Friday, August 19, 2011

Enrique Iglesias: "I know what happens in Spain"

Enrique Iglesias has said he knows "exactly what is happening in Spain", so Spanish media lamented that "taken out of context" his remarks and accused him of not knowing or having interest in the problems of home country. "It's no secret that there are six million unemployed, almost 22% of the population, and that Spain has been one of the European Union countries hardest hit by the crisis." It's no secret that there are six million unemployed, almost 22% of the population Enrique Iglesias was reacting to reports published in recent times in different Spanish media.

"The 15-M? Do not know what that is," he said in the interview the artist about a movement in Spain was named as 15-M initially been convened on May 15, although related to foreign media him as "Spanish Revolution." Enrique Iglesias, who in that interview outside Spain, explained that the movement of "outraged" is known as "Spanish Revolution", he insisted that knows the reality of his country, despite the claims of various media who accuse him of not knowing what happens in Spain or have an interest.

"I'm aware of what happens, not only in Spain but in the world, would be irresponsible of me not to tell me," said the artist, who explained that he is also aware of the existence of "a movement of young people who have raised their voices in protest in the streets of the main Spanish cities."

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