Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Amy Winehouse's album that was never finished

Since the release of Back to Black, the album gave Amy Winehouse five Grammys in 2008, fans of the diva of the bun waiting impatiently for this new job announcement. However, that news never came. According to some sources, the label could soon launch an Amy posthumous album of the artist On July 23, Amy Winehouse was found dead in his flat in Camden, London.

Gone are many attempts to rebuild his career with a new album, which he was third in his discography, and rehabilitation periods, inputs and outputs of the study, retreats on the island of St. Lucia, partying, breakup, concerts irregular, cancellations of tours and a number of unreleased songs to be determined, some rejected by their record to sound too 'reggae' or, say, for not reaching the quality of the above.

After his death, there are many who wonder if Amy, trapped in a spiral of disorder and addiction, was able to create new material, if it contains moments as vibrant as those provided by You know I'm no good or Back to black and if one day see the light. For now, lack of confirmation of their record label, Universal, which ensures that it is still "too early to have data" and the latter one year of solo career was focused on his trip and to release a new CD, all speculation.

However, many music industry professionals predict that home record will not miss the opportunity to release a posthumous album, in addition to cost, should satisfy fans of Amy. For two years, until 2008, Back in black themes sounded in radio, television, pubs, clubs, parties and weddings peoples.

Amy Winehouse won international fame and recognition. But after successfully exploiting issues such as Rehab and Tears Dry on Their Own, the soloist began a retreat on the island of St. Lucia, supposedly to seek inspiration, find the peace to compose and away from bad habits that had endangered health in London.

Some media say that Amy had enough material to record three LP From that experience emerged that Winehouse, great fan of ska and Caribbean rhythms, had emerged a few songs that had not been to the liking of his record because it sounded "too reggae", a genre that, perhaps, as Universal did not consider that other salable as rejuvenated soul of the first records.

Winehouse continued supposedly composing, although it is uncertain how many songs he could finish. According to The Mirror, the artist had several new songs, so many as to record three albums, but not reach the brilliance of the previous release date was postponed. Meanwhile, The Telegraph says that the third LP from the British was in the process, recorded a demo, and will be published once Amy's parents give their consent.

The fact that the singer did not interpret any of these new cuts in his last concert raises doubts, however, that his last years were so successful. Now the label has the word.

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