Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Walkmen version 'Agoraphobia' by Deerhunter

One of the records that I liked last year was the last of The Walkmen, Lisbon, involving the consolidation of its proposal and a rise in the ranks of alternative rock, with the growth of The National. And one of the most liked Probertoj (and in general to all of us, that was our # 13 on the list of international best albums of 2010) was the Halcyon Digest of Deerhunter.

And yes, I know the song that New Yorkers have chosen to pay tribute to Bradford Cox is not that hard (but from Microcastle), but to reflect the time of both great bands, and point out how fantastic is this song (my favorite topic of Deerhunter) and how this version, being respectful to the original, just smeared in intense hues, and deep sound of The Walkmen.

A wonderful song from 10:15, but during the rest of the recording, I also fall live performances and interviews from Lisbon you should not get lost.

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