Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Top Hypersonic: make way for The Black Keys

I already said last week that REM were going to have difficult to continue maintaining the first position of Top Hypersonic with the avalanche of news coming, and seen is that I was right. Not that I'm guess, but are now releasing this list for many weeks and I'm getting the idea of what your tendencies when voting.

You laugh CIS barometer. Of the other changes introduced last week, Lady Gaga is in eighth place and Denver up to the eleventh, which is not bad. Meanwhile, say goodbye to playing high-profile names such as Crystal Castles and Motörhead, leaving the table as follows: Again, you need not be futurist to guess that among the innovations that we bring is a serious candidate for next leader.

Yes, we know that introducing 'Lotus Flower' (YouTube) Radiohead on the list is to risk the monotony of them week after week at the top ... but the subject deserves it go. Although points are not necessary to go that high, sure Murderer Swing also do quite well in our top with 'Toro' (YouTube), first preview of Diamonds.

We continue to move in national key Fon Román, former guitarist for The Pirates, who introduced the song 'Two high one' (Vimeo). The new It Fresh & onlys probertoj we spoke very positively this morning. What do you think about 'Do You Believe In Destiny' (Soundcloud)? We closed the round table with Moby, who just days ago were encouraged to give out an EP with three songs in advance of Destroyed.

The most we liked so far is 'Be The One' (YouTube). Do you keep my predictions for the next edition of the top, or there will be room for the surprise? As always, we leave it in your wise hands.

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