Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Amy Winehouse does not died from an overdose and had not taken drugs

When news broke of the death of Amy Winehouse, many, including me, thought he had gone hand in one of those whirlpools of narcotic drugs and appropriate unless it used to be supplied with self-indulgence of rock stars of the seventies. Since then, his life story was a series of events that predict a death foretold, and even caught us by surprise by the sudden, we were not surprised.

It was the natural outlet of a life mismanaged and poorly advised. Was requested from many corners, people would stop the speculation aside. It was impossible. Soon to appear as those who reported a Shopaholic all kinds of chemical drugs a few days before his death. He even went a possible adoptive daughter in Jamaica which had initiated the process in the medium term.

An autopsy was to be delayed, and that time period was the occasion for a whole bunch of characters eager to his moment of fame. However, early reports of the autopsy are here and have been released by a spokesman for the family, so we can have some certainty that there is a rumor. This person said that the reports have been delivered to the family of Amy Winehouse by the relevant authorities indicate that there were no illegal substances in his body at the time of his death.

The toxicological analysis therefore ruled he died from an overdose or ingestion of any drug in disrepair, as pointed some of his friends. By October we will not know what was the definitive cause of death, and if you had something to do with the amount of alcohol in the blood I had, but it seems you have to start looking at other health problems such as triggers his death.

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