Sunday, February 27, 2011

And The Tom Glide Luv All Stars: The very soulful "Luv Is Comin Up"

A soulful gem that brightens your day, a breath of love and warm tones, And The Tom Glide Luv All Stars is very strong with the release of the song "Luv Is Comin 'Up." Already available on Traxsource download platform for several weeks, "Luv Is Comin 'Up" is taken from the debut album last year by Tom Glide and his band, "In The Name Of Luv".

A collective soul man who mostly have raged in concert and studio with great artists like Stevie Wonder and a few princes of American soul music. With "Luv Is Comin 'Up," Tom Glide Luv And The All Stars highlights the sincerity and generosity of the music album. An ambitious project that has propelled this multi-talented artist studios in Los Angeles, a beautiful story of friendship between two great lovers of funk, too.

"He is actually quite difficult to describe the great musical work of this great team for creating the album" In The Name Of Luv ". The machine has given way to the beauty of the instruments wonderfully coordinated by a few masters of funky music. Also you will find in "Luv Is Comin 'Up" the magic of Stevie Wonder, a taste of Luther Vandross, a groove of a high quality, soulful as it likes.

Signed on label Expansion, the title has already won a very positive reception from many DJs around the world through his many remixes. But the adventure does not stop there pos, Tom & The Luv glia All Stars returns to the roots of his music and soon propose "Luv Is Comin 'Up" in a version 45 Tours unpublished.

It is indeed a small 45 Tours will be pressed into a few thousand copies. A rare piece that will give full dimension to the song "Luv Ix Comin 'Up." While waiting to discover the version Club Edit of 45 Tours, here is the Chris Bangs's Soul in One Remix "remarkably Soulful:

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