Monday, January 31, 2011

U2 tab by Dj David Guetta

The Irish band U2 has signed the currently most popular DJ, David Guetta, to participate in some of his compositions, as published by the MTV website. The site includes certain statements by the French artist, which ensures that Bono himself met him to ask him to contribute its particular "touch" to new issues of the group.

If the music in which work is good, I do not care about the style I was with Bono, was very exciting and a real honor, I proposed to produce some of the cuts from her upcoming album, "said Guetta, who has succeeded in the dance floor with songs like Gettin 'over you (with the collaboration of Fergie and Chris Williams) and Memories (with Kid Cudi).

In addition, the DJ has worked with artists like Rihanna (Who's that chick) and Flo Rida (Sexy Bitch). "I am increasingly open to different styles. Although I love the electronics, if the music where I work is good, I do not mind the style," said French. About his collaboration with U2, says it is already testing new ideas that explore the possibilities of dance music.

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