Tuesday, August 23, 2011

George Michael tour opened in Prague

The British singer George Michael began his tour on Monday "Symphonica" at the Prague State Opera, where he played numerous jazz ballads to rhythm and swing, finishing with his famous composition "Freedom" that the audience stood up. In the evening, which lasted over two hours, Michael played some of their own songs and adaptations of lesser-known authors who left their mark.

This great voice, he began his career in the early eighties and has sold 100 million albums, was accompanied by the National Symphony Orchestra of the Czech Republic, directed by Steve Sidwell. Among the productions sounded "Through", with which began the concert, "Cowboys and Angels" and "Older", who said the artist, "had never performed live." I also have "true faith", one of the most famous melodies of George Michael, after breaking the duo Wham! , Who was with Andrew Ridgeley, and start his solo career.

Adaptations of other authors, the London performance of "Let her down easy," Terence Trent D'Arby, "Going to a Town" by Rufus Wainwright, and "Russian Roulette" Ryan. He also had a memory for the recently deceased soul singer Amy Wimehouse, which he performed "Love Is A Losing Game", while projected images of the artist.

"I am very sad to sing this song. In 30 years, I was never truly amazed, until he got this woman, "said Michael about Winehouse. Also, with "Roxanne," made apology for the women who live by prostitution, while projected images of the hard life of these sex workers in the red light district of Amsterdam.

Michael opened his heart to the 1,800 concert-goers who filled the capacity of the Opera, and dedicated a song to your ex-partner Kenny Goss emotional, "with which the last two and a half years that I see," and who publicly asked forgiveness for their mistakes. "My life has become more turbulent since.

And this was my first song after a break of affection ", introduced the author, this lyrical piece. During this tour, Michael will be recording their new album, whose name has not yet been released, and the participation "only gay friends in the gay movement." After the Czech Republic, she will perform in Denmark, Germany, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Spain and France.

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