Monday, August 29, 2011

David Guetta: "Nothing But The Beat" album 2011

The new album by David Guetta 2011 "Nothing But The Beat" has arrived! This Monday, August 29 is the electronic music event of the season arriving in stores. French DJ reveals his album so after we had announced a few titles, tunes and collaborations. As often in the productions of David Guetta, we could expect to securities fairly minimalist but effective.

A rule that "Nothing But The Beat" is no exception. "Nothing But The Beat" is the fifth album of DJ and producer David Guetta. This new disc is impressive with a total of 23 songs spread over 2 CDs. Before the release of her new album "Nothing But The Beat", David Guetta had four singles that propelled announced, unsurprisingly, the musical color of "Nothing But The Beat." The songs "Where Them Girls at" with Nicki Minaj & Flo Rida "Little Bad Girl" with Taio Cruz & Ludacris, "Titanium" with singer Sia and the instrumental "Lunar" with the ubiquitous Afrojack.

As usual with David Guetta "Nothing But The Beat" gives us an album full of tubes provided. Mounted on the same caliber as his previous productions, the songs on the album are connected with "beats" effective hypnotic melodies meter mounted on the Mac. No thrills, but the album "Nothing But The Beat" contains some good vibrations that will not disappoint the many fans of the French DJ.

On the double CD "Nothing But The Beat", David Guetta has booked a party to any electronic music. These titles, more clubs in mind, are biased to instrumentals that allow English-speaking fans to recapture the spirit of the DJ line-up and provide some acclaim for this new album of the autumn of 2011.

Here is the list of songs from the album "Nothing But The Beat" by David Guetta
Disc 1
01. "Where Them Girls At" (featuring Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj) 02. "Little Bad Girl" (featuring Ludacris and Taio Cruz) 03. "Turn Me On" (featuring Nicki Minaj) 04. "Sweat" (Snoop Dogg vs. David Guetta) 05. "Without You" (featuring Usher) 06. "Nothing Really Matters" (featuring Will. I am) 07. "I Can Only Imagine" (featuring Chris Brown and Lil 'Wayne) 08. "Crank It Up" (featuring Akon) 09. "I Just Want to F" (David Guetta and Afrojack featuring Timbaland and Dev) 10. "Night of Your Life" (featuring Jennifer Hudson) 11. "Repeat" (featuring Jessie J) 12. "Titanium" (featuring Sia)
Disc 2
01. "The Alphabeat '02. "Lunar" (David Guetta and Afrojack) 03. "Sunshine" (David Guetta and Avicii) 04. "Little Bad Girl" (Instrumental Version) 05. "Metro Music" 06. "Toy Story" 07. "The Future" (David Guetta and Afrojack) 08. "Dreams" 09. "Paris" 10. "Glasgow"

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