Monday, February 28, 2011

Lady Gaga releases video clip of "Born This Way" (+ video)

The always controversial singer who surprised the world emerging from an egg on the Grammy Awards gala aims not leave anyone indifferent to the video for her latest single. A riot of color all future full of choreography in which Lady Gaga characterized as a dragqueen appears as a skeleton in a tux. We'll see if the reactions of critics and the public forced the singer to put again 'Pokerface'.

Already opened the curtain and Lady Gaga has appeared in a glass box floating in the middle of outer space. From there, chained to a throne and dressed like a queen with an outfit which combine in a disturbing bright, billowing fabrics, start counting "MotherMoster history." Bill Brasfield, make-up of the singer, had already warned: "It will be very deep." Now I understand.

In her new music video the singer gives birth to her album, literally, explaining, for several minutes, how was the time of the birth, how he shows some good and bad, and wondered to herself in the middle semiregiliosa aura of "How I can protect something so perfect without the use of evil?" Having overcome the barrier of three minutes the action starts and Lady Gaga is passed lingerie leather and chains, while it looks a toned body tattooed or be the star of the choreography to the beat of 'Do not Be a Drag, Just Be a Queen'.

Not only that. Lady Gaga is playing different characters and mixing all your images to return at the end of the choreography with her dancers. Thus, among others, the skeleton is characterized as a tuxedo, white shirt and bow tie, who sings and dances armed with a white wig and pink as a terrible evil that merciless machine gun fire, and as a human body do not know if male or female.

Here is the video of Born This Way, the first single from the album of the same name, a song which, among other things, has been criticized for its similarities with the theme Express Yourself by Madonna. The best thing is that everyone see for yourself and draw your own conclusions. Since Sunday night (late in Spain) Lady Gaga Twitter published in the first frame taken from Born This Way in which it could be a part of the average human body bare ass naked, half naked.

However, rather than the first video image of the singer surprised fans by hanging on your network page itself a photo taken in front of a mirror. "Oh my God! A photo that goes normal ", published a fan in the wall of an image. True, the picture can be a singer wearing sunglasses wearing faded jeans and shirt behind a table on which there is an orange envelope, whose contents are unknown and full of glasses, juice and colored straws.

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