Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Britney Spears' video for 'Hold It Against Me': queasy revisionism to Matrix

Britney Spears has lost steam. I remember like yesterday the return through the front door you ran at the MTV Video Music Awards 2007, after spending a personal hell that kept away for years in the music scene and on the front page of the paper couche. The expectations were met and exceeded in Blackout, and somehow, even without reaching the same level, had some continuity in Circus.

However, their new single, 'Hold It Against Me', despite having had a very good reception in the charts with sales reasonably good, does not convince me at all, especially after having seen his previous two albums . Because make no mistake, when Britney Spears takes itself too seriously, this happens.

Sold, like many others, to electronics and looking to get into the crowded plot whose doors opened David Guetta not so long ago lost that point yet outrageously funny incredibly suggestive that had been achieved with a number of cuts Blackout. The video of "Hold It Against Me 'endorses certain environment typical of the Wachowski brothers' films to show on screens in the background some of the video clips shot in the distant past.

Was directed by Jonas Åkerlund, formerly of a band of black metal and responsible for one of the best clips of 2009, 'Paparazzi', Lady Gaga, which is a regular contributor. But far from making a video at the height of many of his earlier work, we have a product placement that borders on the ridiculous and obvious in the style of Avril Lavigne.

The succession of low levels of a second in which it is almost impossible to see Britney dancing - the choreography is far from the spectacular to what he usually does - ends resulting tiresome and annoying.

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