Monday, January 31, 2011

Video of REM performing 'Oh My Heart' in the study

'Oh My Heart' is currently listed in the top of our Top Hypersonic, an unmistakable sign that the new REM is entering a very good footing. Collapse Into Now will be released on 7 March, but the American group wants to keep us happy and gives us little gems like the title of this article. There is more than a simple interpretation of this theme in the privacy of a studio with a few spectators I guess will be friends of the group, But look how little it takes to please us.

The truth is that the track is quite nice, getting thrilling in its simplicity, and in this recording the piece is wonderfully them. It would be nice to continue to publish other videos and the rest of the songs, right? Bassist Mike Mills promised enough variety to Collapse Into Now and heard so far look set to meet, because this issue and 'Discoverer' differ quite a bit, but without ever losing the north of the REM sound, which seems worn for more years that pass.

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