Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera video "Moves Like Jagger ': could have been much more fun

Maroon 5 I remember a stopped clock. Twice a day, give it time, and when they are achieved, leaving that populated Temazos as that debut, now distant and somewhat unattractive buried after the subsequent proposals of Songs About Jane. After escaping has slipped between the fingers to sell his soul to the highest bidder definitely mainstream mass production, although there have been few exceptions entertaining and salvageable.

Small Guilty Pleasures, which would you say here. His latest album, Hands All Over, it became heavy and lacking in brilliance or originality traits that abated the onslaught of monotony, but any, any. Perhaps one of the most entertaining cuts out this new single, 'Moves Like Jagger'. Maroon 5's collaboration with Christina Aguilera itching curiosity, especially after the bump that has been monumental with his latest work, Bionic.

The video suggests ways but falls short when it comes to, pardon the expression, making the cocoon with a vengeance. The approach is there, that kind of casting followers of Mick Jagger, it could have been hilarious if they were thrown into the pool and really Adam Levine had exploded more humorous vein.

However, stay in low noise and even less nuts. Of course, like almost all the videos of Maroon 5, are a few melons. To use and enjoyment of the audience.

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