Friday, February 25, 2011

Hertz, the alternative to MySpace Music is Spanish and was born in Facebook

An application for groups to upload their music and are promoted on Facebook. The idea is so simple that is hard to think how it is that no one had exploded before it effectively. For although such a possibility existed (or Reverbnation Mymusic met this role), nobody had so far developed as intuitive, simple and complete as a group of young Spanish entrepreneurs.

Enter the name of the project: Hertz. Gradually, the musicians are turning to Myspace to Facebook, "Everybody had the mindset that belonged to Myspace music," says Borja Prieto precisely Myspace former director of Spain and one of the creators of Hertz. "But the fact is that where the bands are feedback is on Facebook," he said.

"We're at the beginning of the transfer," said Javier Fernandez, one of the creators: "Little by little the musicians are turning to Myspace to Facebook." So it seemed logical to make use of the overwhelming success of the network created by Mark Zuckerberg to create a simple application that bands could disseminate their music.

Yet Hertz aspirations beyond. In addition to the fanpage (the tab from which you can hear the music of groups), the application offers the user two more tabs: fanshows, where artists can post their schedule of live performances, and fanstore, through which groups can sell their merchandising and income.

"Selling on Facebook will break all barriers," predicts Javier. Although expectations are promising (shortly after its launch Hertz now has more than 6,800 bands registered and a potential audience of more than three million people), those in charge are pretty cautious. "Nine out of ten projects that arise in the network fail," says Javier.

However, everything seems to indicate that this will be part of that 10%: In this era Facebook, good ideas are growing at lightning speed to the beat of 'I like'. From monopoly to the debacle in 2005, the mogul Rupert Murdoch bought Myspace for 420 million euros. It seemed a sweet deal: a year later, the network reached 100 million profiles.

But the arrival of Facebook changed the picture. Today, Myspace is facing a campaign of mass layoffs and the future is an enigma.

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