiasco: "The Show Goes On" Album listing "Lasers"

Lupe Fiasco, a rising star of American rap today, presents her second single "The Show Goes On" from her new album "lasers". The album "lasers" is announced for March 8, 2011. However, this single has already been submitted to the U.S. A as the first single. For France was the first single "Words I Never Said" is already featured on the radio last February 8.

After Words I Never Said "here" The Show Goes On. " Lupe Fiasco's song is to sample the song "Float On" Modest House group released in 2004. Kane Beatz, the producer, took over the guitar riff of the American band Modest House as inspiration for the intro of a hit "The show goes on." Lupe Fiasco was in good company for this single, just like her album, too, for Kane Beatz is particularly the composer of "Bottoms Up", a hit from Trey Songz and Nicki Minaj.

Max Cavalera and Greg Puciato join forces to create an album of thrash

Since leaving Sepultura, Max Cavalera has been all but stopped, leading to a new level Soulfly and recalling family values with Cavalera Conspiracy, and other sporadic collaborations. His last idea was to initiate a new project of thrash with industrial air style Nailbomb, parallel formation with which released two albums in 1994 and 1995.

So far the thing is already interesting, but further improvement when I say that the shaggy Brazil has decided to join forces with Greg Puciato, lead singer of The Dillinger Escape Plan, for the conception of this album. Both singers and collaborated on Omen, Soulfly's latest album, as Puciato was invited to sing in the song 'Rise of the Fallen', certainly with very good results.

Afrika Bambaataa in Milan

Afrika Bambaataa back to live in Italy! One of the fathers of hip hop, founder of the Zulu Nation and key figure for the spread of the verb in the rap world, will be the big star of an unmissable evening Saturday, March 5 at the Leoncavallo in Milan. The representative of the most recognized hip hop music originating in the Bronx (New York), where, as a boy in the early 70s, early ainteressarsi commitment to music as a pacifist and anti-racial.

Darren Hayman - January Songs: work ethic

Darren Hayman has made us live a January exciting than most. We believed capable of the best when he told us what it was January Songs: I was going to prepare a new song every day, with its corresponding video, we were able to hear from your Bandcamp. Although we have it in high esteem, I guess who else who least expected to fail someday, which let themselves be misled by the laziness or succumb to something that has always liked to sing: the attraction of things unfinished.

The Fresh & onlys leave no respite announce Secret Walls and Tim Cohen published a phenomenal double

The Fresh & onlys will not let go 2011, but does almost nothing from his latest album, Play It Strange, who in Hypersonic placed in position 16 of the best international albums of 2010, as have a handful of songs ready to serve as below, this time in short format. The Fresh & onlys - Do You Believe In Destiny by The Fresh & onlys forcefieldpr insist on their prototypical sound, perhaps cleaning up something that they left feeling unwelcome environments Play It Strange and backing a California breeze with fewer edges.

Grupo Aventura again in 2013, to avoid demand, with new album and tour

Viña del Mar (Chile), February 22 .- The bachata group Aventura is dismissed these days of the stage to take a break and dive into personal projects, but vows to return in 2013 with new album and tour, which are insured through a "legal agreement" with his label. Anthony Romeo Santos, lead singer of this quartet born in the New York borough of the Bronx, but of Dominican origin, sealed his commitment to the press conference prior to his performance on Tuesday at the Festival of Viña del Mar.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Duffy could leave the music after the failure of Endlessly

Duffy has not signed one of the worst jobs of the past 2010 or from afar. Endlessly, that difficult second album after the sound of his appearance on the European music scene essentially had the task, as in many other cases, to confirm it as pointing to either be ruthlessly cast him down headlong into the limbo of which might be and were not.

Sales, unfortunately, have not been as expected and the bump must have been considerable size for the artist, since according to some sources suggest, Duffy may be considering leaving the music, if not definitively, at least temporarily. Luckily for your wallet, its debut did get a good recovery, which would allow some stability in the face to take time away from recording studios.

Metallica released the vinyl reissue of Garage Inc.

Metallica reissued on vinyl, via Warner Bros., her cover album Garage Inc. The album will be available and on Thursday 24 February at the shop and we buy American band or virtual store from March 28. Garage Inc. was released as a double compact disc in 1998 and its transfer to the vinyl will have two versions: one that will include three open folder LPs 33 1 / 3 rpm.

and a deluxe box set with six discs that are played at 45 rpm. The first is priced at 29.99 euros and 94.99 euros a second limited edition of 100 copies on white vinyl box set will be available for members of MetClub. com and BecauseSoundMatters. com the same 24 February. The content has been mastered from original analog tapes at Bernie Grundman Mastering studio in Hollywood.

Lady Gaga: "Judas" and the video for "Born This Way"

"I 'm just a Holy Fool, oh baby he's so cruel, but I'm Still In Love With Judas, Baby," with this simple sentence is written by Lady Gaga that can announce the next single from the album "Born This Way", "Judas." Revealed on Twitter the star, Lady Gaga follows the same recipe as the launch of her single "Born This Way." In full operation to promote her new single "Born This Way" and soon the video, the singer toured the streets of New York a few days ago, Lady Gaga already announced the name of her future single! Entitled "Judas" the new single by Gaga, should be released two weeks before the release of the album "Born This Way", May 23, 2011.

Britney Spears' video for 'Hold It Against Me': queasy revisionism to Matrix

Britney Spears has lost steam. I remember like yesterday the return through the front door you ran at the MTV Video Music Awards 2007, after spending a personal hell that kept away for years in the music scene and on the front page of the paper couche. The expectations were met and exceeded in Blackout, and somehow, even without reaching the same level, had some continuity in Circus.

However, their new single, 'Hold It Against Me', despite having had a very good reception in the charts with sales reasonably good, does not convince me at all, especially after having seen his previous two albums . Because make no mistake, when Britney Spears takes itself too seriously, this happens.

MIA, Cut Copy and Die Antwoord add to Sonar in Barcelona and Galicia

Up to 11 new names today announced the Sonar and see where that is MIA here, that like the Aussies Cut Copy, the incendiary Die Antwoord direct, acid techno of Boys Noize and Buraka Som Sistema at the two sites will the festival, ie in Barcelona and La Coruña. However, the other additions are exclusively for the Sonar, which again have an advantage over the Galician festival, as happened in the last edition.

Justin Bieber changes haircut!

Not a week goes by without Justin Bieber emotions should not put in his many admirers. After being declared dead in an episode of the TV series "Experts" and appeared to be completely bald in a TV show, the famous singer has dared! Justin Bieber had probably wanted to prepare his fans last week. During the show "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on ABC, singer Justin Bieber appeared completely bald, in fact he wore a hairpiece film.

Abd Al Malik: "My Love" duet with Wallen

Abd Al Malik won last week, the fourth victory of his young music career. Adb Al Malik won the victory of the urban music album of the year for his album "Red Castle" published in November 2010. For several weeks, we suggest you listen on the radio from his new album, the song "My Love" by Abd Al Malik with the participation of singer Wallen.

This is not the first time that Abd Al Malik is rewarded by members of the academy of music wins. He has already won the victory of the urban music album of the year in 2007 for his album "Gibraltar" and 2009 for the album "Dante." Abd Al Malik was also awarded the victory of the male artist of the year in 2008.

Pete Doherty gives a portrait done with your blood

The controversial former leader of The Libertines, Pete Doherty, the news again and again, drawn by a controversial painting by himself. This was done a few weeks ago when one of the followers of the English musician approached his idol after a concert and asked if I could help you make a little money.

Already some time ago the artist used his blood to make another collection of paintings and well he did. Kate Moss's ex did not think twice and made a self portrait with his own blood that even dedicated to her admirer: "For Alistair, with love, Peter." A week later, he received it directly in your home mailbox.

The Stranglers, Paolo Nutini Pendulum and a new batch of receipts for 2010 with little chicha FIB

Today we played the FIB make a move and I've spent all morning thinking that he might drop big name now to make us rethink all that we do not plan to go this year if we were doing the right thing. Radiohead "?," PJ Harvey?, "Animal Collective?," MI A? The truth is that I have not one, but this new batch of confirmations do not think that is decisive for finally going to stop by Benicassim from 14 to 17 July.

Kylie Minogue: "Aphrodite: The Folly's Tour 2011" in Europe

Australian singer most popular in the world, Kylie Minogue, announced via his Twitter account the start of the concert series that will take around the world. "Aphrodite: The Folly's Tour 2011" is the name for the European tour of sublime show that Kylie Minogue is presented close to home. "Aphrodite: The Folly's Tour 2011" is a new show that demonstrates, in a show of light and sound beautiful, the latest album by Kylie Minogue "Aphrodite." Back on top with his album "Aphrodite", Kylie Minogue is more a singer to portray, to his credit, already 60 million records sold worldwide.

Bruno Mars: Listen to the warm "The Lazy Song"

After the hits "Just The Way You Are" and the later "Granada," Bruno Mars presents "The Lazy Song," the third single from her album "Doo-Wops & Hooligans", listening on the radio. The song "The Lazy Song began his career this week on American airwaves, and once again, proves that the album Bruno Mars brings beautiful musical gems.

Bruno Mars is a huge success with his album, called "Doo-Wops & Hooligans." After the second single, "Granada", which is among the best-selling singles in the world and among the most viewed videos on the Internet, Bruno Mars continues with a new song "The Lazy Song." This new single from Bruno Mars was written by the production team The Smeezingtons.

Joe Twilight video for 'Your Good Thing': Don Sancho and Sancho Panza

'Your Good Thing' is one of the four new tracks that we are in New Twilight Joe Pace and that boots the disc, but the rest have been stuck around so that it can not be said to be a collection to use, justifying well the title of the album but it should be plural. I'm not at all easy to talk about TWILIGHT at this point, knowing the amount of detractors who have, who understand perfectly and I will not try to convince of anything.

Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg

Marky Ramone in concert back in Italy. One of the symbols of American punk rock, famous for its long militancy with the Ramones, will hold two live in July with his new band Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg: 14 to Dine Sotto (BG) for the "Music Festival for Emergency and 16 in Pinarella di Cervia (RA) at Planet Rock.

Marky Ramone one of the last survivors of the legendary Ramones. In his curriculum there are more than a thousand concerts, dozens of records, collaborations with known band (Wayne County & The Backstreet Boys, Richard Hell & The Voidoids, Misfits) and a long series of parallel projects.

Ricky Martin: "Everyone has a secret or have quiet things"

In person is even more charming than it sounds. Behind God's overshadowing the stage to the rhythm of her hips is a simple man, close, very human. And vulnerable. But above all, exudes zest for life for each of your pores. More (Sex Soul Music) is his new job after a three years period, a declaration of principles and a reflection of his true self, after honest with the world.

What was the gestation of this album? It has taken me two years focused solely on this job. When I finished my book jumped to the music. My only priority was my children and I was okay for my children and for this to go well. And I started writing from a very clean, everything was in place to let go of things.

Kat Deluna: new album "Inside Out" March 14, 2011

The album "Inside Out" by singer Kat Deluna was out in November 2010. Finally, the album by Kat Deluna, after proudly announced with the single "Party O'Clock" in January 2011 for our Belgian friends, has resurfaced in our country. The label Kat Deluna announces the release of the album "Inside Out" for March 14, 2011.

After a floating art, Kat Deluna returns in 2010 with the "hit maker" that enabled him to conquer the planet, RedOne. The producer, whom she already has the worldwide hit "Run The Show" took over the reins of the production of his new album whose first single, "Party O'Clock," a dancefloor as much as his previous songs.

Def Con Dos video premiered on 'Music'

Def Con Dos are anniversary. The rock band rowdiest Spanish has two decades of life and celebrates premiering exclusively on Music Rumors. is their new music video, what people say, you can see from our website on Tuesday. The new theme of the band Strawberry Caesar and company is part of a compilation, the blame for everything is ...

Def Con Dos, where artists like Andres Calamaro, O'funk'illo, La Cabra Mecánica, Soziedad Alkoholiker o Delinqüentes playing some of his most remembered. An album that hits stores Tuesday in a house mark format: a brick-shaped box that includes the aforementioned CD tribute, another album that compiles their best songs, a DVD and a book of 208 pages biography group.

Gran Rex, live in Buenos Aires Bunbury, on sale March 29

Bunbury published on 29 March his new album, Gran Rex, a double live album (triple vinyl edition) recorded live in Buenos Aires on 3, 4 and 5 November 2010. Bunbury presented at the Teatro Gran Rex Argentina's capital your hard Consequences with his new band, The Holy Innocents: Ramón Gacias (drums), Robert Cunningham (bass and vocals), Jorge 'Rebbe' Rebenaque (piano, Hammond, accordion and strings), Jordi Mena (guitars, mandolin, banjo and pedal steel) and Alvaro Suite (guitars and vocals).

Monday, February 21, 2011

Roberto Carlos says there will be surprises and nostalgia in his show of Viña del Mar Festival

- The Brazilian singer Roberto Carlos, who today will open its issue number 52 of the International Song Festival of Viña del Mar, said that there will be no surprises and will be an evening "full of nostalgia." "Just introduce the songs that I think everyone is expecting," said the singer of "Details", "Dear Lover" and "One Million Friends", among dozens of others, told Chilevisión-TV, the signal channel organizes the contest open.

Carlos Baute: "Thanks to Spain I survived"

.- "I survived thanks to Spain," confessed today the Venezuelan Carlos Baute, who managed to break into the music industry avoiding the pitfalls of piracy, which in his opinion, has cut the road to international success for many artists of his country. Spain "gave me much love and thank God that is still selling music and doing concerts," said Carlos Baute in an interview with Efe in Viña del Mar, where the act for the first time Wednesday as part of the festival.

Eminem: The video for "Space Bound Sasha Grey prparation

So that Eminem made us share in an official statement of the release of the song "Space Bound 'as the ultimate from the album" regrow "the rapper named to the ultra-grammy awards 2011 has set the kickoff of the shooting the video clip. But if this latest video from the album "Recovery" is an event in itself is a little information that arouses particular curiosity.

PRSD a series of photographs published by the U. webzines S, Eminem was reportedly seen on the location of the clip along with Sasha Grey. American actress known for her past very sour hard to film actress would have a role in the video clip from "Space Bound." 23 years old, Sasha Grey has ended his career as a film actress in 2009 for adults.

Red Hot Chili Peppers announce the impossible title of his new album

The new album by Red Hot Chili Peppers been talking about for quite some time, but we have not learned much about him. To appease a little hope, lead singer Anthony Kiedis has revealed the title for now have in mind for this album, and it will be anything but easy to remember. Copy and paste: Dr Johnny's Disproportionately Rambunctious Skinz Polar Express Machine-head.

Yes, the name could not be definitive. The origin of such an incomprehensible title is in a buzz of acid caught a friend of the band, during which he saw himself as a kind of artist intergalactic space traveling performing a song that was his name. Apparently they did so gracefully, they decided to use it to call his new work, which by the way is now almost complete.

The Supermen Lovers: Take A Chance "a very funky back

A fresh breeze of funky music 'and' nu disco 'breath on music in 2011! This is what brings us the new single by The Supermen Lovers. After Demon, who was delighted with his comeback with the single "I Think" is another big name in French electronic music of the 2000s who is returning with a new album and first single "Take A Chance" with the participation of singer Rick Bailey, the lead singer of Delegation.

Upset by the cancellation of the concert of Bose in the U.S. by a problem with visas

The Live From New York, which would participate Miguel Bosé, Buika and Mala Rodriguez and was scheduled for February 18, could not finally concluded. The live show was canceled due to a problem with visas, as reported by artery, the organizing company, accusing U.S. authorities of "tort" in the treatment of Spanish artists.

There was a grievance in the treatment of Spanish in the U.S. The show was scheduled for Friday in the Manhattan Center, New York, but was reversed to "delay in the timing of receipt of necessary visas to travel to United States, "according to organizers. In addition to seeking another date for the conclusion of the concert "with the necessary guarantees" artery studies take "legal action leading to the damage caused" by the cancellation.

Ricky Martin reveals the secrets of "Music + Soul + Sex" in Madrid

.- Ricky Martin in Madrid have discovered today some of the secrets of "Sex + Music + Soul," whose first single, "Best of my life are you" is a dedication to her two children, explained the Puerto Rican singer the first press conference offered after the publication of his new album. Ricky Martin has been placed with "Music + Soul + Sex" in the number one sales ranking, including the prestigious Billboard Latin, which has featured the best debut for a Spanish album in 15 years.

AC / DC Live edited into short one in Buenos Aires, to compare with Let There Be Rock

If a few days ago we announced in June that order would be issued on DVD the film Let There Be Rock, which reflects the performance of AC / DC in Paris in late 1979, now we learn by their lead singer, Brian Johnson, who recently more than a month will be ready their new live album. This is the already mentioned Live in Buenos Aires, a summary of the three sold-out performances that gave the Australian band in early December 2009 at the Estadio River Plate, in the Black Ice world tour Tour.

Those Dancing Days video for 'I'll be yours': they remain contagious stickily

2008 to pop fans bouncing, dynamic and cheerful was a year that brought us, among other groups, some exciting Los Campesinos! and a young Swedish pert, wicked youth with a dynamic and playful debut with 'In Our Space Hero Suits' and since then, for short, for me became, or in the Swedish Charades (which in that year had given a pepinazo awful as the Nowhere), or, The Peasant!, by a similar obvious stylistic and proved so effective: pop hipervitaminado and revitalizing.

Denver announced their first dates in our country, in Contempopranea

I was singing I could not spend much time without the Denver Chilean duo came to our country and has been the Contempopranea the first to have been caught for this year to be held on 29 and 30 July. I hope you are here take advantage of the trip to present his great record listening, grammar, gymnastics in other cities.

But not the only attraction of the festival of Albuquerque already has 16 editions betting on the national indie scene. Will feature the comeback of the legendary Sexy Sadie (as I have always liked this band), Xoel Lopez will be Deluxe and a first visit to our country, the sextet Bearsuit just released new album The Phantom Forest.

Mr. Chinarro President on April 4

The title of the new album by Antonio Luque we discovered in a series of videos in which only appeared in graffiti that read Mr. Chinarro: President on a wall, on an Osborne bull or high gate clock the Sun during the campaign this year-end. Mushroom Pillow today just announced that will be available on CD, vinyl LP and digital formats on 4 April and without previous elections.

Van and twelve records and this time again to accompany Paul Goat and Javi Vega (Maga members) with Jordi Gil is who is in charge of production studies Sevilla Sputnik. Eleven new songs will be more direct and bright, less introspective and accompanied by some instrumental arrangements that may mark a milestone in their discography.

Michael Jackson: Listen to "Behind The Mask"!

On 10 December 2010 will remain a special day in the life of music. It is in effect from that day that the first posthumous album by Michael Jackson, entitled "Michael" was published. Definitely tragic story. It took 9 years and the death of the King of Pop to discover new productions, Michael Jackson, whose song "Behind The Mask," the third single from the posthumous album "King of Pop." "Estate of Michael Jackson and Sony Music have chosen to extract a new single from the album" Michael.

Kanye West video for 'All of the lights': all the lights, and all colors

Kanye West, rapper with so much talent and ego (huge in both cases), finally released the video of one of the songs with more commercial potential of their latest album, the celebrated My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, 'All of the lights' the issue where he worked with some heavyweights of contemporary music (La Roux, Alicia Keys, Fergie, John Legend, Tony Williams, or Kid Cudi among others), and where, essentially, only highlights the contribution of Rihanna, in what has the only remarkable Rihanna duet with a rapper in 2010 (yes, this is because he has done with me seems completely dispensable Eminem).

Kanye West: The video for "All Of The Lights" has arrived!

Already mentioned in the news musical, the highly anticipated video for the song by Kanye West, 'All Of The Light "is finally here. Few artists are as prone to gigantism. But we must admit that for Kanye West, it is a habit. After publishing his new album, the stunning "My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy," Kanye West presents the stunning video for the song "All Of The Light" with a guest the beautiful Rihanna, but Kid Cudi.

Mystery Jets to June

Welcome return in Italy of the Mystery Jets. After the Italian shows last October - with sold out in Bologna and Milan - the British quartet has announced three new live in the beautiful country, at the exit of the third single from their latest album "Serotonin", after "Dreaming of Another World" and "Show Me The Light".

Question of 'Serotonin', the fifth track of the title track came out last summer. The three new concerts will take place in June: 15 at Spazio 211 Turin, 16 to the Artists' Club of Rome and 17 all'Hana Bi in Marina di Ravenna. The Mystery Jets have reached a well-deserved global success with a tour party last fall that brought them to perform everywhere from Europe to America, Asia, Australia, recording memorable sold-out, the last just a few days ago at Shepherd's Bush Empire in London at the NME Awards.

Duffy: "My Boy" new snippet of "Endlessly"

After the release of his new album "Endlessly" and single of the same name, the singer Duffy reveals a new single called "My Boy". With "My Boy", the new song by Duffy takes us again into the musical world so unique soul & pop from the singer. Still magical, Duffy, the look of the 60s starlet, says in his new song, his impossible love with a person of his entourage.

Musically, the song "My Boy" perfectly describes the universe "vintage" from the album "Endlessly" and the ten songs that comprise it. "Endlessly," succeeds "Rockferry," a debut album that had a huge success. Available since November 29, 2010, Duffy's album continues its path with panache.

Gustavo Cerati is transferred to new clinic

Complications in the health status of Argentine singer forced his medical team to move him from hospital a third time. Cerati, remains in a coma since May last year after suffering a stroke. Information concerning his transfer was confirmed by the official website of the musician, there is indicates that the former Soda Stereo was taken from LAFTA Clinic, where he remained hospitalized since October 2010 to the Los Arcos Sanatorium for "provide more complex care." In a brief statement, adding that the artist is "stable and remains in intensive care." Although they were not released Llosa why he was moved, it emerged in the social networks that Cerati had suffered complications in his health, from pneumonia.

"Judas" another single from "Born this way", the new album by Lady Gaga

After the premiere of the controversial single entitled Born This Way, Lady Gaga bet now with a new release that will be called "Judas." In an interview, Lady Gaga, said Jude song will be released two weeks before the official release of his album "Born This Way." Apparently, the future single Gaga talks about love of the biblical myth, Judas, which allows us to conclude that awakens again critical of the Church.

"Hold it Against Me", the new single from Britney Spears

At last came the day the world premiere of the video for "Hold It Against Me", the first single from "Femme Fatale", the next album of Britney Spears. The video was produced under the direction of the famous Swedish film director Jonas Åkerlund, known for having directed among others, music of artists like Madonna, Roxette, Metallica, Pink and Christina Aguilera, among other big stars.

This anticipated seventh studio album star Britney Spears will be released on March 29.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nacho Vegas, video of 'La Gran Final Joke': and nothing shall be equal

Featuring snippets of movies of all time as La Dolce Vita, Freaks, Groundhog Day, Before Sunrise, Rear Window, The Graduate ... has assembled a young director Jonas Trueba (son of Fernando Trueba) The first music video Dirty Area, Nacho Vegas fifth album. And it seems that their first single is the only issue that all we know, 'La Gran Final Joke, "and that the Spaniard played live on their last tour.

"The first punk band in history is Peruvian?

Saicomanía documentary addresses the myths and legends surrounding 'The Saicos' group whose meteoric career in Lima in 1965 has continued for nearly 50 years a question: Do we really the first punk group is Peruvian? Before the Detroit MC5 recorded their first single and James Newell became Iggy Pop, lead singer of The Stooges', four young men did shake the theater in Lima on Sunday morning to songs like Demolition, Graveyard, or Wild Alcatraz Fugitive.

Radiohead: "The King Of Limbs" new album 2011

"Thank you for waiting". With this statement you will be greeted at the official site of rock band Radiohead, which resurfaced! After we have promised for several months the arrival of a new album, the sensational rock band announced this Saturday's eighth album "The King Of Limbs", the successor of "In Raibow.

Still unsigned record, Radiohead continues to defend his views on marketing by selling music directly on their official website this highly anticipated new album. But this time, more auctions, Radiohead has defined "fair price" for his new album "King Of The Limbs." Also, you can now acquire the eighth album by Radiohead at unbeatable price of 7 euros in MP3 format.

Coldplay and Beyonce lead the Glastonbury Festival

One of the biggest music festivals and has outdoor headliner. Glastonbury Festival will be held from 22 to 26 June, will be a first for Beyoncé, but not for Coldplay, which came in 2005 and 1999. "Coldplay has played an important role in the festival for the past 10 years or more," said Michael Eavis, Glastonbury organizer on the festival website.

"As his popularity grew throughout the world, I was so proud of them. This is the triumphant return of a band that everyone here feel a part. It is one of the greatest phenomena that emerged from this place," said . Coldplay's performance, scheduled for Saturday, will be the first band's performance at Glastonbury since 2005.

Merging back revolver rock and North African

With over 20 years of music behind them and without losing their distinctive music label, Revolver published on 29 March his new album, Argan, which with his usual band of local musicians and rock merged with the North African music. According to the record company reported this week, the album will be released in 'librodisco' and contain the disc and a DVD with a documentary about the entire process of production was directed by Ivan Garriga.

Demonaz, Immortal songwriter debuts with an album of melancholic metal

Demonaz Occulta, former guitarist and songwriter current Immortal, release their debut solo via Nuclear Blast on 1 April. March Of The Norse had nothing to do with his job with the formation of Norwegian black metal, but metal is melancholy. Demonaz takes time to develop such a disk, was made in 2007 and models in the Bergen Studios Soundsurf some of the issues, as you can hear after the cut, which will be on this album.

Di Elas, the rock group led by Luis Tosar, launched his first music video

'Di Elas' rock band led by actor Luis Tosar, has its first viodeoclip, Volver, a small snack before the release of their first album on March 29, a disc with their own songs and is titled the name of the band. Elas Di is the result of the slow convergence of a series of talent from other groups, which began nearly 20 years and, in 2008 and the current lineup, went to live under the name 'The Ellas' to version songs by groups led by women.