Friday, February 25, 2011

Anoraak: "Crazy Eyes" new EP on March 24

In October 2010, we had the pleasure of presenting on the radio a mix specially made by Anoraak. Producer and DJ, Anoraak appeared in the musical landscape of synthetic pop and romantic in 2008. Today a few days before the end of winter, it's time for Anoraak to shine again by presenting "Crazy Eyes", a song from a new EP qu'Anoraak released March 24, 2011.

Many of you have listened Anoraak on the radio, and the title "Do not Be Afraid" from his album titled "Wherever The Sun Sets, available since September 2010. After releasing his first album, Anoraak returns with a digital EP and a "release party" to present his compositions at the Point Instant in Paris on March 17.

Anoraak is always in a spirit-dance indie and nu-disco very festive. Long, Anoraak has attracted many fans of electronic music, which allowed him to open the doors of the international music scene. With numerous collaborations over the past two years, his DJ sets Anoraak book and his "lives" around the world.

With a name predestined for the warm winter, we propose Anoraak on March 24 a new single, "Crazy Eyes". This EP will consist of singles and a handful of remixes "groovy" supplied by Friends of the collective Valerie. Alongside the release of this new EP, Anoraak offers to find a new program on the radio.

learn all the universe in a mix of exceptional Anoraak!

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