Monday, January 31, 2011

Zazie: "Song of Love" and concerts in 2011

The project Zazie "continues his journey in 2011. Zazie proposes a new single, the song "Love Songs" and begins following his musical projects by announcing a series of shows throughout France, including a passage expected at the Olympia in Paris, with no less than eight nights booked by the singer, between 11 and 21 May 2011.

The new song by Zazie "Love Songs" now gives the tempo of the rest of "Za7ie. After the singles "Love Before" and "Be and to Have," "Love Song" is the third single from his album "Za7ie," his seventh studio album released in 2010. For this new disc, Zazie had decided to save her home, 7 / 7 by calling on 7 themes of everyday life.

Ultimately, this project took shape with 49 original songs. In "Love Songs" Zazie addresses a thematic rather recalling the social inequalities that plague our society through the theme of love. Musically, this track is quite similar in spirit to his previous single "Be and to Have." The singer seems to have kept the same musical structure and rhythmic.

Finally, in the scene, Zazie soon resume the road for a concert series which follows "Totem Tour", his last tour in 2007 .. In 2011, singer Zazie soon criss-cross France, and probably Switzerland and Belgium, although not yet confirmed where it will present a new show with songs from his repertoire and his seventh album "Za7ie.

Zazie logically sing her new track "Love Song" on stage during his upcoming tour which will begin Feb. 8 at Lille and go through the Olympia next May 11 to 21.

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