Sunday, February 27, 2011

Napoleon Solo Video 'must end': in the wake of Lori Meyers

One of the groups most interesting newcomers in 2010, or at hand, which have sparked more debate, was Napoleon Solo. The reasons? Many. Another group to Erik Jimenez? Is that voice can not remember at times the de Leiva de Pereza? And when it falsetto, do not have a dot to Mika? Why this album is so varied? Is not he physically Alonso singer of Wolfmother? The disc itself may sinned in some irregularity, but it contained some interesting singles, and certainly one of them is the theme of which have now made a clip.

Recorded in black and white, the video plays with the visual effects Chiribitos small sparks and explosions, and that, broadly speaking, it reminds me at the recording, the video for 'My reality' Lori Meyers, with Sonora, also bear resemblance. On the other hand, we look at it no longer appears as a drummer Erik (what time he left the band?).

In short: a good song, with a video sosainas, a group that just yet to define myself as a follower or not.

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