Monday, February 28, 2011

Lady Gaga, video of 'Born This Way': impossible to summarize

Lady Gaga has raised all sorts of criticism with the release of her new single. Many say, not unreasonably, that "Born This Way 'has too many similarities with that' Express Yourself 'from Madonna, with comparisons also tend to be hopelessly common. The new queen of pop has had no problem recognizing his admiration for his deposed predecessor, yet more cryptic deny the allegations in this regard.

Continuing with his usual left hand in creating buzz as it did in its day with the appearance of the single, Lady Gaga has been engaged to warm the atmosphere in your Twitter account from which he announced the time at which premiered the video for "Born This Way ', particularly at five pm (Spanish hour) appointment has met with British punctuality.

Directed by Nick Knight, fashion photographer, the video shows how Lady Gaga is set to give birth - literally - the good and evil, with a view mirror and a viscosity that makes it quite little to the imagination, all accompanied by a speech the singer who acts as narrator parabíblica. We find it as a cross between Alien's mother, Lilith and galactic Jesus, while reciting the manifesto, as she calls herself, Mother Monster.

It is impossible to sum up the thread of history that tries to tell, this is rather a succession of images without words trying to tell a series of ideas also condensed in the song, albeit less visually prosaic. Emphasizes the aesthetic of the tremendous work of makeup, played by Billy Brasfield, who works with the Germanotta in all clips, but that it is particularly successful.

Once again, Lady Gaga has been able to tune things down and surprise you with a video in which the amount of materials and resources desplegegada is huge, always leaving the excess that characterizes it and that continues to be an important part of their image and success it has brought.

We could not expect less.

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