Saturday, February 26, 2011

"My music is reggaeton music touches my cultures"

Pitbull Cuban-American musician, known for the song "Bon Bon" and for his collaborations with artists such as Shakira, said today that his music "is not reggaeton," and while respecting this musical movement, believes that his melodies and beyond " encompass different cultures. " "I do not disown any of reggaeton, I have great respect, but I do not want people to say that Pitbull is reggaeton, no, Pitbull is an artist and world makes music," said the creator of hits like "I know you want me ( lane 8) ", in the press conference before his speech today at 52 Festival de Viña del Mar.

The artist, whose real name is Armando Christian Pérez, debuted in 2002 with the soundtrack of the movie" 2 Fast 2 Furious, "but his popularity was worldwide in 2009 with their hit album" Rebelution, "which included songs like" Krazy "," Hotel room service "and" I Know You Want Me (Calle 8) "authentic" hymns "of summer.

However, the singer-songwriter had previously noted for his collaborations with artists such as Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Paulina Rubio, Janet Jackson, Enrique Iglesias, or Backstreet Boys, among many others. Precisely in connection with these collaborations, Pitbull was "grateful" for "all learned" from the artists he has shared the recordings, but also claimed his solo career, whose musical journey has over ten years.

"I enjoy working with everyone and show everyone what the value of Latinos when they work together and not pulling, "said the artist. Asked about the kind of music he composes, Pitbull explained that his melodies are not limited to its simple, but also covering topics as diverse as American and Cuban social status or education.

In fact, the artist recalled that it had been part of several community projects and also has a foundation of its own, the Imagine Foundation, which handed out scholarships in 2008. On his performance today in the Quinta Vergara, said that Pitbull comes to "learn and study, and will try getting the" aggressiveness and energy "of the" monster ", a name known to the public of the Festival de Viña, who is not afraid.

"I'm a monster, and monsters among us understand," said the Cuban-American musician with a laugh.

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