Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lady Gaga: The video for "You And I" is here!

Even during the summer holidays, Lady Gaga continues to buzz on the Internet. It took little time after the announcement of the choice of the song "You And I" as the new single from the album "Born This Way" only to find the video clip that illustrates this creation in mind that the more rock previous choices.

Here comes a new video clip in the collection of the creations of Lady Gaga. After the video for the song "The Edge of Glory," it did not take long to discover the video clip of the song "You And I", new single recently chose to give more depth to the promotion of the album "Born This Way." Fewer synthetic sounds RedOne, "You And I" honors music producer Robert Lange acknowledged well known for his work on albums by AC / DC, Def Leppard, Foreigner, Bryan Adams and those of his former -wife Shania Twain.

Again, this new video is a sequence of visual extravagance. The song "You And I" is shown a video clip in mind for both mechanical and fetish. A mix of decor, including a field of corn, leather outfits, wigs and choreography already watched a few hours by hundreds of thousands of web surfers.

For the occasion, the video clip of "You And I" is also entitled to a long version. In all, "You And I" is a video of more than 6 minutes.

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