Thursday, August 4, 2011

'London Calling' by The Clash, a good theme for the campaign for 2012 Olympic games?

The corporate campaign for the Olympic Games to be held in 2012 in London, and has a soundtrack. This is London Calling, one of the successes of the band The Clash, at the end of 70, managed to stir the English punk radio cassette across Europe and even across the Atlantic. The song has become so familiar that has lost its original meaning has caused surprise choice among many Britons.

Although the issue is considered one of the most popular hymns of the country's musical bitter, some blogs and daily reminder that The Clash was characterized, among other things, biting and rebellious attitude. In fact, the letter of the chosen theme contains a message addressed to the post-apocalyptic survivors of a war (World War III Is the?) In a city, London, beset by food shortages, the threat of a new ice age, the global warming, floods, and zombies.

Marcus Gray, BBC music expert, interprets the causes which led to campaign officials of the Games to choose the composition: "This is a classic that has become so well known that its original meaning has been lost. The recognized immediately, and at first glance, is the perfect invitation for the inaugural event.

Although it refers, in fact, the end of the world. " In short, after all, a good jingle. See below the video for 'London Calling' performed by The Clash.

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