Thursday, August 18, 2011

Björk cover shows excessive Biophilia and continues to release new song

I'm not very fan of Björk's music, let's say that I respect but do not share. But I've always liked the visual paraphernalia associated with it, and that includes their colorful covers. Biophilia would not be an exception, as you can see on these lines. Some may think now that it had previously announced a cover for the album, with a pretty ugly collage on black background.

But it seems that Iceland has thought it best a few hours ago and has published this new design, far more excessive, in your Twitter profile. As expected, does not disappoint in its aim to be striking and even give some Cosic. You know that the album goes on sale on 27 September, but the particular promotion does not stop and it arrived a few days ago in the form of application for the iPhone a new song called 'Virus' (YouTube).

Given a choice I'll take 'Crystalline' but everything has to be. And to complete the round about Björk, here bear the final list of topics, has undergone some changes since first announced back in June. Ten issues of direct names and with subtitles in parentheses indicate the conceptual pattern to be followed in Biophilia.

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