Monday, January 31, 2011

John Barry: disappeared the creator of James Bond

The music world is in mourning today. The website of BBC News reported this morning the death of the famous English composer John Barry, at the age of 77 years following a heart attack. This genius of musical composition, especially left an indelible mark in the film world, because we owe the greatest music films like James Bond or the popular music of the TV series "The Persuaders".

In 1959, John Barry composed his first soundtrack for the film "Beat Girl". Quickly noticed by the major film producers at the time, the team of James Bond producers Harry Saltzman and Albert R. Broccoli preparing the first film in the series, "James Bond against Dr. No", asking John Barry to score the film.

In 1962, John Barry composed the theme so famous adventures of British spy. Film music composer, John Barry won five Oscars for his work. In 1966 Barry raid his first two Oscars for the film "Live Free", best song and best soundtrack. In 1968, he won another Oscar for "The Lion In Winter" in 1986 with the film "Out of Africa", he wrote the best soundtrack and finally in 1991 he won his fifth Oscar for the film " Dances With Wolves.

" Other soundtracks that have made the indisputable reputation of John Barry, also include "Midnight Cowboy" in 1969, "King Kong" in 1976, "The Deep" in 1977, especially with the tube of the singer Donna Summer Down Deep Inside "and the film" Chaplin "in 1992. But his reputation has also exceeded the scope of cinema.

John Barry also composed the credits of a TV soap operas most famous of the 70s, "Persuaders". It was at him that we owe the famous melody that accompanied the adventures of the duo Brett Sinclair, played by Roger Moore and Tony Curtis Danny Wilde. The music of this series whose original title is "The Persuaders" is inscribed in our memories forever as many master's creations.

John Barry was also the first husband of Jane Birkin, it is also the father of photographer Kate Barry. RI P John Barry

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