Monday, February 28, 2011

Auryn: "Winter Hopes" a bewitching album

Singular voice steady and sometimes brilliant, sometimes fragile as outstanding Auryn is a new angel who reveals to us a melancholy modern rock rhythm power. With his album "Winter Hopes" available since mid-February 2011, Auryn us discover his musical universe, a moment of gentle music that caresses you and captivates you.

Auryn broadcasts music interwoven seamlessly smooth and excitement, as so many love stories yet to write, still echo the memories of childhood. Of delicate grace passion assumed, Auryn takes us like a tightrope through his songs that swing between dream, fantasy, ecstasy and suffering, tears and silence.

Pianos, strings, glockenspiel and acoustic guitars come mainly support this complex world that seems at times to break the breath of time, drop as many new landscapes where every song offers many pictures imprints a persistent emotion. Discovering the song "Tay", first single from the album "Winter Hopes" you will no doubt delighted by the talent of the beautiful Auryn.

Bathed in music very early by his parents, very young Auryn passion for music. "Then, Auryn discovers the Beatles, singing aloud to be entitled 'Love Me Do" and is interested in pop music. But will turn to the theater, winning a license drama. "It was during these formative years qu'Auryn crosses Lalieu Baptiste with whom she sang a duet entitled" A neverending story.

At 17, she began writing her own songs and then post them on his Myspace. This leads him in December 2006, opening for Troy Von Balthazar, the Rotunda Bota. "She then crossed to the DST Barbara Dauby who, years later, work for Live Nation and is now his manager. She then knowledge of Arnold Battice, a former music student of his father, who has a film production company, AT.

Today, AT is the label of Auryn Arnauld and produced his album. "". "Winter Hopes" is a magical album. Sung in English and, two songs in French, the album is a joy spring from a melodic and harmonic richness unheard. An album as an announcement of renewal ". In addition to discovering his new album, you can also see shortly Auryn live at La Fleche d'Or 17 March 2011.

Here is the tracklisting of the album Auryn: 01 - Between You and Me 02 - Today 03 - Not Into Love 04 - Trust Me 05 - Prince golden-haired 06 - Broken Dreams 07 - Here Comes 08 - If I Cry 09 - Over My Shoulder 10 - Jasmine Winter 11 - A Neverending Story

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