Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The last farewell to Amy Winehouse: "Goodnight, my angel, sleep tight"

"Goodnight, my angel, sleep tight." These were the words of Mitch Winehouse, Amy's father, dismissed on Tuesday at his daughter's funeral was celebrated in the cemetery of Edgwarebury (north London). Amy Winehouse: crack days and roses The event was private, attended only family and close friends. "Your father and your mother loves you," said the grieving father.

Mitch was very funny things about the childhood of Amy, so stubborn that he was in the service, officiated by Rabbi Frank Hellner, there were prayers in English and Hebrew, since the family is Jewish, and sounded the tune So Far Away Carole King , a favorite of the artist.

"Mitch was very funny things, his childhood, he was stubborn," he told AP a funeral assistant. "He stressed that (Amy) was more happy lately than he ever had been" and mentioned many important people in your life, the source added. Among the 300 guests at the ceremony, which lasted about 45 minutes, were her stylist Alex Folden, producer Mark Ronson and singer Kelly Osbourne.

After the funeral the young woman's remains were taken to the crematorium in Golders Green Jewish neighborhood where his grandmother was burned to ash likely also the body of the singer. The funeral was also scheduled events include a family service at a synagogue. Amy was happier lately than I ever had from now, the family will hold two days of Shiva, the traditional Jewish mourning period.

Amy Winehouse, one of the best British singers of this century, was found dead on Saturday at age 27. On Monday an autopsy was performed, which yielded inconclusive results. Police sources have said that to know the causes of his death, must await the results of toxicology tests, which can take two to four weeks.

The British media blamed the singer's death from an overdose of drugs, although police have stressed that the cause is yet unknown and asked to avoid speculation.

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