Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ukrainian sexy establishing a revolution in Viña del Mar (+ photos + video)

Each year the festival of Viña del Mar an artist steals the show in international competition, either for his charisma or his singing. This year was not one but five women who are stealing all the attention for its beauty and its friendliness. The truth is that few know his music, but this seems to matter much and that just looking at them is immediately recognized his talent.

With these virtues and the five girls have totally revolutionized the garden city. Came to participate in international competition, and if they fail to win the prize, at least take all the attention and care they can give Viña, many compared it with the famous British Spice Girls. Armiya girls became famous for posing totally nude for Playboy magazine, presentation, in Viña submit their song "I've done." and promise a great show with nice choreography.

Nana, Blondie, Red Lady, Sweet and Vera, promise to sweep the event. The 5 were nominated as candidates to be the queens of the festival and his campaign promise is to use tiny bikinis if they are elected. Five women who exude beauty, talent and charm. who have managed to captivate the public that is eager to see their participation on stage, as in the traditional piscinazo queens of the festival.

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