Monday, January 31, 2011

Rihanna pictures clip Premire "S & M" and remixes!

Very challenging, as will be the first adjective that you may come to mind when you watch the first images of the clip "S & M" that Rihanna has recently unveiled on the web. After the photo to Twitter, Rihanna us a glimpse behind the scenes to achieve her latest video clip "S & M". Accompanied by Jil Hardin, this clip of less than one minute takes us around the set of the future hit "S & M".

As usual, we can see that Rihanna has given himself to this new video in which costumes, props and other adult toys do not seem to have been overlooked. In some pictures of Rihanna captured by the camera, we can find an outfit Rihanna in pink latex. Production has probably wanted to play on an effect of the most successful doll.

Many inflatable dolls and a few meters from super strong adhesive tapes also have air making the list of accessories for this very new video "S & M". If the clip of Rihanna is being finalized and we should soon discover this new video which is so much about her past few weeks, the record company Rihanna has released remixes of the song "S & M".

Available on digital platforms specialized implementation of the new remixes of Rihanna has been entrusted to three talented producers. First, the inevitable Dave Audé, remixer quasi-permanent titles of Universal Music pop, remix effective signs that approximates quite instinctively it to the song "Alejandro" he had designed in 2010 for Lady Gaga.

The delusional Dutch producer Sidney Samson was also chosen for a remix to the song of unbridled "S & M". Very close to the work that can conventionally produced for other productions under his own name as the hit "Riverside", Sidney Samson propels "S & M" to his "Dirty Dutch" he is fond of giving a lot of spice to the song.

Finally, Joe Bermudez contributes to the future hit "S & M" in making a version of the net rate and efficiency while keeping the identity of the original version on the album "Loud" by Rihanna.

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