Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Kills, video of 'Satellite': the coolest couple in the world of rock?

Earlier this year, and I overtook the news that during the 2011 The Kills continue a career that was parked from Midnight Boom, 2008. Meanwhile, raids on disks Alison Mosshart of The Dead Weather (Horebound in 2009, Sea of Cowards in 2010) seems to have slowed the momentum of the group, but they already have ready prepared Blood Presure, which we know the first single , 'Satellite'.

The song, a messy but elegant aroma delivery blues rock but reggae rhythm, gives interesting details as the importance of the vocal harmonies or choirs, or distortion of guitars that wrap themselves around each other with Alison's voice, which enables to look both retro theme as sinister, edgy and dangerous, attractive after all.

And that feeling helps a video based on a road trip in which Jamie Hince stands as one of the main references of the genre in the UK, both musically and aesthetically (would you be his girlfriend Kate Moss chose her look? ), while Alison Mosshart justify the reasons why it is a fantastic singer for rock bands sound so biased, charisma and a magnetic voice.

For now, the expectations for this new album are high, especially considering that is one of the few persons who are partners in the rock, taking into account the separation this year of the White Stripes. "Forced many fans of Jack and Meg with this release? I have no doubt, especially given the combined experience of The Dead Weather Jack and Alison.

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