Monday, January 31, 2011

Tinie Tempah becomes a "Wonderman" with Ellie Goulding

Tinie Tempah pushes the boundaries of sound and presents a new video clip of the song "Wonderman" with the participation of the beautiful Ellie Goulding. From his album "Disc Overy" single "Wonderman" has been released to the media U. S, in anticipation of the release of the album across the Atlantic.

The song has an opportunity to transform Tinie Tempah clip in his Steve Austin. The video clip takes in fact the credits of the famous series "The man who was worth 3 billion." Originally Tinie Tempah had proposed to Kelly Rowland to perform the duet on the song "Wonderman. Not convincing enough for Kelly Rowland, the song was nevertheless much appreciated by the English singer Ellie Goulding who finally signed the duo on "Wonder Man".

This song is also a great opportunity for Ellie Goulding including the single "Lights" has recently been present in the USA In the video clip of the song, the rapper takes us over thirty years in the past, the era of broadcasting the TV series "The man who was worth 3 billion." The rapper was inspired by the drama "The man who was worth 3 billion." In the clip, we find Tinie Tempah instead of Steve Austin, the actor Lee Majors in the series.

Tinie Tempah find ourselves through all phases of transformation from "The man who was worth 3 billion." Steve Austin, after an accident, is transformed into a bionic man, giving him strength and speed "phenomenal." Keeping in mind the generic TV series, those who know the series will recall a few moments.

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